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Well nobody told me..., 5 February 2007

It took me three and a half years to see this show. With some 200 channels of digital cable it was definitely there all along. Why then was I so sadly unaware of what I now believe to be the greatest sitcom of all time? While I was being mentally bludgeon to death by 'Everybody Loves Raymond' (or whatever it is I was watching), the greatest sitcom of all time was over on FOX receiving no decent publicity. Now I'm not totally innocent here. I do remember the first season receiving all their Emmy nominations but I also remember dismissing it as just another popular drama not unlike 'Melrose Place' or something of that sort. So now years later, I finally happen upon it and realize its greatness. I see five or so episodes and go down to the store and buy what I believe to be the first three seasons of a gem that I had personally discovered ("people have no idea what they're missing!" I think to myself). I watch three seasons in three days and eventually I begin to wonder when I can expect some more. Sorry Russ, you should have watched it in the first place. It's canceled and it's your fault? Well nobody told me....... Certainly not FOX.

Clockers (1995)
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Absolutely stunning Inner-City drama, 27 May 2003

This movie is very misunderstood. I've heard people call it stereotypical, but this is only because they missed the obvious. The stereotypical aspect people see is all part of the story. The white police stereotypically harassing the street dealers is only stereotypical because society so commonly commits the very same actions. The movie is all about blame, who society blames, who society would like to blame, and sometimes whomever can be blamed. In actuality the movie has an extremely tense message about accepting ones own blame, while all throughout the movie blame is wrongly placed on nearly everyone. To avoid spoiling the movie I won't be overly specific but by the end of the movie Spike Lee had painted Injustice onto the screen.

Down with all this flack, Up with smack., 20 February 2003

Sheesh, This movie could only have been reviewed by hoards of Homeward Bound loving maniacs flaunting senior citizens cards. For younger crowds, Gen Xers, and the baby boomers of the eighties this movie rocks. Aside from the harsh drug induced reality that the characters sweep through this movie has a lot of underlying thoughts and motives. Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro aren't mindless drug fiends from the 70's, as someone put it on the message board they're men from another time. Just two guys out of millions that never left the 60's behind. The story does start and end rather curiously but the plot is as solid as oak and for the life of me i can not see why my parents and half the reviewers on here couldn't figure any of it out. Great special effects, awesome acting and a solid screenplay allow the innerworkings of two men to be unwound in front of you and a touch of humour help to ease you in.

Astonishingly Real, 28 October 2002

I can see where people might think this movie falls short, believing that the plot has holes. While it did leave certain things left unsaid, those that were could arguably have not been said at all by the characters portrayed. The characters are realistic, they don't know what to do, nor where to go, or how to do it. Adam Sandler's discontent was clever, Emily Watson's performance was genuine. Nearly every scene could just as easily been a scene out of your everyday life, and it's those that make this movie special.

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'greatest television writing that I can remember', 23 June 1999

No matter where you hear about this show it is obvious even here that people can only say good things about it. I decided to comment on it based on my belief that the series contained some of the greatest television writing that I can remember. The scripts were excellently compelling and intriguing. Just when you thought that you could label a character and prophesize what they were to do next their personalities were stretched. Over the course of the shows six seasons they characters acted out brilliantly by the likes of John Corbett, Janine Turner, and Rob Morrow created what I and many others would select as the best hour-long program to ever hit the tube.

This was by far the best movie of 1998, 28 May 1999

This movie ought not to be compared to Saving Private Ryan. This movie was philosophical while also allowing audiences seeking other forms of entertainment to be intrigued by the excellent action sequences. This movie only had a budget of 50 million but the cast including John Travolta, George Clooney, and Sean Penn all took pay cuts because they wanted to work with Terrence Malick and they believed in the movies possibilities aside from the usual goal of "making money". This movie was very well done by Malick but I wearily must admit that some audiences have failed to see the brilliance that lies behind each scene whether it directing, special effects, acting or simply the sheer magnitude of the events occurring. I gave this film a rating of 10.