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The Video Dead (1987) (V)
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This film is great, 9 June 1999

I saw this on t.v. but I never knew the name of it until I went to my local video store. It has everything, even the camera man's reflection in the window. There is this one great scene of a chainsaw going in through a guy's stomach. The blood looks like they died water red then squirted it all over the place.

Creature (1985)
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ALIEN rip-off, 3 April 1999

This film isn't as bad as people say. It doesn't have alot of sex, but a lot of gore and action. It all starts when two guy's find an unhatched egg, it kills a guy and then the other guy turns into a zombie. This film is confusing but well made. It was put on video by Media Home entertainment but is no longer available. RENT IT and give it a try. Not for the weak of stomach.

The Video Dead (1987) (V)
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Funny, 3 April 1999

I thought this was one of the funniest zombie flicks i have ever seen. A must if you like bad acting, and blood and guts.