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A movie that brings a warning and a messege, 5 May 2003

What would happen if two great world super powers went to war? Let's say something like a modern western country and a ruthless barbaic oil bearing country? Well watch this movie and find out...

This movie staring Mel Gibson as Mad Max and his stupid but useful partner The Gyro captain (Bruce Spence) try to help one of the few cities left, in a world that is ruled by the fittest brutal thugs around.

I recomend this movie for anyone who wants to escape into a fantasy or take a look at what things can be in a decade or two....

10/10, gotta love that tent loving scene...real classic!

Lying Eyes (1996) (TV)
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For TV film, pretty good, 30 March 2003

My thoughts:

I recently caught this film on TV and it really isn't all that bad. It's no hollywood production, and you won't see computer graphics or visual effects, however it is a good movie. Sometimes I want to watch a drama with good charachter development with a decent plot, and this filled that rather nicely. If your looking for a 5 out of 10 movie or above, don't bother, but if you want a good tv movie and you promise yourself not to over-anaylise you won't be disapointed.


Hot highschool senior blonde Amy Miller, played by Cassidy Rae (from countless tv-movies and short lived tv shows) falls in love with 30+ year old lawyer Derek Bradshaw, played by Vincent Irizarry (soap opera star). The catch is as the affair goes on, Amy is threatened by a stalker, and finds out that Derek is married. Amy, with the help of her friends Dana and Jen, tries to move past it.

Notes on ending:

Movie had a couple points. One was regard for human life (that Amy saved her attacker, even after all that was done to her). Two, you shouldn't be afraid to tell your parents anything (even if it contains sleeping with a married man with two kids). Three, 30-somethings dating 18 yearolds is very disturbing (the very end I'm sure got that point across). Lastly men are scum.

It was on Lifetime, what you expect? At least we had sex scenes and cheerleaders (easier to get the male viewers I guess).

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Not too bad..., 10 March 2003

I bought the movie, after not seeing it in movie theaters. I thought it would be nice to have a Eddie Murphy and a Sci-Fi flick in one, being that those are two of my favriote movie types. I was sort of disapointed. I mean for one, the cast did an ok job, nothing specail. There were some good scenes and side-stories, but rather few. I mean the main plot really sucked, and it was a waist of specail talented actors, if not for a few delightful scenes I won't spoil for you.

In absolute terms, this movie has made the largest financial loss of any movie to date, with a budget of $100 million and a total US gross of $4.41 million (total loss, $95.59 million). Which is why it cost me so much to buy on VHS.

Oh well...

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Best Talk Show, 24 December 2002

It was the best talk show out there. And there is really nothing more I can say about it. Just watch it people. I've said what I had to.

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Past the prime, 12 November 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*spoilers contained for non-US viewers*

Over the years, B&B has been the most watched soap in the world. It is shown in 100 countries, and remains #2 in the US ratings behind Y&R.

This is no soap, that is probably why it has been so succsessful. It is more like a drama show, except with a mega cast.

Throughout the years however the cast changed, each year you'd lose a charachter or two, and more would be introduced. But nothing like what they did in 2002, cutting their cast in half. Personaly, the firing of Taylor was the worst move.

The cast was cut to 12, before they added two new cast members, which puts us now at 14. I don't know how a show that is used to a 25 member cast can function. So far, it has been questionable and the show seems to be past it's prime. At least they divided the charachters properly.

Stephanie, Eric, Massimo, and Sally (the senior citizens of the show) Ridge, Brooke, Clarke, Throne, Trica (the middleaged cast members) Rick, Amber, CJ, Bridgette, Mark (the younger cast members)

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Best 8 episodes shown on CC, 31 October 2002

Personaly, I don't like South Park, and I am sick of countless episodes of SNL. Besides The Daily Show, I don't even bother with CC anymore.

At one time they actualy had a good sitcom 'bush', and they canceled it after just 8 episodes.

I mean I'm a loyal Bush supporter and I couldn't get enough of this sitcom spoof. Only show that actualy would make me laugh on this channel. It isn't exactly meant for a mature audiance, I have to agree. Lots of cheap fun and laughs, but then again most of America isn't mature anyways...

Let's look at why it was canceled, something that no one seems to of bothered to write about.

The premier of the Matt Stone-Trey Parker political spoof That's My Bush captured 2.1 million households representing the highest-rated series premiere in the cable network's history.

And after 8 episodes what happens...

Comedy Central has halted production of That's My Bush, Matt Stone and Trey Parker's spoof of the president, starring Timothy Bottoms. The channel's spokesman, Tony Fox, said that the network could not justify continuing to pour $700,000 into each episode -- an enormous figure for a cable channel. "We're tremendously proud of the show and think it was a creative success -- but it was tremendously expensive to produce and we're operating a business," Fox told the New York Post. But Stone and Parker -- who also created South Park -- said that they plan to produce a movie version of the series. It will be called, George W. Bush and the Secret of the Glass Tiger, Stone said.

Guess what? You have to pour money into a show if you want to see ratings. Well not only was the production halted after 8 episodes... But thanks to September 11th it was cancelled totaly.

Oh well, suggestion to CC, put money into your shows, or don't bother. I mean honestly people, even those of you who didn't like the show, would you rather watch another re-run of SNL?

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The best show ever made, even today., 3 October 2002

I have read through many user comments. I would like to comment on some of them.

Some say that the show was good through season 3, and others through season 5. However, season 6 had the biggest rating numbers for Buffy ever.

Will someone name me one series that does not evolve as the seasons go by? I mean it would be no fun if a show stayed the same, and you had the same cast and plot every year. A show like that does not last 7 years. A show like that dosn't get spin off shows either.

Forget 'Angel' or the Giles new upcoming show. Look at Dark Angel or Witchblade. Buffy started something on TV that others are trying to match.

This is the best series ever. Simply because they have the best writers. It is the best written show on TV.

Back to bashing of season 6.... I think it was one of the best seasons. This season had more plot for each individual charachter then seasons past. For example: You had Buffy overcoming her death, trying to raise Dawn and trying to get along without Giles. You had Willow going on a downward spiral. Xander and Anya break up. Spike finally gets his wish. Tara dies. Plus, Johnathon comes back evil, and is part of a gang of geeks.

So far we have seen two episodes of season 7. The show is as fresh as it once was. And, it returns to the roots of the first 3 seasons with Dawn going back to school and Buffy working as a counsler there. Spike now has a soul, Anya is a vengence demon, Willow is about to return to sunnydale, and Xander is trying to date again.

To finish up,

Buffy has, is and will always be the best show on TV. Watch and see for yourself.

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My favroite movie as a kid, 19 September 2002

Every kid has that movie that he pops into VHS when he has nothing to do, or when there is a babysitter around. This was that movie for me.

I can tell you the whole plot exactly, I must have seen it 100 times at least, and I can say it is a good kids/family movie.

I still have the tape, I haven't watched it in 5 years, but maybe I'll get around to it this week, and be a kid for the day.

You just have to love the care bears, and their messege.

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Funny show, 18 September 2002

They brought the show all the way over here, so it must be at least averege. I personaly, enjoyed the show. However, it wasn't like I had to see every episode either.

I'll give it six of ten stars, mainly because of Monika Schnarre, an actress who in my opnion has lots of talent. I enjoyed her work before and after this sit-com, and most people will agree she made this show.

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A decent sitcom, 30 June 2002

It was pretty funny, not anything major. It is about a guy who's wife leaves him for another man and he is stuck with their newly born baby. Jennifer Westfeldt stars as Kelly O'Malley, the girl he hires to take care of his baby while he is at work. Of course his boss is a weirdo, but rather funny.

I enjoyed the show, don't see why it wasn't picked up to last at least one more season it did make me laugh.

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