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My 3 year old Loves It!, 28 June 2006

This is a very cute show. I like that the episodes are short(15 minutes) Little Noddy always learns a lesson at the end.He lives in Toytown with all the other toys and is the local taxi driver. There a goblins that live in the dark woods stirring up trouble. His best friend and father figure is Big Ears who is always there for him when he gets in a jam.

It is an innocent little show that I don't mind watching,it is actually calming when my son is a little "wound up" A little hard to come up with 10 lines of comments, I just like the show and it makes us all smile.It is bright and cheerful. Too bad there is not Noddy merchandise available in Canada. I ordered some cute toys from the UK.

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Gets better each week, 14 November 2003

I, like many others was disappointed with the pilot. Kelly Ripa herself said the pilot was their worst show. But it is growing on me.....I love the cameos. I hope Regis comes back! I will continue to tune in each week "faithfully"

Tilt (2003)
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A great little film!, 3 November 2003

I had the opportunity to see this film at a screening recently. It's a little treasure. It's very sleek for an independent short film. The acting is first rate (Tom Braidwood) shines. The cinematography is stellar. It's a modern telling of Don Quixote with Braidwood in the Sancho Panza role and John R. Taylor as Quixote. A few `cameos' from The New Addams Family (Michael Roberds and Glenn Taranto) add to the picture. If you get the chance try to see this one!

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Loving It!, 20 October 2003

When I get the chance, I love to watch this show. Josh Duhamel is great as is the rest of the cast. I don't know why people think it is boring. I sure hope it sticks around, since everything I like usually gets cancelled!!! (My so Called Life, A year in the Life, Relativity etc)

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Loved this show!, 6 September 2003

I was so sad when it was canceled. I remember there was a campaign in Seattle to keep it going. I would love to see the mini-series again. It was very realistic without being depressing. Sarah Jessica Parker was wonderful as Kay. David Oliver was adorable and I loved Amanda Peterson as Sunny.