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Don't forget to Boycott the US "remake" of Kath & Kim!, 10 July 2008

Don't forget to Boycott the US "remake" of Kath & Kim! ++ WHERE are .torrents of the entire original K & K series?

== background == Kath & Kim, from its very beginning refers to an Australian civilization and culture. Kath and Kim as characters are based on sketches of the original girls that played Kath & Kim. Transplanting the series to the US cultural context is impossible without a total and complete re-write of each episode.

Each episode rewrite would have to be done to a point where each episode has little or nothing to do with the script that it originated from. In essence, each episode will not be Kath & Kim at all -- just merely an exercise in purest forms of black propaganda broadcasting. There is no way to adapt Kath & Kim to America, as it simply cannot be done. Adapting the show to New Zealand would be far easier, and more realistic -- for cultural reasons that are mostly not understood by Americans.

There is a 99% probability that the series will not get high ratings at all because the US is a totally different entertainment environment for this kind of show. The original series (in spite of very good initial ratings) was kept running by the ABC TV network in Australia for Season 1 and some of Season 2 until it reached Australian cult TV status. Kath & Kim, as a style of sitcom is still unique to Australasia and likely not to be duplicated in the rest of the world for some years into the future.

The network that is choosing to do this series from scratch would have been better off buying the original Kath & Kim series and running it as is. In essence the network is just wasting people's time and its own money. Not to mention the theft from the NBC-Universal shareholders...

Amélie (2001)
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This film should be used to teach film students what to cut..., 28 November 2001

Not to make to fine a point -- this film is a egotistical failed attempt to create a new school of French film. Simply put : too much footage (not related to the plot) exists -- and I am not covering the stock film content! This film also too many special effects tricks. This would be fine if the special effects were not so intrusive! If I had the appropriate connections to the French film industry, I would reissue this film with 30% less run time. I would also reissue it in black & white, as the color interferes from the plot!

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An entertaining and informative look at the Canadian urban music industry and culture., 16 October 2000

Drop The Beat is both an entertaining and informative look at the Canadian urban music industry and culture. Many Canadians haven't given the show much attention, arguing it, like previous Canadian television series, falls short of matching the slick aesthetic appearance of American shows. However, it is for this very reason that Drop The Beat is a clear-cut example of Canadian television at its best; the show has a very universal perspective, while still staying true to its Canadian roots. Drop The Beat acknowledges this crucial aspect and displays a positive outlook on hip-hop music and culture, something that mainstream media has rarely done since the beginning of hip-hop.

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Medical bureaucrat has one night stand, protects floozy's father from murder charges, continues incompetent ways., 1 August 2000

The only good thing in the movie was a clear shot of Diana Riggs' ultimate "Avenger" crossed legs (they look just like swimmer Mark Spitz's!!).

What a phony depiction of the "mindless" street riff-raff juxtaposed against the even more despicable hospital staff.

I guess talking about impotence was a big breakthrough in a major flic back then, what with today's Viagra TV ads.

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A light entertainment family comedy from Canada, 6 May 2000

A radio talk show host (Maxwell) and her father (Hewgill) and daughter "Zoe" (Veninger) living together with typical and some more atypical family conflicts learn how to accept each other's differences of opinion.

In the second season, a cousin (Bolton) (whose parents are working in Saudi Arabia) comes to stay with them. This is an unusual case of a revised format for an already first rate series actually making it even better. An all around quality production from Atlantis, even the theme music.