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Five Desperate Hours (1997 TV Movie)
Not everything is black or white, everything is a grey area...
13 April 1999
This movie really surprised me. It was a lot better than I originally thought it would be when I read about it. I thought it would be a cheap rip-off of films like `Desperate Hours' with Anthony Hopkins and Mickey Rourke, but it certainly was not. While `Desperate Hours' had a very predictable plot where the characters didn't change much throughout the film this one was totally different. The thing I liked most about `Five desperate Hours' was that we got one picture of the two main characters going in and during the film they changed so much that they were completely different ones going out.

I think it's important to show that not every criminal is completely `bad' and not not every `normal' human being is just that, `normal'. There is always a story behind what we see. In `Desperate hours' the bad guys were bad and the good guys were good and when a whole film takes place inside a room or two it gets boring. For a movie to get good in such a confined area there has to be a lot of character development, and this one had just that.
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The X Files (1998)
For a normal sci-fi movie it was a great one, for an X-Files story it was an average one
6 April 1999
I think this was a good film. I really liked the part where Mulder urinated on the "Independence Day" poster. LOL! Now when I've mentioned "ID" I have to say that this movie was far greater than that one. While "ID" had the typical shallow action-type story with great shoot'em up sequences this had more depth into it. It was mostly like the standard X-files episodes on TV actually. And the whole mystery with the aliens was summed up in about two minutes in the limousine-shot with Mulder and "The Well-Manicured Man". I have watched every X-files episode on TV and I like it a lot.So I had really high hopes for the movie and in all fairness it was just like an average episode. So, in conclusion. For a normal sci-fi movie it was a great one. For an X-Files story it was an average one.
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Wounded (1997)
A great study of a vengeance in formation!
31 March 1999
Forget about Charles Bronson and Deathwish, this is a film with at least a couple of more levels in the sweet, cold sensation of revenge. This film takes the old saying of: `Revenge is a dish best served cool' and turns it into a very good film. In contrast from the `Deathwish' movies which can be very one-dimensional in its revenge-seeking, this one really makes one understand what Mädchen Amick must feel like. This pleasant but scary journey takes us from the innocent peace-loving girl that she was all the way to the killing machine she becomes in a very deep and colorful way. And it doesn't exactly hurt that her sidekick is, the always great, Graham Greene!

If you're looking for an action-packed movie with a lot of cool camera shots (a la N.Y.P.D Blue) this one is not for you. But if you're looking for a high suspense thriller on an emotional level with a lot of great lines and character development this one will be right up your alley!
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Quite good but slow and a tad depressing
30 March 1999
This film gave the viewer a good chance to watch some different and interesting characters. To sum it up a bit I would say this was a film about how to deal with guilt and how to deal with a loss of a loved one (or loved ones).

But even with the depth in the characters and some fairly good acting skills it was way too slow for my taste and far too long episodes with silence between the lines to be a really good movie. It also gave me a sort of depressing feeling once it was over.

Overall I have to say it was worth the watch if nothing else than for the great depth we get from the characters.
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