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Twilight (2008/I)
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Doesn't Measure Up To The Book (So Don't Expect It To), 30 November 2008

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While the casting and acting are good, I found the movie to seriously lack elements from the book that needed to be there. The movie moves entirely too fast. Within the first few minutes, Bella is already on Edward's case, trying to figure him out, when in the book it takes her much, much longer to understand him. There's a lot of passion missing from the movie that was in the book (lots of their little playing and talking is missing). The way Jacob is presented and his whole tribe are seriously lacking. There was basically no development of the Cullen family's characters. The whole storyline with James was so shortened that it barely became suspenseful. While Edward is speaking the lines from the book that he can't live without her and she's saying the same things, I don't feel that they really showed you that intensity for the film. Everything was done on fast-forward with very little depth. Even her relationship with Charlie was too little. I do hope that the second film shows more story and considering the bulk of the second story is with Jacob, hopefully he'll be more in depth.

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Best hospital show since ER!, 2 December 2004

This show has the potential to be wonderful. Hugh Laurie does an excellent job (and American accent I might add - he's British) as a sarcastic, yet super intelligent doctor. The show has a wonderful cast and the illnesses these patients come in with are very interesting. The acting is brilliant. It hasn't really been about the doctors yet, but it's starting to get a bit more personal. Up until now (the 3rd episode), it's been mostly about the patients, which is what you want in the beginning of a show. The comic relief is that Dr. House has to do work in the walk-in clinic where every hypochondriac in New Jersey comes walking in... his dealing with them is hilarious. And just as additional enjoyment, Jesse Spencer is very pleasing to the eyes. :)