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Laundry (2002)
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Sweet movie, 7 June 2003

This is a ove romance of the two protagonists, Mizue and Teru. Mizue can not help shoplifting after being broken up with her BF, which is her trauma. Teru, meanwhile, is innocent and slow at talking because of getting injured in childhood. He has pure soul and eyes and believes Mizue. Teru works for a coin laundry and gives Mizue her clothes she has left. They start getting to know. Even after Mizue leaves Tokyo, Teru goes to see her to hand her what she has left again. They find they need each other as they talk. With Sally, they start growng up doves and set them free as business in the celemony... Sally, a mysterious man with sunglass suddenly leaves them everything he has got and disappears. One day Mizue is caught shoplifting and sentensed to serve in the prison for 1 year, which upsets and confuses Teru.....

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Good movie, 28 October 2002

This is a good movie. It will cause you both sadness and laughter as it keeps you wondering about being gay and being friends with them. Sometimes parents ask their children when they want to get married without knowing they are gay at all, which is a very usual problem gay people face. Meanhwile, you might not notice this problem if you are not gay or a friend of gay people. This movie, just like a mirror, gives the audience a chance to look back at their biased attitide to gay people and culture.

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This is very entertaining!, 27 July 2002

This movie is very entertaining. Thai movies are not as familiar as American movies in Japan, but I enjoyed this one. Thai society has a huge number of gay people while it still holds bias about them. This movie has successfully changed the attitude to gay people in Thailand. Now people are less likely to discriminate gay people than before. This is what I have heard from my Thai friends. If you are biased about gay people, you should take time to watch this movie. If you are not, you should watch it. It is still worth watching.

This movie not only has some serious comments by gay people but also includes funny scenes. You can laugh and enjoy while you learn about gay culture in Thailand. At last, please do not forget that this movie is based on Amazing truth!

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This movie is worth watching..., 17 December 2001

I watched this movie in the movie festival in Osaka and I talked to Vincent Lecoeur. I am happy about his performance. He is a good actor to play the role as Manu. He is well talented, evidently. His role is totally different from that in the former movies. He is not really famous in Japan right now, but I want to see how he will turn out in the next work.

The Body (2001)
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This is far from excellent., 26 October 2001

I regreted I'd watched this movie as soon as I finished watching it. I wasted my money and time. This movie is just sickening.

Antonio is one of my favorite actors and I usually like this kind of movies. But this one is no exciting nor horrifying. Very boring. Maybe I didn't enjoy following the plot more correctly saying.

Though I usually tell my friends about good movies I've seen, I know I won't recommend this one to them. No excellence is found in this movie.

Magnolia (1999)
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Great movie, 26 August 2001

This movie deserves to be called a masterpiece. I was impressed to see the stories of each main character turn out to be connected at last. Plots are excellent. Casting was perfect. Everyone in the movie did an amazing performance. I am totally satisfied. Introduction is very effective. I mean the past examples of coincidence introduced at the beginning of the movie. Good introduction is capable of attracting audience to the movie. This movie is blessed with it.

Though this movie is 3-hour long, it kept me thrilled and concentrated. I never ever felt bored, which is very important. This movie is worth watching over and over. You have to tell your friends about it.

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Just impressive., 8 August 2001

This is such an excellent movie. It's worth calling a masterpiece. I just want to tell everyone I know about it! Gerard Philippe is amazingly handsome. To lots of people, he might look not only handsome but also smart, sophiscated and sexy and he is as a matter of a fact. Plots, performance, direction, casting, music and background. These essences of movies are just outstanding. Told by my friends that he was an amazing actor, I understood that they were right after watching this movie. I felt deeply satisfied by the quality just like I had wonderful meals in the 3-star restaurant.

If you want to explore French movies, I will recommend you this one.

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This movie is amazing., 8 August 2001

I like this movie. Tom Cruise is an amazing actor and he's good in it, though he looks sexier in the previous. Anthony Hopkins is more attractive than Tom Cruise in a way. I was impressed by the intelligence The British English he spoke. He just sounds like such a sophiscated person.(Actually he is) Not all British people are able of it apparently. Are you? Are people going to make the next one? If they are, I'd be glad to watch it. I can't help it. Every major essence of this movie is so amazing.

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I am depressed at the last scene., 8 August 2001

I was so depressed at the last scene while I was so excited to see what kind of movie it would be. Ok, I like Mark Wahlberg. He is one of my favorite actors. I admit it. Besides I still impressed by CG in this movie. CG is totally impressive.

This movie, however, does not have the satisfactory climax and the unexpected last scene. It's just depressing. I almost shouted "What's that!?" There's nothing worse than the last scene of this movie.

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This is what I call funny, 4 November 2000

This movie is exactly what I call funny. I like the plot, the music and the protagonists. I guess everyone is the best in this movie. I also like the ending, which is very funny and ironic. Now I feel like recommending this movie to my friends.

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