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Diesel is fantastic in this, 19 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have not been the biggest Vin Diesel fan, because well, his movies are more action oriented than what I prefer. But, I wanted to see this because it was a based on a real story and from the scenes, it was Diesel's voice, but not exactly him.

WOW! Diesel is a great actor! I wish more producers and directors will consider this when they are seeking a strong leading man, who conveys such an image. Diesel proved he is not all brawn, but an actor that will receive an Academy Award for a Dramatic performance.

There was a time when people didn't think much of my favorite actors Philip Seymour Hoffman, but I said that he should be a leading man - and look at what he's done! Vin Diesel is along the same lines with this performance. I have seen him in all his comedies and his timing is great. He was so believable as the leading character, that I cried.

Mr. Diesel, this is a ground breaker for you. Use it to gain more dramatic roles because you have a lot to offer!!

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Don't think, 29 April 2005

This is the first movie I've ever walked out on in quite awhile - actually, ever! If you don't think, and want to see some stupid non-human tricks, go see it. But really, don't waste your money.

Having never read a "Hitchhiker's" guide, I thought "Well, this should be interesting..." Bah, humbug! The most likable character is the Android - as depressed as he was. In watching this movie, I was as depressed as the Android -- and got worse and worse, eventually leaving. If you enjoy mindless, blundering fools, hey, have a great time and enjoy. Me, I prefer the Three Stooges, or Abbott & Costello. Mos Def is a fine actor, gave an okay performance, but what a lot to sit through.

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Intertwining death and life, 2 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This started out very bleak... and slow... but once the women leave the room, things start moving and the gist of what appears to be life and how they live it hits you in the head.

It's very intellectually done - the grief, lads learning about their sexuality and the curiosity seekers. I was worried that the older lady (Law) would be a menace to her daughter (Thompson), since the younger was dealing with the grief of her husband. She wasn't really. The overall curiosity of death was prevalent, with the older ladies who attended funeral after funeral. Some people deal with death different. I found that very interesting. The boys were such boys - and I'm glad the characters met eventually. It's also well life moved on for the widow.

It had a very film noir feel to it. This is not a huge box office show, but somehow I get the feeling everyone can get something from it, no matter the person. It's endearing and a real film about real life. Rickman did a good job for a first time director. I wish he would do more because he has a rich life to tell.

Great movie, great for the older kids and parents.

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Drama, drama, drama...., 6 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I loved this movie!! It reminded me of the movies I loved as a kid - with story and great acting (yes, kids, some people actually did create different story lines themselves, without re making old flicks with new actors).

Spoiler: the part which the critics proclaimed "euthanasia" is bull. There was a fantastic line in Groundhog Day, where the nurse tells Phil (Murray) 'some people just die'. Critics need to fill their propaganda files somehow, and by using a movie for their trite talk shows is unsavory. This is a movie about high end drama, with great acting by Swank, Freeman and Eastwood. Thank you Mr. Eastwood!! You are a true Hollywood creator and icon.

Judas Kiss (1998)
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Kiss this goodbye, 19 January 2005

This has got to be one of the stupidest, inane, inept movie I've seen in a long time. The best cast is the supporting actors - Rickman, Holbrook, Lee Browne, and even Thompson. The writing was as bad as Bellows and Baker together as the lamest acting job.

The only reason to see this, and why I saw it, was Rickman. He was pliable as a detective - but if he had better lines, it would have been an actual treat. I have to admit, for once in my life I couldn't stand Thompson -- she is a top notch actor, but this one was way out in left field for her and her friend Rickman. I hope they got a decent wage for doing this crappy movie.

Rasputin (1996) (TV)
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Not mad, not magical, nor maniacal....Magnificent!, 5 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was by far one of Alan Rickman's greatest performances in my opinion. Why you wonder -- because for a majority of the movie, I believed he really was a healer, a man of God. Actually, I think he was a messenger in a strange way - he did heal miraculously.

***SPOILER PART*** People say it's not that accurate, but so what? We watch movies mostly for entertainment, and the characters were very entertaining. Rickman sang, danced, healed, made love, and even showed his manhood (okay, leave that to my imagination) - Rasputin was supposed to be very big anyway, at least by a foot. When Rickman was pulling down his pants, I was waiting enraptured by his exhibitionism. I was mesmerized by his character, forgetting about the Nicholas and Alexandra for a moment. Alexei was a great little actor. Scacchi was okay, but could have been better. I had to bear in mind Sir Ian MacKellan was younger - yikes! David Warner was pretty decent as the not so God loving doctor.

All in all, this is a great movie with great talent, and highly entertaining and factual in many ways. If you love Alan Rickman, watch it and expect to see him at one of his greatest!!

How to watch a movie and love it!, 28 December 2004

I did not expect a lot from this movie, since it was in the budget section. Kenneth Branagh, a truly remarkable actor, was perfectly cast as the writer, playwright and not so wanting to be a father to be.

Branagh had me laughing and crying.... Amy was a great character for a child, and a great little actress. As annoying as she could have been, she wasn't, but rather endearing in the life of her two neighbors. Krumholtz was annoying, the only one.

This is a movie that I would recommend to fans of Branagh as a gem! He was great (and buffed) in Frankenstein, and more curmudgeonly in this one - as "Pete" told him. Nevertheless, he came across as the real deal and made me wonder why he doesn't have kids yet!! Why not Kenneth? You'd be a great father. Is he a mirror of his character?

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The meaning of Christmas... well, somewhat., 11 December 2004

This was a great movie to see for the Christmas season. Allen gives another great performance as Mr. Crank. I think Allen is a Christmas man, always fun in movies that depict holidays. Curtis is fine as his wife, but the scene stealer was Austin Pendleton.

Having missed Pendleton these past years, I'm seeing him more and more! Always a talented supporting actor, he appears in this as someone who no one knew. Not wanting to give anything away, all I'll say is that the supporting actors help this film and provide a movie that makes one think about the materialness of what Christmas has become. I applaud all involved for this future classic.

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Something greatly cast, 8 June 2004

This was one of the better movies I've seen on HBO. The characters were brought out to make us see them as who they were, not as just people on the screen.

Alan Rickman is by far one of the best actors in England AND Hollywood. He brought such depth to the Doctor Blalock's character that I believed he WAS the doc. Mos Def surprised me in this role, as he was truly genuine as well. From the beginning scene to the end this movie was captivating, and brought tears to my eyes.

Rickman astounds me all the time in his acting. We've seen him in various roles, and in each one he becomes that character. His presence commands a role well scripted and directed. Unfortunately, not all writers/directors can meet that challenge - in this movie, it was met. Rickman deserves a Best Actor nominee and award for this portrayal.

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Not wild about Harry, 4 June 2004

Harry Potter is a sequence of stories beginning with Harry as a child, and then growing up. Nevertheless, it is a kids story, and this film lacks that kid element - unless we have demented kids running around.

This particular story, The Prisoner of Azkaban, sets up Potter's mid-kid crisis so to say. He finds a friend of the family, but realises his own magical strength as a wizard. It's one of the most important stories in the series, but this film depicts a real dark side which I would never allow my kids to see. Columbus did a great job in the first two movies, endearing us to characters such as Weasley, Malfoy, Granger, Dumbledore, Snape, et al. This director's version made it all about Potter. One character can be a movie, but with the talented experienced theatrical actors such as Smith, Gambon, Rickman, and Thompson - they went to waste! Potter's father, if you read the books, was a slime bag - an arrogant man with an ego bigger than Aunt Marge. Sirius Black was his partner in crime, so birds of a feather flock together.

Albeit it's a good series of reading, the movies need to bring some compassion of the characters, which the first two did. It'll be interesting to see how the next director does with Goblet of Fire.

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