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Legends of Tomorrow (2016– )
Bringing the comic book feeling to the screen
19 June 2017
Let's be open about "Legends of Tomorrow": Of course the stories are rubbish, and the acting is (with some exceptions) nowhere near Marvel Netflix quality. But this series has something that Arrow (which tries to be incredibly gritty) and Flash (which tries to be incredibly witty) fail to display: Entertainment value! Legends of Tomorrow is like the playground of the Berlantiverse where you can take underused characters or crazy story ideas and make an episode out of it no matter what happened the week before. This is even more so in the second season where the constant need to antagonize Vandal Savage has gone.

The writers can send their heroes straight through the ages from feudal Japan to the Wild West, from the 80s to the future. There is an overall storyline but that is not what makes this series fun: What makes it fun is the snappy banter of Snart and Rory, the crazy jumping through time trying to save the timeline while having no qualms causing time paradoxes themselves (constantly!) and not giving a damn about making sense. Doesn't sound like a modern TV show? Well that's because it sounds like a classic comic book, existing just to be enjoyed and to have people have fun with it.

Yes, the bogus stories and the crappy acting may turn many people off. But I'll take Legends of Tomorrow over any season of Arrow with its abysmal flashback story lines (and its own crappy acting) anytime.
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The Leftovers (2014– )
A celebration of sadness
8 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Does that make sense? I haven't written a review here for so many years, but this show prompted me to do one. Because it touched me on such an intimate emotional level that I just had to share.

There have been so many shows over the years to make me happy, or angry, some people like their favorite shows to make them scared - but there's hardly ever been a show which has shown the ability to make me so utterly sad. And: It's a good kind of sadness, the one you can revel in and then leave behind because - after all - this IS just a TV show and still, it manages to show you how much you have in real life. And that you have so very much to enjoy it.

"The Leftovers" is about so much more than a mystery disappearance of a huge load of people. It is about the human heart and the feelings that it has to go through. Considering the fantastic finale of Season 1, you really have to wonder if it's a good thing that the show has been renewed for another season cause... hey, Lindelof and friends are not planning to solve the riddle why people have disappeared anyway, so why continue? The first season would do great standing on its own, there's reason to fear that a second season will only water it down.

What is there left to say? Spectacular acting by Justin Theroux and Carrie Coon in particular, superb job as to the musical arrangements (adding to the sadness part is the piano music reminding of "The Virgin Suicides") and a whole lot of good ideas thrown into the story - the Cult (which does seem to make no sense but doesn't every Cult?), the madness, the dogs, some (but not too many) shock effects and so many subtleties to make such a grand mix.

Not a show for everybody. But definitely a show for me. Because of the grand finale: 10 out of 10


Once more about the finale: Showing that there's still hope left in a world of so much sadness made me improve my rating from 9 up to 10 stars. Kevin saving his daughter, Nora finding the baby, Laurie meeting her son - that's just like phoenix from the ashes. Perfect ending to the first season, don't know how to top that... even if there are still many mysteries left.
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Action slugfest without any inspiration
31 January 2007
This was a really disappointing movie. It totally lacked the intricate plot of the first one, substituting it with violent action galore. Not only did the continuing fighting scenes get boring after some time, but they were also relying on cheap shock effects adding nothing to the oh so thin story. It's a shame that the makers did not have the courage to add to the complicated storyline the first movie provided.

There were a whole bunch of question marks left after the film finally ended, but I did not care. One vampire could do this, the other vampire could do that, no consistency at all in what the races were able to perform - as long as the shock effect was guaranteed, any character could do just what came into the mind of the director.

If not for Kate Beckinsale looking great and getting out of her suit in one scene (hot!), this movie would not be worth watching at all. A real letdown after the really well done first movie.
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Wonderful family show from the 80s
12 July 2006
When a divorced woman with three children meets the charming Werner from Vienna, this is the beginning of the most popular family series in Germanys TV history (at least in the last 30 years).

The show mixed new social realities (broken home families) with the old feel-good attitude of the 60s - resulting in a TV series which is timeless in spite of typical 80s furniture and clothes. You can still watch it, not only for nostalgia reasons, but because the new family system gives you the good feeling that every problem can be solved within 45 minutes - and you can be happy in a family even in troubled times like these.

A more than funny supporting cast provides for many laughs. Must see TV for German Generation Xers...
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Sin City (2005)
Splendid adaption - but disturbing brutality
19 August 2005
You can't blame a movie for being close to the original, can you? Having read most of the Sin City comic books just recently, I sometimes thought that some of the most disturbing portrayals of extreme violence and bloodshed should have been left out in the movie. It is something different if you have a black and white panel in a comic book or if you have moving pictures which make the experience much more alive.

Still, apart from the blood and gore criticism, the film is a very exact rendition of what the comics are about. Harldy ever has any form of book been transferred to the big screen in such an unbiased form - certainly due to Frank Miller being the co-director of the movie.

The movie is fast-paced, the characters are strong and the visual adaption of the comic is breath taking. If you close your eyes during some of the most violent scenes, you have a perfect example of a comic book movie here.

Still, I thought that some of the elements left out in the Hardigan storyline were diminishing the personal drama the character is going through. Maybe it would have been better to show these elements - scenes in which Hardigan talks to his wife or is confronted with Senator Roark in court - and to leave out one or two severed limbs instead?
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Silentium (2004)
Splendid black comedy
26 July 2005
I really like Austrian humor. Many Austrian comedians display a certain kind of self irony modern German comedians seem to be incapable of. Georg Hader is one of the best Austrian comedians out there, and his movies are unfortunately hardly famous in Germany, which is a real pity.

Hader mixture of black humor, self irony and the wonderful accent provide splendid entertainment. in "Silentium", he targets the catholic church and the high society of the beautiful city of Salzburg.

While Salzburg is a beautiful panorama for this movie, the most important thing about this film are the characters, who - far from being heroes - try to solve a murder mystery with nothing else but courage and surprising integrity - considering they hardly manage to keep their own lives straight.

A wonderful example of Austrian comedy. Highly recommendable!
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Pathetic excuse for a movie
17 May 2005
I've seen Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown and Pulp Fiction. There was a lot of blood and gore in these movies, but they had a story - something "Kill Bill" is totally lacking.

I was rather appalled to see this movie so many people are mad about - and to see that it's nothing else but a meaningless bunch of fight scenes, full of blood and bad taste.

Has Tarantino finally lost his mind? Violence for the sake of violence? No plot whatsoever? Fight scenes ten minutes long that make Matrix 2 look like Citizen Kane? What has happened that our society embraces a movie like this which has nothing to show but blood and chopped of arms and feet?
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Have you understood anything at all?
27 May 2004
There is a movie in which the (possible) dramatic consequences of Global Warming are displayed.

The message is simple: If we, and that is especially the U.S., keep on destroying our environment, there is the terrible danger that someday, nature will strike back.

In Emmerichs movie, this "strike" is a new Ice Age.

End of message, end of movie.

But: All people here seem to be caring about is how dull the plot was and how insolent it is to bother Americans with such a topic after 9/11.

I really feel for the victims of this tragedy, but the essence of the movie is lost is these complaints. Because if some kind of weather crisis would actually someday be happening, it would be far worse than a hundred 9/11s together.

It is always simple to escape into dream worlds - but the truth remains out there, and it is not about a quarrel between Liberals and Republicans, but about our future. Let's hope Emmerichs vision will never come true. But don't look away from the reality of pollution, wasting our natural resources and Global Warming. That would be an insult to your intelligence...
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Way overrated
8 March 2004
So what's so special about this flick?

Two people meet far away from home and do some exploring of japanese culture. The movie drags on and on and on, it's neither boring nor exciting - it just is. One thing the movie certainly is NOT is thought-provoking. I would go as far as saying that I had forgotten it already the moment I left the theater - yes, I thought a lot more about "X-Men 2" than I did about "Lost in translation"...

Could not make out the splendid direction, could not make out the wonderful screenplay... all I could detect were two excellent actors doing their best while doing nothing special at all.
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Could have been much better - but still is entertaining...
10 June 2003
I saw the original Time Machine movie last when I was a boy, so I hardly remembered the original story which probably was the better way to watch this remake.

Unfortunately somehow the subtitles went awry so I did not get all the subtle elements of the story. Still, I thought the movie was entertaining and some moments were rather breathtaking, especially the time travel scenes themselves - seeing the Ice Age crushing in was really a thrill.

The end of the movie seems hasty and somehow leaves a big question mark. Well, most time travel movies do - but this one does so a little bit more because it ends so suddenly and to be true, the main question asked by the Guy Pearce character is answered - but I did not get it because of Jeremy Irons' mumbling...
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