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"Wildside" (1997)
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All good things, 4 July 1999

Alas on Friday the 2nd of July 1999 this brilliant show came to an end. But all good things do. Wildside was the best cop drama ever. One of the few shows that did not ask you to like the characters. A refreshingly original premise, especially where the "goodies" and "baddies" are all so clear cut on todays shows. One episode where Sgt McCoy handcuffs a suspect to a car and proceeds to drive at high speed remains vividly in the mind.

The conflict was brilliantly balanced by the crisis centre across from the police station, thus we are not stuck in the police station all day listening to search search warrant requests and the like.

It is impossible to single out any one person, cast or crew as both were outstanding in every facet. All performances were first rate, set design refreshingly original, cinematography and direction flawless and stories that were hard hitting not afraid to go into the underbelly of society.

Wildside will be greatly missed. A superb show that ended before its time