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Nagin (1976)
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I remember this as "Naag Pooja", 4 August 2002

I lived in French speaking West Africa, and I had seen Kabir Bedi in Sandokan on TV. The story was some folklore from rural India about a creature similar to "Cat People", but instead of turning into panthers after making love, these mythological beings shape-shift into cobras (or was it pythons?). Anyway a hunting party shoots what they believe is a dangerous snake; however the female mate swears vengence and like some incredibly beautiful and exotic Charles Bronson, has a three step plan to eliminate each of the hunters. Step one; romance them, step two; make them suffer; then step three; kill them. This film had problems of logic and pacing, but, oh my shape-shifting demi-Goddess, she brings the most beautiful woman to life. Rekha, Reena Roy were among the most fascinating stars in Bollywood heaven. Too many scenes were shot with jumpy cameras, in the dark, feebly adding suspence and scariness; as the vixen reveals her plan to kill each hunter, on their own turf. Poor quality filmwork, but terrific and engaging songs. I saw the flim three times.

The Crook (1970)
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Creative serious fun., 11 June 2000

This is a film that I remember fondly from the 70s. A great caper movie with several twists and turns. Betrayal and counter betrayal and a conclusion that makes you laugh out loud! Usually a serious actor in political or psychological films - Jean Louis T. tries some lighter than air 'hey-presto' and proves that he can do comedy as well. I wish more people would know this film so that the satirical line "Merci, Simca" would be a household word - to diffuse Regis' line "Is that your final answer".

Of the several themes the film explores, none is more relevant than the theme of the popularization of greed. A 'kidnapage' is effectively carried out during a televised game show, whilst the parents are instructed to repeat the sponsors name, hence they repeat "Merci, Simca", the name of the car they hope to win.

The Contract (1980) (TV)
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Movies can change your life., 5 September 1999

I absolutely loved this film; in fact I recommend it to all my friends; but it doesn't seem to be included in the Foreign Film sections at any video store in the U.S. As with Ingmar Bergmann there are many thematic layers to a Zanussi film; and this one has several subtle messages that are central to the development of plot and characterization. There is the obvious theme of corruption and hypocrisy. It takes place during a few weeks in Poland a year before Communism collapses. There is veiled criticism of the Party and the wider social structure, including Zanussis beloved Catholic Church. Only the Solidarity movement seems unscathed. However on a larger platform, Zanussi is pointing us to the deeper themes of family and basic human nature and even the chaos and redeeming quality of Nature itself. When the faults and foibles of the many Chekovian cast of characters is focused by the would-be bride; we find denial, despair and finally hope. The same truths that drive the groom mad; leads the bride to a greater awareness of the essential strength of love. I have not told any details of the plot, and the humorous events that somehow become very serious. This is the framework that Zanussi places the story. A couple living together see the benefits of making an official "contract" of marriage. The simple plan backfires when parents on both sides see the opportunities to exploit the event. The loyalties to Church; Party as well as to family are tested and ultimately rejected.

Leslie Caron has a key role as an Englishwoman (?) who has a problem that everyone would like to sweep under the rug like the little dogs defecation. When one person shouts - "This Stinks", it is like the child who is honest enough to call the Emperor naked! I saw the film at just the time I needed to stand up and also proclaim - "This situation really reeks!"