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He was the best, 14 April 1999

Andy Kaufman was the funniest man of all time. This film/biopic is just a testament to the fact that Andy Kaufman was the originator and mentor of all the great comedians since the late 70's (Robin Williams, Richard Belser, Jim Carey, and yes probably even Carrot Top). He will go down in history for mastering that rare brand of humor that was infantile yet adult, lowbrow yet refined, utterly disgusting yet beautiful. Everytime anyone reads The Great Gatsby, sees an Elvis impersonator, or professional wrestling he should be thought of.

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I never cry and it made me cry., 10 April 1999

'La Vita E Bella' was the most touching story of love and the power of the individual in quite a long time. In my opinion it was the best movie of the year. It had everything that the other films nominated for Best Picture had and so much more. It was the touching yet cool love story of 'Shakespeare In Love', it was the power-of-the-individual saga of 'Elizabeth', and the touching yet realistic take on World War II of 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'The Thin Red Line.' Roberto Benigni was the maestro of one of the true greats of all time which only adds to his resume as one of the funniest people in the world. 'La Vita E Bella' was a truly beautiful movie.

Rushmore (1998)
Definitely the funniest movie of the year, 10 April 1999

'Rushmore' was a rare treat of a film that was different without blatantly trying. It was cool and original without being trendy. It was hilariously funny without being gimmicky. It had great, strong characters who were all so believable. It also was a good story without a plot that punched you in the face, but rather hid behind the tree like Bill Murray in the memorable finger-painting scene. Jason Schwartzman will be a star, and hopefully some day Bill Murray will get proper recognition for being one of the funniest men in the world. 'Rushmore' may not be for everybody, but if you don't like it the first time you see it, go see it again. Movies like this don't come out too often, don't under-appreciate this one.

Go (1999)
Pretty dman cool, but I liked it better the first time, 10 April 1999

I felt that GO was a neat film that was filled top the top with cool-as-ass scenes, but I liked it better the first time I saw it...when it was called 'Pulp Fiction'. Even though it wasn't the most original movie ever, I'd still recommend it.