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This movie is about history and has become history., 10 September 2001

I don't think that anyone involved with this movie had any idea about the impact on Jew and gentile alike. It's a story that needs to be told over and over. The singing and production make it the perfect package. I share it with anyone who hasn't seen it that I can so that I get a little of the excitement of rediscovering it all over again. If you haven't seen it you're missing so much! In a few hours you will laugh, cry, sing and want to dance. It's infectious and the music stays with you. Watch it with friends and family and get into the spirit and celebration. It's really great! And this message is from a gentile, so anyone can enjoy it.

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I have loved this movie for years., 16 December 1999

I saw this movie when I was only about five years old and I've loved it since. It epitomizes the typical good hearted man in a bad situation who undergoes a character transformation worthy of old Scrooge himself. Bob Hope plays a grifter who tries to play both sides of a scam. All of this is infused with just the right amount of holiday fun and Christmas Carols (and even a few cracks at Bing) to make it a real holiday classic. I would recommend it for any age and any family.

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This movie is a thrilling ghost story., 10 October 1999

Some movies use special effects to bring us to the edge of our seat. Others try to frighten us by catching us unawares over and over. This movie needs none of those devices. Brilliantly acted, by Oscar-award winning actor George C. Scott, this haunting tale makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up with a flawlessly crafted tale of ghosts and things that go "bump in the night." I saw this movie in the early eighties and it has always been one that I share with my friends and family when we want a good scare without being inundated with blood and gore. The plot is one of intrigue and discovery that will surprise and thrill you. It's worth seeing... and worth owning if you can find a copy.