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Southie (1998)
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FLAT OUT BAD !!, 13 July 2000

I lived in South Boston for 10 Years. I wasn't born there or raised in Southie but I had the perspective of living in the place for a long time and some what assimilating into it's culture. "SOUTHIE" in NO WAY (Until the Back Credit Sequence) captures anything REAL about Southie. The character's are cliched, like bad acting versions of Godfather character's with Shanty hats on. The plot is aimless, little or no narrative structure. Sure, South Boston is controlled (to some extent) by the Irish Mafia. However, Southie was a GREAT place to live because there wasn't hardly any crime and no open "violence" involving elements of those organizations. South Boston is a great place. You have yuppies, people right off the boat from Ireland, Southie Natives, in a nice mix that makes up a genuine atmosphere. This film NEVER captures what being in South Boston really feels like visually (neither did Good Will Hunting.) They portray it as an abyss of dank row houses. It doesn't look like that.

Unforgiven (1992)
The greatest western ever made, 21 February 2000

"UNFORGIVEN" is a masterpiece. From the cinematography, elegant and introspective storyline, to the truth about the nature of brutality, this film is perfection. Eastwood clearly showed his grace in "Play Misty For Me" but his eye to detail, his narrative structure in is this film is something to behold. Fantastic.

The Crossing (2000) (TV)

What can I say but I was blown away. Ironic that it was filmed in Canada. The mood, the narration and especially the acting is superb. Jeff Daniels hits a home run as George Washington. After being disappointed by Gettysburgh, with the exception of Daniel's portrayal of Joshua Chamberlain, THE CROSSING delivered a visceral, realistic and compelling look at our history. Please watch this film.

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FANTASTIC !, 29 December 1999

This film stands alone with 52Pick Up as the best Elmore Leonard adaptations. Clooney and Lopez are paired and emit more sexual energy than any two actors I've seen onscreen in years. The pacing of this picture is offbeat and keeps the viewer constantly interested. The Nudity free sex scene is one of the best ever filmed. Fantastic editing. Soderbergh hit a grand slam with Sex, Lies and Videotape (one of the greatest American films of the late 20th Century, in my opinion). OUT OF SIGHT delivers.

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A Perfect Depiction of an Increasingly prolific lifestyle, 15 December 1999

One could not fully appreciate the brilliance of this film, if you've never been a "temp." Although parallels could be made between the dreary hellish life of a "temporary worker" and being an empty suit hack 9-5 lifelong "permanent employee." "CLOCKWATCHERS" captures the atmosphere and petit torments that accompany "temp" status. The condescending bosses, the pathetic "Supply Clerk" who lives his/her life vicariously through their minute power to hand out office supplies. The distance commorodary that springs up between "temps" caught in the same cyclical nightmare. It's in just such a setting that peoples idiosynchracies come to light and we focus on them, compare ourselves to others and all together feel like sh*t about ourselves. Great acting, great tone. A fantastic effort.

Glory (1989)
The Single Greatest Film about War ever made, 5 October 1999

It's apparent from the very beginning of GLORY that Col. Robert Gould Shaw knows he is going to die. It's as if a higher power is working through him as he sacrifices everything he has ever known to lead a "Holy Battle" and in the process personify, through his actions, the very meaning of the American Civil War. Unlike the sheepish GETTYSBURG.....GLORY shows us the horror of war in realistic terms and we care, desperately for the characters. PURE GENIUS from Ed Zwick. How the same man who made GLORY and ABOUT LAST NIGHT could make nothing but horrible movies afterwards is beyond reason.

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A work of pure unadulterated Genius...Magnificent., 13 May 1999

This movie captures the human condition like no film ever made. I was transfixed by the honesty of the characters as they maneuvered through the landmines of self hatred and deprivation.