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"Ripcord" (1961)
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Yeah! My heroes!, 3 October 1999

These guys were the coolest for a seven-year-old kid! My Ripcord parachute man was one of the coolest toys too, until it floated off on an air current. At the time I had no idea the main characters were 'Festus' and 'Dash Riprock'. I've had fun looking back at these old shows and seeing who played in them, and trying to think where MY mind was in 1962.

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yeah bad, but fun for kids, 3 October 1999

Back then we appreciated almost anything with a 'kid theme', especially in the evening. There were a few tantalizing bits thrown at us back then, Top Cat and Bugs Bunny were prime time a few years earlier. But to have a whole non-animated series devoted to being able to drink a potion, ala NICE or eat a pill, as in Mr. Terrific and become super, now that was GREAT FUN. After all these years I remember Captain Nice leaping from a van where in the dark he dressed in culottes and the time the secret formula dripped into a gutter to powerize a 'HIC-BOOM' worm. Even then I knew it was cheap, but I watched it, right after Mr. Terrific.

The main point? It simply didn't scare me., 29 September 1999

From a cinematic standpoint, the idea of finding year-old film footage that tells of the last days of several students involved in a project that gets them in over their heads is unique and exciting. That was why I went to see the film. The execution of this idea, is where the movie falls way short. I got with the spirit early on, but by the time the lame excuses and frustrations are bantered about for about the four hundredth time, you find yourself wanting it to end quickly. The only thing scary was the seasick look on my face while trying to persevere in watching the bouncing frames until the end, which came far too late and was disappointing to say the least. It becomes obvious through the utter lack of preparation and resourcefulness on the part of the characters that they don't belong on a cub scout day hike, much less orienteering through deep woods. Perhaps this should be chalked up to artistic license, but I would like to know where they bought the batteries for their video cameras, because I can't get mine to last for 45 minutes of shooting, must less 3-4 days in the damp woods. I would overlook this silly point, IF the movie had been worthy in other respects. What can I say good about this film?? At first, the method was VERY convincing and I found myself thinking that the story might somehow be REAL. Unfortunately, about halfway through I'd had enough and was actually squirming, wanting to get up and leave. If anybody cares to write a sequel, consider having the students get CAPTURED about halfway through, and have the remaining footage taken by their captors. Maybe we will revisit this in about 20 years and it will actually be frightening, and not only because of the price I paid for admission.

Funny as the TV show, 28 July 1999

South Park, B, L and U. was as funny as the TV show, just a lot more of it. Except that the events on the TV show generally don't affect people outside the South Park town limits, here they start a major war between two countries. I only had a few problems with this one. First, Chef didn't have a song of his own. What an oversight! Second, I saw it at the movies instead of on video so I couldn't keep repeating the parts that went by too fast or repeat parts that are just darn FUNNY! When it comes out on video, you can bet I'll be right there with my finger on the 'rewind' button. Ok, the Saddam/Satan thing got a little old, but it did make Saddam look like a real jerk, so it was ok by me. My favorite part was when Kenny appeared to the kids in the night to give warning of the earth-shattering events to come, and said, "MMM-MM-MM-MMM-MMM-MMM-M-M!". My wife and I just about rolled in the aisles. The usual South Park 'moral' in this effort was to raise the act of swearing to an absurd plane, and then slaughter it right before our eyes. Parker and Stone have done it again.

True to the series, 17 July 1999

My wife and I were both fans of the original TV show and thought the movie was true, not only to the original series, but true to the '60s time period as well. Surrealism was very stylish in the '60s, take a look at the old "Prisoner" series. No, the characters don't have the same charisma as the originals, but again, who does? The 'British humor' and witticisms were well placed and were appreciated by us. We thought Emma's 'vinyl bubble umbrella' was a good touch. Out of all the attempts to revive TV serials in movies, this one succeeded.

When you can't be funnier, be more disgusting, 6 July 1999

Yeah, just not as funny as the original and a good bit more disgusting, but still funny. I thought two places the movie lost out were 1) Powers loses his mojo and 2) the Bacharach/Costello scene. Powers without his mojo is more boring than the average person, and the Bacharach/Costello (though I like them both) thing looked like a bad afterthought. I absolutely cannot believe that Myers played Fat Bastard!!! Is that great make-up or what!? The name play and the idea that Graham 'had' to bed him down for business reasons was good, but I got enough of him real fast. I also could have used more tricks on the '60 conventions. There were so many that were left untouched.

The Jerry Springer sequence was a stroke of genius! Mini-me was funny, but I wish he would have said more. The 'meeting at the coffee pot' with Frau Farbissina plus the fact that everybody had changed in the last 20 years except her had me rolling in the aisles. I think the sequence where Dr. Evil takes off in his "LOOK! IT'S A ___" rocket ship had the whole theater rolling in the aisles.

Ok, so the movie was a little weak in some ways, but still good for some belly laughs.

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Funny, but not funny enough, 6 July 1999

I did laugh out loud... about three times during this boring piece of work. I think I laughed loudest when he takes his GED and his teammate compliments him with, "All of us know that you are the only one that could have passed that exam!" Otherwise the weak plot was too reminiscent of 'Happy Gilmore' (a better and funnier movie). The soundtrack was the best part.

The Piano (1993)
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My wife and I both hated it, 14 April 1999

Every character in the movie displays nothing but selfishness from beginning to end. I saw nothing subtle about locating a story in an isolated place where the men are portrayed as brutal and selfish while the women are portrayed as victimized and selfish. If there was any 'character' we could empathize with, it was the PIANO itself. It was the victim of abandonment, neglect and prostitution by brutal and selfish people.

This one really stinks.

They did it, 14 April 1999

Doggone, they did it! They actually made a movie about chess. And one that was entertaining no less. Once during a chess tournament I laughed to see that there were news cameras taking pictures and what the people viewing on the 11 O'clock news would think of the chess 'action shots'. But here they made a movie with enough personal interest and action to keep even a non-chess person entertained throughout. On the possible negative side, it also showed the quirky, lonely life of a champion chess player. It goes with the territory. Now we ask... just where will the next Bobby Fisher come from?

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Movies can enrich your life, 14 April 1999

I loved 'The Competition', though the characters and situations were predictable and stereotyped, (i.e. domineering teachers and butthole conductors) mostly because it told me that there are many people interested in music and 'behind the scenes' of what it means to devote your life to music. Most of all, the movie piqued my interest in Prokoviev, so that I now collect his music. Not bad for the price of a movie ticket!

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