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Funny and Cute!, 5 July 2001

I caught this movie late one night on cable and am so glad I did. It take an outside look on human relationships to show us just how odd we really are. I recommend this for anyone looking for an incredibly cute comedy. This film left me smiling.

Kubrick's genius lives on!, 29 June 2001

I have just gotten back from seeing this wonderful film and am still in a state of wow. Absolutely beautiful cinematography! Perhaps the best I've seen since Kubrick's classic work "A Clockwork Orange". I can definately feel Kubrick in this film. It is almost as if he was reincarnated and mixed in with Spielberg's genius, which is very apparent in this film. The movie does run long (about 30 minutes longer than it should) and may be a bit too deep if you are looking for a fun night at the movies. The point of this film, be prepared to analyze it and think! Haley Joel Osment is truly a great actor. He is so convincing in his role. Jude Law is mesmerizing as the comical "love bot", Gigolo Joe. I definately recommend this film to any Kubrick fan as it may be that last time to see such genius in a motion picture. Spielberg has once again lived up to his name. Thank you for a truly great movie.

8MM (1999)
Some Doors, Shouldn't be open.. But you have to peek in!, 20 August 1999

This movie was Amazing! At first I was doubtful of how good it would be but I sat down to watch it because of Nick Cage and Joaquin Phoenix. It sort of just sucked me in.. Other things faded out and I felt I was in the movie desperately searching for the answers Nicholas Cage was searching for. Joaquin Phoenix's "Max California" added for a sarcastic comic relief to such a serious and creepy plot. This movie is scary! Not for your normal reasons (say a huge monster or spirit chasing a main character) but for the fact that this movie could be Non-Fiction and knowing things like this happen everyday in the porno underground. This movie really makes you think.. With out making you bored.

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Ahh, Uh, huh?, 20 August 1999

This is what you will be saying at this movie.. I went in expecting to come out scared stiff. Instead I came out kind of confused.. I was more like Huh? Parts did give me goosebumps but others made my brain work. It's been a week since I have seen it and now I am kind of scared. The more time I have had to think about it, It becomes scarier.. It's one of those movies you have to see at least 2 times to understand and a 3rd time to be scared. Great movie I say.. But watch out for the camera angles, This movie could cause worse motion sickness than a transatlantic flight threw a hurricane.

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Let Fate Be Your Guide, 1 June 1999

Overall I loved this movie even though it took too long to get to the plot. As the movie started out I began to regret that I was watching it. Just as my hand went for the remote I saw Jude Law. He kept interest in the movie during the first quarter of it. As the movie progressed it became more enjoyable. I began to enjoy the other stories that revolved around the love the young English artist (Law) had for the woman who's life he saved (Gretchen Mol) when he delivered her 25 years earlier. Superb performances by Jude Law, Jennifer Tilly, and Martha Plimpton make this movie rent-worthy. Gretchen Mol's performance in the film was (and lets be brutally honest) AWFUL. Her character is less than grateful to the man who saved her life and Mol's acting is less than grateful to the casting director who gave her the part despite her inability to perform it. But overall I say if you are in the mood for a good romantic comedy rent "Music From Another Room" and hopefully you will enjoy the storyline and performances as much as I did!

The Pest (1997)
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Fast Paced Comedy, 14 May 1999

I found this movie Very enjoyable. I was laughing out loud and I really enjoyed the humor of it. If you are familiar with John Leguizamo's comedy and you are a fan of it this movie is a must see. It is a take on the novel "The Most Dangerous Game" and it focuses on the event's Pestario (Leguizamo) must overcome such as the fact the Scottish mob is after him, a crazy German nazi, Gustav, (Jeffrey Jones) is hunting him, and Gustav's homosexual son ,Himmel (Edoardo Ballerini), who is obsessed with "snakes", is obsessed with him too! This comedy moves fast yet is highly enjoyable!

"Profiler" (1996)
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One of the best shows around!, 23 April 1999

This show has totally taken Saturday nights by storm. The exceptional filming and story lines have taken NBC's "Thrillogy" to a higher level of suspense and intrigue. The characters are well played and well suited to the show. The themes are relevant and the overall atmosphere is, well, awesome! Me being slightly partial I can say that this is undoubtedly one of the best, if not THE best show around.

Gattaca (1997)
Discrimination in a Science, 23 April 1999

I absolutely loved this movie. It was breathtaking. The storyline was flawless. It's about the "Not to Distant Future" when babies are genetically made to perfection. An "invalid" (a human not genetically made) faces several problems in trying to become what he is not in order to achieve his goals. This movie shows how strong discrimination can be and how far you can get by listening to yourself, not others, and never giving up. It is truly inspirational. Great performance by Ethan Hawk as an imperfect man in a perfect world. Jude Law is scene stealing as a "Valid" man who shows that even physical perfection can't bring happiness. After all this movie's tagline says it all... "There is No Gene for the Human Spirit"!

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Ruthless Humor... finally, 17 April 1999

For any of you who don't know yet The Tom Green Show is currently airing on MTV. This guy is a comedy god. He takes those events you secretly dream up in the back of your head (you know those things you say "What if I did this.." but of course you never do it) But Tom Green does. Even if it means problems with the law or even threats by pedestrians. If you're in the mood for eye shocking incredibly funny real events then don't miss this great show!

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Back to School, 16 April 1999

This movie all in all was ok but somewhat annoyingly sequel like. I know it's a sequel but it doesn't have to flaunt it!! Edoardo Ballerini is rather good as the strangely 2 faced Danny and BD Wong plays an uncharacteristic bad guy with all the right moves. Personally I think he's better at good guys. If you saw the first one this movie doesn't even focus on the in classroom trials as much as it does the sumwhat fake fight and dealing scenes. AWFUL moves are used in the fight scenes which look faker than WWF wrestling. People fall down and back before they are even struck and somehow even though legs do not make contact while kicking people still fall. Don't spend money on this but if all else fails check out your cable instead!

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