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Cast in the name of God, ye not Guilty, 5 August 2001

The Big O is one of the most creative efforts to ever come out of Japan. Combining the rather dark style of Batman: The Animated Series in animation, the giant robot action of yesteryear, and combining some really surrealistic elements, it manages to entertain such people. It is not your fast paced show with action at every minute, but it has rather impressive fight sequences with cleverly designed mechs I might add. Then you add the rather interesting characters that somehow develop during it's 13 episode run, and you've got a rather impressive series.

It's not for everybody, but I'd recommend Big O to even the most avid fan of animation.

The only bad part is that it's only 13 episodes and it stops rather abruptly, so let's hope it can get more soon.

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I LOVED THIS SHOW!, 23 November 2000

I use to live in Hong Kong where the show was broadcasted. It was THE most enjoyable game show I've ever seen.

This show had the strangest but witty host as he gathered 6 people to battle through Physical, Mental, Skill, and Mystery challenges (To get the elusive crystals and to not get themselves locked in) as they go through the Aztec, Future, Medieval, Ocean (then Industrial) worlds. I loved how his witty comments and the complexity of it all to get all the crystals to win stuff in a duration of seconds inside the Crystal Dome. If I were in England, I would watch this show endlessly and never get bored!

"Hercules" (1998)
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"Bless my soul... Herc is on a roll!", 9 September 2000

In a sea of obscurity from Disney (from Dinosaur to Inspector Gadget to Recess to Disney's Doug to whatever things they destroyed) Hercules is one of those shows that has a lot of creativity. Now mind you, the Movie wasn't up to Disney Standards in any way you put it but was an interesting feature film that many other animated features will try to emulate. But actually the Hercules Cartoon is actually very nice.

The cast of characters are very interesting and is definitely making fun of Greek mythology and today's pop culture. This series' was more well executed that the movie of the same name. Animation is sortof typical for this kind of show, but (my God) look at the celebrities they casted for the roles. Everybody like Robert Stack (Unsolved Mysteries), Eric Idle (Monty Python) and even James Woods (The original Dead-Head: Hades) gave their talent to this show. It's sortof amazing in a sense. But I digress, this show is still much more better than the crap they put out now on Disney's One Saturday Morning but I think will never replace Disney's Nostalgic shows like Ducktales, Darkwing Duck, or even Gargoyles. Still, it's a nice show. Recommendable if you ask me.

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Hmm..., 21 August 2000

As I get into Digimon, it gets MUCH more better than Pokemon. Unlike Pokemon, Digimon has an interesting story, and deep characters. I mean... the character factor is very good and different. Unlike the goody-goody heroes of Pokemon, Digimon has characters that are sometimes confused and different from each other. Check out Matt for instance, he's the lonesome one in the group and has the trouble of the higher authority. Also, Digimon aren't as cute as Pokemon (Gatomon... Tentomon...Gomamon...), but they one-up them because they have voices. The dialogue needs a bit of cleaning up, but not as much as the morals of Pokemon. The animation is rather tripped out also, but has interesting character designs. Even so, I don't really like the show that much, but the deep but simple story and the characters warrant AT LEAST a see.

This is NOT a ripoff of Pokemon.... Although I'm not sure that the BGM playing is the original Japanese version.

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Dead-set hilarious stuff!, 20 June 2000

This is my first introduction to the Slayers series, and believe me, it has been great. The series is outstanding in quality and fun. Action easily blends in with slapstick anime style comedy with many interesting things in between. In some terms, this series uses action as comedy. There's nothing more hilarious as blowing up stuff for the heck of it and laughing at it in between. I love the English dub and the Japanese dub the same way and I suggest you buy this series even if you haven't seen the original.

Decent Love Movie, 13 June 2000

This review's going to be short and thorough. You've Got Mail was a decent love story movie that seemed to mimic this other past work "Sleepless in Seattle". Ryan and Hanks give out interesting performances, but the movie is farfetched and dis-jointed. They meet up VERY quickly in the end of the movie, I'm not going to tell you how they did so, but... other than that it was decent. It's unlikely to impress anybody.


Final Fantasy VIII (1999) (VG)
Well, it's not THAT bad., 7 June 2000

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Final Fantasy VIII to me is a great game. It features some most innovative ideas I've ever seen in an RPG, the only problem is... Well is it really that needed? The story is rather blah, just six guys battle an evil sorceress.

It appears that the 6 characters were all raised in an orphanage before. What the heck?? In RPGs, people barely know each other and they get to know each other through time. In this one, they just don't remember they lived together. Also, they're right, what happened to the treasure chests and stores. I don't want to find all this just to make a weapon. And furthermore, the Draw thing is innovative, but Buying Materia and Magic or having espers is a heck of a lot better. With that said, these are the bad parts of the game. The good things are also the great graphics, music, and the colorful characters. Although you don't get witty humor, you get well Irvine and Zell. Other than that, there's nothing much to say than hopefully Final Fantasy XI HAS to be better than this. Other than the bad stuff, this is still a great game.

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Unoriginal and Overbloated, 29 April 2000

The Amanda show is another fruitless attempt to bring All That to it's peak performance. I'm getting really sick and tired of Amanda Bynes. She has potential, but she can't utilize it in this other heap of Nickelodeon garbage. It doesn't have any good ideas, and the audience is laughing at cheesy and unfunny comedy. I don't know why they like it. I can make better stuff than this. Please, turn off your television set if you're watching this show, you'll live to thank me. Finally, this show has the worst sketches of them all: Hillbilly moment!? Penelope Taynt!? Judge Trudy!? It screams unoriginal all over it. Please, don't watch this show.

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Another great anime chapter has been written., 21 April 2000

When I first heard of Gundam Wing, I was thinking your typical Saban, over-the-mill, robot war. Boy was I wrong when I saw the version that Cartoon Network aired. IT really shows how great one series can be on it's own and (amazingly) we get an excellent dub out of it.

The extreme part of this show is the Gundams. Yes, the large mobile suits piloted by 5 young boys. What I like about them is that they have their own personality and grace. yet somehow, the English VA's were capable of reproducing them in the dub. Other people stand out like Zechs Merquise and Lucrezia Noin. Anything else is outstanding. It truly shows the future of dubbed anime. I hope that the dubbing company of Dragonball Z (FUNimation) will learn from this and may prosper. But that's a may. Still this is one anime you should watch out for.

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Shh... It's Python satire at it's finest, 21 April 2000

The Life of Brian is one movie that is different from all the rest of Monty Python's total fair. Not counting on the slapstick-ness of the Holy Grail, it puts in a new kind of satire on an old tale of time. Then they make it offensive with their own wry satire and succeeding in it. It's a triumph in those parts. Here's an example of offensiveness: "Do you think that there's anything wrong with the name, Biggus... Dickus." -Pilate. It has comedy in it's own game. There's no other movie like it today, I still need to watch Dogma though. But still, this is a great movie not to be passed up on at all.

Side note: As what controversy from Christian groups say that Life of Brian is offensive to them and Jesus Christ, Monty Python didn't have anything against Christians. But that's another story.

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