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Nothing but a great movie., 7 August 2001

I love this movie. It's one of my favorites. I haven't seen it on video, I've just seen it on tv, but I love it. I love to see the kids when they are younger and how they deal with things, and then I like to see them when they are older. I especially like doughboy(Ice Cube). He puts on a real tough act and leads everything. Ricky is cool as the jock and Tre is good as the student who's actually going somewhere. I know people say this is a powerful and emotional film to watch, especially when you've had friends fall to some of these situations; the movie is mainly good for them. I also think it is good if you live in a neighborhood where absolutely nothing happens. Cars just sit outsde and nobody leaves their houses. Then this movie is good to watch. There is actually activity. I'm not saying it's good to be in danger for your live when you go to the store, but it's cool to see that people hang out together. And then I'm sure there's more here to some people, people who know these situations. But for me, it's cool to watch the different types of people react to the same neighborhood. and lead it and try to get through it. I also like the music. There is one song in particular, when the boys are going to meet the people who confront who have it against Ricky, if you know I mean, and Doughboy goes to make sure they stay the way he wants them, that music in particular I like. Overall I think this is a great movie, and you should see it if you have the time or if it is on tv.

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Let's brig this thing up., 6 August 2001

I have'nt actually seen all of this movie, as unfilmenjoying as it may sound. I have seen parts of it, but not all of it. I have to see it sometime. But I got one thing to say. This is number one all time on this site. Nothing's better. Why can't the best movie around get a ten. I just want somebody to get this ten stars. It's the best, there's none with as many stars as it, and it can't get the most available? Give it a ten.

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This is a great movie, 31 July 2000

This is a great high school movie. I haven't seen a lot of the other ones, like "Sixteen Candles" or "The Breakfast Club," but I have seen this one, and it is doesn't look like it could be matched. It shows just about every class of people in high school in each person. There are the druggies who don't care (Spicoli[Sean Penn]), and the people who are just trying to look for a break in life (B. Hamilton[Judge Reinhold]). There are also some others that are depicted, like all the football superstars (Jefferson[Forrest Whitaker]). Then, it's cool, if you think about it, there is like a male duo that has a female counterpart. You probably don't understand what I'm saying. I'm talking about Mike Damone and Mark Ratner (Robert Romanus and Brian Backer). Mark is looking for a date and has to turn to Mike for help. Mike tries to act cool like he's the expert. Then you have Stacy and Linda in the same position (Jennifer Jason Leigh and Phoebe Cates). Stacy has to go to Linda for help. It's just cool how they set it up. Anyway, This movie depicts all classes of high school life, and many aspects of it as well. I have seen a situation much like the one where spicoli walks in late and says the line was too long at the vending machine. "I just couldn't make it on time." This is movie, unlike a lot of the other strictly-for-laughs comedies, that you would want to sit down with a friend, eat doritos, and enjoy. I just wanted to say that this is a great high school movie. So, if you're in high school and haven't seen it, see it.

Caddyshack (1980)
This movie is funny, 17 July 2000

Let me start by saying that I used to be fensmn16. That name started to be bad, so I got rid of it. Now to the review. This movie is funny. It's a reasonable comedy that gives something to its cast. When looked at with movies like "The Godfather" it is stupid. Incredibly stupid. Of course how many comedies would be anywhere near as high as "The Godfather". But even still. I'm trying to get across the size of the film, which is basically a movie that you might want to watch at three in the morning if you can't get to sleep. Or one about which you might say to a friend, "It's Friday night, we've seen almost everything else, so bring that one over and we'll hang out." It's not a movie you would want to make a big deal about. Chevy Chase is good, Bill Murray is funny and Rodney Dangerfield is alright , being himself by always making remarks. Even with comedies, this one ranks as funny, but as far as good go, this one is a little lower. It does not rank up with movies such as "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" or, in my opinion, "Beverly Hills Ninja." Both of those have comedy (Beverly Hills Ninja is hilarious)and some decent acting. I personally think "Fast Times at Ridgemont High has better acting than "Beverly Hills Ninja," no doubt better than "Caddyshack." But again, you can't expect great acting from a movie of this type. If you go into this movie with that expectation, you will see a good movie. If you expect good acting, Dear God you are going to be dissapointed. Don't go into this movie open minded. Go into it looking for comedy, a movie you can tell your friends about. All I have to say is, I'm not criticizing this movie, I'm just saying this is strictly for laughs. There is no real acting.

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The best high school show, 5 January 2000

Theyve got to run more episodes of this show now that im getting in to high school. This is a true show with real characters and real plots. see this show if your in high school, you can relate to it. and it is funny as hek.

anyone who read my last review read on, 24 November 1999

My last review was too professional. I tried to make it sound the a true reviewer was writing it. To review this movie well, you can't do that. You have to use conversation talk. This movie is probably one of the best movies I have ever seen. I have seen it tons of times, but I don't remember those times because I was little. Which is the age that most people watch it at because it has the most impact then. I'm sure I would look at it now as a teenager in more critical terms, like a reviewer. But i would still love it. That is not saying that this movie is only good for little kids. Any age would love it. The singing is excellent, probably the best singing I've ever heard. People are critical of Dick Van Dyke's accent in this movie. They say it takes away from the goodness of the omvie. Being an American, I'm sure it is only normal to say that I see no way that this keeps from the fun of this movie. In fact, it sounded so funny and cool when i watched it that I used to want to laugh, and I used to really like Bert for it. It seemed like he was trying to get to the kids watching it and get them to have fun, which i did. Now, for the English, I can't say what they think. After all, I don't have their accent, so I have no reason to be offended by it. I just think it's a fun twist to the movie. I agree that the chimney sweep dance was spectacular. It was great how they made the effect of the closest chimney seeps visible and detailed, and the farther ones kind of added a 3-D effect, with depth to the movements. I always thought it as also cool how they all slide down the chimney into the Bank's living room. The one thing I don't understand is not about the quality of the movie. No,that is unquestinoably magnificent. My misunderstanding is about how this movie missed the top 250 list. I mean, everyone loved it. Everyone owns it, if they don't they tape it. Everyone loves it. So how could it not make the to 250. You have other far-less revered moies on the list like "The Shining" and "Shakespeare in Love." Ok, I admit I know people who said the second was great, and I like the first, but neither are as talked about or as respected and enjoyed as this movie. I don't know, maybe in 20 years these movies will have more respect than "Mary Poppins," but for now much more age ranges and just a higher percentage love "Mary Poppins." People talk about how they've gotten it for their kids, and they've seen it many times. But it isn't on the top 250 list. I don't understand. OH, and for those of you who are saying "well then why don't you vote, mart guy," I just did. I gave it a 10. Maybe that will have some effect. For now, I hope some of those lovers will vote and put this on the list. The bottom line is this movie is great. It has all the elemenst of an excellent movie, and I'm sure glad they did bother to give this four stars. It deserves each of the those stars, and anything less would be unacceptable. See this movie if you haven;t. If you have, continue to enjoy it. I highly recommend it.

Halloween (1978)
Horror at its undefeatable best, 13 November 1999

When I say "undefeatable best" I am referring to the whole genre of horror movies like this. I am talking about the creepy, stay-with-you-and-scare-you-in-the-dark slasher genre. This is the type that makes you afraid of the dark, and scares all hell into you. Halloween is the best example of this, and therefore, in my opinion, the horror movie ever. Sure, "The Shining", "The Exorcist"(which was VERY scary), and other horror movies of this type and caliber take their toll, but no horror movie scares you and stays with you like "Halloween". The thing is, I only saw it on TV, so it must be even better on video. But when i saw it on TV, for the first time, I was having a sleep over with my friend. He had already gone to sleep, and we were about to go to bed, so the lights were out. Only when I was in bed did I find "Halloween" on TV. And it was scary when i flipped it on, so I didn't want to get up to turn the lights on. The scenes with Michael Myers are just creepy. I know that you're all familiar with the white stalker mask that he wore, so I know i'm not giving anything away when I say that in the dark those scenes send chills through your body. And the chills vary in size according to the scariness of the scene. if you don't get what i mean, see the movie and you will. I know I reviewed the Shining and probably a couple other horror movies. the reason this review is better and more convincing is that the movie is better. It's scarier, the music is more frightening, and the acting shows that bad things can always happen. The scary part is you never know when. Jamie Lee Curtis is excellent as Laurie Strode. She creates the eerie atmosphere, and Nancy Kyes and P.J. Soles create the "nothing is wrong" atmosphere that a good horror movie needs. The other thing that I found amazing and delighted me about this movie was that it has the scenes I worry about having in a nightmare. A wierd nightmare. That scares the hek out of me when I think about it at night. Which is what the movie does. I won't say anything more because to enjoy this movie to the caliber I'm talking about you have to have no idea. if you haven't seen this movie, and you like horror movies, for your sake and all horror movie fans, see it. If you like creepy horror movies with just the amount of violence to keep it good, you will love this movie. See it soon.

Kickboxer (1989)
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It's just Bloodsport again, 6 November 1999

Bloodsport, Lionheart, Kickboxer; they're all the same thing. The only difference is that in this one, Van Damme's fighting for his brother. Actually, it's the same as Bloodsport; he fights for his friend. Bloodsport is the best out of all of them, so see this first, then see Lionheart and the see Kickboxer. This isn't that bad, it's just the same thing as the other ones. This and Lionheart are follow-ups to show how good Van Damme is at martial arts. This is the same thing as the other movies, but see it anyway.

A very good horror movie but that is not a good adaption of the book., 24 September 1999

This movie is one in which i would recommend that you see the movie first. The producers took so much out of the book o make it into movie that you go into the book with some background if you see the movie first. You never hear about many things in th movie, and those are big parts in th book. But for a horror movie, I would say that this is good. The music is played out very well and fits into the movie even better. The way the music plays ino the scenes is seriously awesome, making it scarier. The scary scenes are good too. I'd recommend this for a horror movie fan.

A classic. Period., 17 September 1999

I know that the fact that I'm writing this review is contradictory to my summary, because it says that the movie is a classic. Period. But if you've seen the movie, I'm sure you'll agree with me that that is just not enough to say about the one-and-only, unremakable, funny, just-for-fun and, like I said before, classic, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." This is a high school movie with girls and dating and referances to nudity and many curses, but just in case you're wondering, it's far from the 1982 classic "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." There are no drugs and nothing really along the lines of sex like in that movie. This is also a classic, but it deals with a totally different aspect of high school. The point of the movie, the main plot, whatever, is ditching school. It is about how the very cool, slick, popular Ferris Beuller makes a hobby (technically, not literally) out of ditching. To add to the funniness, the producers add in Ferris's best friend Cameron Fry, played by Alan Ruck. Cameron's parents run their household "like a museum. It's cold, very beautiful, and you're not allowed to touch anything."-Ferris Beuller. It's funny how slick Ferris tries to manage and convince Cameron, who is very law abident, into ditching with him. The ultimate is when Ferris insists on taking Cameron's father's Ferrari out to Chicago. Wait to see what happens there. Another funny part, probably the funniest of the funny parts and the real plot of the movie, is how Ed Rooney tries to nail Ferris for ditching, and how he fails at everything he tries to do. If you are in high school, or even in middle school, you are sure to love this movie. If you haven't seen it, make sure you do.

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