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Aliens (1986)
The best out of the legacy, 9 July 2000

Now I might be slightly bias seeing as I saw this movie before the rest, but it is still the best one. The Action, Comedy, Monsters, One Liners, Characters and Tension are all packed together to make this a very unforgettable movie. "Aliens (1986)" the superior sequel to the 1979 block buster "Alien" still holds a kind of original but improved cast, although Sigourney Weaver is the only original character from the first. Ellen Ripley is woken from her Cryogenic sleep 57 years after she survived "Alien". But now she is with a whole new group of marines on board the Main Ship the "Sulaco". Included in the group are Michael Biehn as Corporal Dwayne Hicks, Bill Paxton as Private Hudson, Janette Goldstein as the female version of Rambo, Private J. Vasquez, and Lance Henriksen as the new Android, L.Bishop, plus a whole load more of Lambs that are led to the slaughter. A very nasty character, Carter J. Burke, played by Paul Reiser, convinces Ripley to accompany the marines back onto LV-426 to destroy the aliens, although this is not his real intention. The full extent of his Evil doings is revealed after his failed attempt to let Ripley and Rebecca "Newt" Jordan played by Carrie Henn, be impregnated by the face huggers. He sent the 158 civilians of "Hadleys Hope" into LV-426 to be wiped out by the Aliens, only Newt survived, doing so by hiding in the vent shafts that are too small to allow alien access.

It is only a matter of time before the aliens reach the few remaining marines, and its a case of once again hunt or be the hunted. There are some classic quotes, that usually come in the midst of the action, as Venquez and Gorman run out of ammo in the vents with aliens running at them in all directions she calmly lets him know "You always were an A**hole Gorman!" then Kaboom, their Last grenade wipes them out along with a few aliens.

The final showdown between Ripley and the Queen Alien doesn't fail to please, as she gets into the yellow thing, I can't remember what its called, she yells to the Alien who is attempting to get Newt, "Get away from her, You Bitch!!"

A remarkable movie, I give this a 9 out of 10.

K-9 (1989)
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The funniest Cop/Dog comedy yet, 9 July 2000

James Belushi is the cop, Dewley, who seems to have spent most of his time chasing after the same guy, the drug lord Lyman played Kevin Tighe. And is then finally forced to get a partner in the shape of Jerry Lee the German Shepard dog. They have a very comedic relationship quite like that of Turner and Hooch.

Things take a dangerous turn for Dewley and Jerry Lee when Dewley's girlfriend Tracey, played by Mel Harris, is taken hostage by Lyman. A tragic outcome that turns out great in the end, and even Jerry Lee gets to have a girlfriend.

Great acting by James Belushi, Mel Harris and Jerry Lee. A score of 7 out of 10.

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Did you marry Mrs X?, 6 July 2000

Mike Myers gives Waynes World a rest and delivers what I think is a better movie.... well better than Waynes World 2 anyway. It is a truly great movie with Mike playing a duel role, firstly as Charlie MacKenzie a young guy who is scared of commitment to women, then his dad Stuart MacKenzie a very funny Scotsman who could take the lead role in X Files with his ideas on Conspiracy. Nancy Travis stars as a butcher... Harriet, who ends up with Charlie..... A great movie that is very funny in the pre Austin Powers age, a 7 out of 10.

Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, 6 November 1999

The Terminator was and still is a one of the greatest Sci-Fi movies ever made, everything about it is wonderfully put together by James Cameron.His greatest movie apart from maybe T2, but he should be very proud of this movie because it is a movie for all ages, well most of it is. Arnie of course plays the almost unstoppable cyborg, who has a mission that is simply to kill the mother of the man who has caused humans to fight back against the cyborgs in the future. Linda Hamilton is the "Mother of the Future" who is being stalked by Mr. Terminator, but she gets help from a soldier sent back from the future by her son, Kyle Reese played by Michael Biehn. A great movie over all and they didn't make a mistake by making a sequel....strange!!. An 8 and a half out of 10.

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I waited 4 years to watch this......, 23 October 1999

OK This was the last Halloween movie out of the series that I watched, basically because I couldn't find it anywhere, but then I got a copy and watched it....... Whoa.... This is very much like a Friday the 13th movie with teens partying and then getting slaughtered, and the mask , what's wrong with that huh?, it looks more like LeatherFace mask than Michael Myers mask, and the crazy music when the two cops were first introduced was exactly like something out of the Lame Friday the 13th movies. Right now, I liked this movie a lot, Michael Has obviously survived the events at the end of Halloween 4, and lies dormant for a year then he awakes and hell breaks loose on Haddonfield once more...... He started of killing a guy who looked after him for a year then he Killed the Major character from Halloween 4, Rachel. But he does not have the complete upper hand his niece Jamie now has a telepathic connection with him and can tell what he's going to do next, then there is Dr. Loomis who is a complete maniac in this movie intent on killing Michael once and for all. The part that I liked the most was where Jamie and Michael bond !!! She talks to him and asks to look at him without his mask and she tells him that they are the same, and the poor guy cries, but then Jamie falls over and Michael gets stressed out....... The ending was what I would expect from the greatest Horror series of all time. I give this movie an 8 out of 10. The Jamie/Michael scene should of been longer!!

Jason takes Manhattan, 20 October 1999

Jason Voorhees is back once again in this lame movie, and this time he can morph, while chasing two teens through the sewers he appears in front of them.... magic. Kane Hodder is back as Jason and is great, cool deaths but the most stupid scene in this movie is the boxing between the champion teen guy and Jason Voorhees, without trying he punches his head off, clean cut!!!! I give this crazy movie a 5 out of 10.

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what a movie!!!!, 6 October 1999

Mark Paul-Gosselaar shows that he is capable of starring in decent movies after Saved by the Bell. Cooper and Josh are failing college and find out that in order to get an automatic "A" they have to have a room mate kill themselves. So they look for a room mate that has suicidal tendencies and take them in. Their plans go wrong and look to be getting an "F", when a clever idea comes into plan. A great comedy and in many aspects is similar to Dead Mans Curve (1998), but this is better .... by far. A great comedy I give it an 8 out of 10.

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The most kills in the series, 6 October 1999

Jason Voorhees is back..... and he is mad this time, not only is this the return of the hockey mask wearing maniac but it is the only movie in the Friday the 13th series in which Jason`s victim list nearly reaches the big 20. The story is pretty weak though but the killing scenes are pretty cool and some are elaborate. Not the best sequel but not the worst, I give it a 6 out of 10.

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More of the night he came home, 4 October 1999

Michael Myers is back, and he still is trying to kill his sister so he can complete his mission and go home for dinner. He is back and follows Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis)to a Hospital where he gets rid of doctors with great elaborate deaths. A fiery ending that looked like the end of Michael Myers and Loomis. A 6 out of 10.

He's Back........, 4 October 1999

The best thing they did was to bring back Michael Myers..... Halloween just isn't Halloween without Michael. So he is back and so is Loomis, but Laurie is dead, but she had a daughter, Jamie Strode. This movie is perfect, a great story line and best of all Michael is Back...... An 8 out of 10.

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