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Great miniseries, stop whining!, 3 October 2004

I remember when I saw the original series when I was a kid. I loved Galactica, watched every episode. The 80's series (second season) was good, then. After 20 or something years later, I've seen the original twice more, but I can't stand the 80's version any more.

Now, to the new mini series... It was great, I loved it. Starbuck, Boomer, Tigh, even Cylons are changed. So what?! Those "real BG fans" wanted an exact remake of the original or what? What's the point? Of course I liked original Starbuck, but the series is about Galactica, not a "Starbuck show".

Just can't wait to see more.

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Please, no more slow motion, 2 May 2003

Bad acting? Yes, but it was not a surprise. Stupid story? Yes, so what?

But why, tell me, Mr Director, why all that slow motion crap? Fight scenes were bad, really bad, because of slow motion and bad cutting. Not because of Seagal.

"What if I just speed this up for 2 seconds and then slow down those next 5 seconds and then... Maybe I need to flip the coin to decide?" What were you thinking, Mr Director???

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Why? Oh why?, 31 July 2001

Don't know what to write... I tried to watch this movie with friends of mine and we all are Jackie fans, but... we just couldn't finish it. It was SO BAD! The worst Jackie film for the last 10-15 years! I got really confused when I saw the comments from others; how can anyone like that kind of ****?

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Good fights, no acting, 21 July 2000

If you want to see really bad acting and a bad movie with good (but unrealistic) fight scenes watch this. With that 'unrealistic' I mean those 'fights' between friends/students. If I demonstrated that kind of techniques on my students on martial arts class, I'd have no students any more.

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This film has balls! :), 24 May 2000

I really like this this film. Great samurai action, good sword fights.

This was published on VHS in Finland with the name "Shogun Assassin". I just got Lone Wold and Cub 1 & 2 on Laserdisc and found out that the VHS version was a mixture of these 2 movies.

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A big disappointment., 30 December 1999

I usually like hongkong - martial arts - fantasy movies but I hated this one. Once Upon A Time In China, Shogun Assassin, A Chinese Ghost Story and even Big Trouble In Little China are my favorites but this film sucked! Too much fancy tricks and stupid story.


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Karatekas, watch the final fights!, 19 October 1999

The story really sucks and I guess you'd better ignore it but I recommend that all martial artists watch the final fights; "The Fly", "Gypsy Billy" and "Hotdog's" opponent show good Shotokan Karate style fighting, not fancy but basic and effective!

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:(, 12 August 1999

Weird. My friends who usually don't watch this kind of movie liked it and I, who watch a lot of these Hong Kong movies, didn't like it. Michelle Yeoh's movie Wing Chun was great (imho) and coz of that I bought Heroic Trio. Big mistake.

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Great and funny action!, 22 July 1999

If you want to see great action scenes, stunts and fights... watch this! And this film is funny too... "How the hell did he do that???" :)

If you want to see good acting... Avoid this :)

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Great movie!, 12 July 1999

If you liked Chinese Ghost Story or Beijing Opera Blues then you'll like this one too. Gong Li is beautiful as always and so are the scenes... I really enjoyed this film! Can't wait to see it on DVD/LD! :)

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