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Undertow (1930)
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Universal antique, 5 June 1999

Very dated film. Overacted to the point of absurd. Story is OK but presentation is sloppy. Direction is only fair. This one should be forgotten.

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OK Universal drama, 5 June 1999

This one was popular in 1931. The tribute to Knute Rockne was a nice touch. But today, it is just a standard football drama. J. Farrell MacDonald is excellent as the coach. For old-time movie buffs, it is an OK film to watch.

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The first sound werewolf movie, 19 May 1999

Talk about a film that fans either hate or love. My opinion is that it was the first to tackle this kind of horror story and, as such, is fairly well done. Oland is excellent. Hull is OK in spots but reportedly hated this role and did not give his all. Production is very good. Hajos composed his finest score for this film. There are some long stretches of uninteresting dialogue and situations here, the fight between Hull and Matthews is sloppily handled, and the comedy relief is just not very funny. But the first attack, the sequence where Hull prays for help, and the finale (with some wonderful Hajos music playing in the background) all are memorable. So it is a mixed bag but worth a look for old-time horror fans.

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Action-packed Warner Bros hokum, 17 May 1999

This is probably the silliest WW2 film made during the war. But if you dismiss that fact, you find yourself enjoying a well-made piece of Hollywood escapism. Everyone in the cast seems to enjoy themselves. Walsh's direction is good and Max Steiner provides a really exciting and stirring score. So who's quibbling?

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Lugosi silliness, 16 May 1999

A lot of kids remember this serial from 1950s television broadcasts. But it is simply one of the silliest of Universal's serials. You do enjoy Lugosi hamming it up. But it is really just too much. OK for laughs.

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Magnificent movie, 16 May 1999

This film is generally forgotten because the only star in it that is remembered today is Edward G. Robinson. While he gives an outstanding performance, it is the entire cast who should receive accolades. Dieterle's direction, the photography, a truly excellent script and Steiner's music are all part of a near-perfect biography. Most highly recommended!

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The very best MGM musical, 11 May 1999

What can one say about this film? Absolutely delightful! And how many times have YOU seen it? Even in these R-rated movie times, people will still look at this one and enjoy its many wonders. A lot of work went into it. It is an American movie treasure!

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Universal's best horror from the 1930s, 11 May 1999

One of my fondest memories as a boy was watching this film with my brothers and cousins on a rainy Saturday night on WOR. I think this movie deserves all the praise it has achieved over the years. Karloff was absolutely tremendous, Thesiger and Lanchester created the roles of their lives, and James Whale's direction was flawless. Franz Waxman created THE best Universal music score of the 1930s for this bonafide classic. So I guess I like this movie.

Jezebel (1938)
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Davis at her best, 8 May 1999

OK. So the plot and dialogue are wobbly today. And it may not be politically correct. But watch this one for a magnificent performance from Bette Davis. Add one of Max Steiner's most effective scores and you have a winner from 1938.

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The very best Frankenstein movie, 26 April 1999

As a kid, I could not wait to see this film run on television. There was always something new to enjoy with each viewing. Recently had a chance to screen these Universal horror classics for some children (ages 5 to 9 years old). This was their favorite! Marvelous photography, exquisite performances (especially Karloff and Thesiger), and top-notch direction by the now very famous James Whale. Add to this one of the most revered musical scores ever committed to a film by the maestro Franz Waxman. It is truly a film classic!

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