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I loved it, I hated it, 16 December 2005

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I was looking forward to this film for the past year. I wasn't TOO disappointed. A lot of this film was great! I got a little tired of some of the "human" story lines. They were drawn out and frankly, the new "mutants" that make up the defense force act more like Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. That got old fast. Fantastic seeing some of the big G's enemies updated. Terrible amount of fun to see the REAL Godzilla make short work of that U.S. wannabe! This was a film for the fans plain and simple. So if your a fan, sit down with some popcorn, your favorite beverage and if you can, some friends, and have fun! If nothing else this film was fun!!!

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The new age of movies has begun.., 4 October 2004

I completely enjoyed this film! Is it the best movie ever made? No of course not. I'm sure that given enough time and space any number of mistakes and plot holes could be uncovered and discussed. However, Just being well done is not always an indication of how much I enjoy a film. This was a fun ride to say the least. Far-fetched, implausible, and just plain unbelievable, but just damn fun! The process used to make this film will certainly be used again.(Computer generated environments with only actors and props being real) Its as if a creators imagination has been tapped into and perfectly copied for all to see. Only a few films or TV shows have ever truly captured me and made me want more when they where over. This was one of those films! Even after 2 hours and the last scene ends and the screen goes black I sat and waited for part 2! I could watch this movie over and over.

Blade II (2002)
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Maybe i am becoming to cynical and critical..., 29 August 2002

I am afraid this film pales in comparison to the first Blade.

The first film wasnt no masterpiece but the action seemed

genuine and the villain fresh. The use of CGI in Blade 2 was

extremely noticable in the fight scenes. Far from flawless. The

fighters always seemed to loose a little weight when they were

flying threw the air. Vampires just dont seem very scary here. They are just a bunch of

people into heavy metal and goth. I dont know, maybe its me. I just felt like I had seen this movie

before. Maybe they should of taken a lesson from Mortal Kombat. The first

film was no Award winner but it absolutely rocked! The second film

was boring and overladened with poor special effects. Will Hollywood never learn?

Disappointing, 31 July 2002

I was very disappointed with this film. Paul Anderson has directed

some great films. I loved Mortal Combat. Thought Event Horizon

was a fantastic film ,(except the ending. I hate it when the explain

everything, better to let the audience come to there own

conclusions.) and was thrilled with Soldier. All of these film I beg

you to watch! This one however, ..second to all of the above. I dont

really blame Anderson. I think the material he had to work with is a

bit dull. Flesh eating zombies was a cool idea ONCE. Continually

hitting that dead horse(no pun intended) has become very boring

for the viewers. Anderson managed to get all you can from

Jovovich. The other actors fell under the old Star Trek philosophy,

(If you aint seen 'em before, there going to die, has anyone else

EVER seen these people in ANYTHING?) so I guess flushing out

there characters would of been a waste of time. All and all Resident Evil was just a 90 minute lead in to the sequel. I've got my fingers crossed that Anderson can write and direct

himself out of this corner and provide his fans with a reason to see

his next non-Resident Evil film.

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One of the Hammer classics (sort of), 31 May 2002

The British Hammer Films put out film after film after film over the course of about 20 or so years. Hammer became easily connected with cheap Horror. Amongst hundreds of films some stand out as being classics (if only when compared within the Hammer collection) This one is not bad. If you excuse the fact that it was made in Britain in the 80s which amazingly looks like America in the 70s. The story itself is fairly well paced. The acting is good. I did think the ending could of used a little work. A question I asked myself after it was over, and its a question that you really wont understand unless you see it, was "What happened to the dog?" You can find this gem on the DVD collection of Hammer classics. (copy and paste link)>2-1/ref=sr_2_1/104-5069885-1464715

I wanted to hate it.., 11 March 2002

I really wanted to hate hate this film. I am a huge fan of the George Pal version and I usually hate remake's of what I consider to be classic films.

However.. I was kinda surprised. I LIKED most of this film. It was a genuine attempt at an update and almost pulled it off. The characters could of used a bit more flushing out. Philby was such an important friend in the original film and you could tell. This one sort of falls short. The Morlocks were visually fantastic. Much better than the original. Originals looked like big ugly smurf's. A very good film that could of gone to the original again as far as an ending goes. I wish I could go into more detail but I really can't without spoiling several plot points and ruining a few surprises. Still, a mostly good film that I would recommend

I think I am in a minority., 20 February 2002

Before I begin let me just say that I did like this movie. However..I did not think it was worth all the high marks that it has been getting, this site not excluded. Visually it was stunning but one can only take so many stunning vistas and panoramic landscapes. The special effect were impressive (although by 2002 standards they may only be considered normal.) Casting was good. Ian Mckellen was the only person who could pull off Gandalf.

You will love it if you see it. But I think time will not be kind and many will watch it again or spend oodles of money to own a copy or two and be disappointed after repeated viewing.

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I was a big fan of the original so I watched this just to see., 2 July 1999

On a whim I decided to watch this since I was a big fan of the original series and I really enjoyed the two movies. I really enjoy this new incarnation. There will never be a better cast than John Astin and the lot but this new crew is wonderful for a TV version. The humor is very similar to the original and of course the nifty sets and special effects are less than the movies provided but the writing, which is fairly witty and sharp, more than makes up for any of this. Compared to the recent overdose of poor remakes (anyone see the Munsters Today?) This program ranks well above the rest.

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If only it could be me., 3 June 1999

1960's "The Time Machine" is, and has been since I first saw it, my favorite film! Taylor's portrayal of the time traveler is a character I have always been able to identify with. The thrill of seeing the world we live on past and present as it really happens would be intoxicating! If this film was redone today, yes the special effect would be impressive and the sets more believable, but the spirit and the acting that exist in this film would be lost. It will grab hold of you from the first moment and you will not forget this film for rest of your life.

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A touching finale to a great series.., 20 April 1999

So long as you don't read the back of the video slipsleeve you will be in for more surprises than you could ever hope for! (The slipsleeve synopsis gives them all away.) It Certainly had the feeling that it was made more for the creators and diehard fans than anyone else. If however you are one of these two then a fantastic journey awaits. I will warn you however, it almost made me cry.

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