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Enchanting - everytime!, 13 September 2002

What a wonderfuly photographed, sweet, simple tale. Josie Lawrence and Miranda Richardson, and yes, Italy itself, ARE the story. It is a joy to watch all the characters stumbling about in their own ways to find peace and detachment from their cold, dreary lives in cold, dreary Britain. Enchanted April can be viewed over and over and enjoyed and enjoyed.

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"As long as it is . . .", 13 September 2002

It's hard to understand how a movie with Nicholson and Kinnear could be so irritating, annoying and frankly, boring. One good wisecrack about H.M.O.'s actually brought a grin to my lips. Maybe if I tried to endure watching it again - but no, it's just not worth it. Miss it if you can.

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Compelling, 13 September 2002

After the first two minutes of getting used to Clooney's dialogue and delivery - the film takes off and never stops. Homer surely had something else in mind - but apart from an excellent film, one finally realizes - it's all about the music. Watch it - over and over and over.

Zandalee (1991)
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"Not the best . . .but . . ., 11 January 2002

"Not the best . . .but . . . Reviewer: A viewer from edison, nj USA For those of us who cherish the steamy city of New Orleans, Zandalee captures the steaminess while transcending its shortcomings.

Rehinhold could have made more of an effort to exhibit a more tragic figure - and could have made an attempt at maintaining ANY accent. Cage is satan personified. More than a bit melodramatic in many scenes, good cameo appearances by Marissa Tomei, Joe Pantoliano (pricesless cross-dresser!) and Steve Buscemi (playing Steve Buscemi) add to the memorable scenes and memorable/quotable dialogue: ("I'm your reality check" "Its a heartifact" "A little decorum!".

Its worth the 3 bucks to rent of the $15 to buy it. Nice steamy, sexy movie. Not the greatest . . . but . . .