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a cartoon come to life, 27 April 1999

"Darktown strutters" uses the most elaborate, colorful, and huge props and sets like the interior of the "pot-sicle" freezer complete with an igloo. The costumes are some of the most outlandish in the blaxploitation genre. The biker women wear rhinestoned pink and bright yellow jumpsuits and feather head dresses. The comedy is very basic slapstick which relies a lot on the props and action (like kung-fu moves, pies in the face and other uninteresting activities) rather than interesting dialogue or inventive action. Its overall "weirdness" was so obviously trying to be weird that it became sort of routine.

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"Might have been the free and easy laughter in the air...", 20 April 1999

It's a travelogue/sex-comedy with great photography of Rio, funny jokes and a pleasing early eighties feel. All the typical aspects of life in Brazil are shown like Carnival, native gods/religion, topless sunbathers, street dancers, the monolith dome with Jesus on top etc. There are a lot of funny lines that will keep you entertained and Michael Caine delivers them well. The soundtrack has a lot of bossa nova strains (composed by Ken Wannberg) and adds to the sexy, lighthearted mood.

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tame Italian sex comedy, 15 April 1999

The movie opens with a trip out, psycho 70s scene inside a dance/live sex club. This lasts a few minutes, the best in the movie, and then it changes over to a fairly tame Italian sex comedy. "Billy" has come to the Middle East to visit with "Andrea". From the minute he starts talking to the end of the film, he is constantly complaining about every little thing, about his impounded auto, the fact that women won't have sex with him, etc. Literally every bit of dialogue is full of his bitching. All of his "conversations" with "Andrea" are negative arguments trying to pass as comedy. In addition, the English dubbed voice is this abrasive, whiny man that will make you want to turn the volume off. The soundtrack by Alberto Baldan Bembo is fantastic and the best thing about this film. My advice: get the soundtrack, skip the movie.

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Sharon Leslie stars as the new Black Emanuelle, 15 April 1999

Sharon Leslie plays a super model with amnesia. She's staying in a psychiatric hospital where her doctor is trying to uncover the repressed psychological trauma that put her in this state. It's partly a mystery, with the doctor as detective, in which they try to figure out who/what did this to her. Of course, it's also an exploitation movie with a lot of nudity and softcore sex. Sharon Leslie is attractive, and she looks a lot like the actress who played "Nola Darling" in Spike Lee's "She's Gotta Have it". The director of the original "Black Emanuelle", Aldaberto Albertini, also directed this one. His movies seem to focus more on character relationships/ psychological drama and are more cohesive than director Joe D'Amato's later movies. The movie is full of trippy flash back sequences and sexual suspense. Recommended!

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Emanuelle frees sex slaves, 14 April 1999

Emanuelle is now a newspaper reporter who travels around the world in search of a story about "violence to women". It starts off in San Francisco, where she meets a guru leader of a religious sex cult. We see the inside of a large church-like rotunda covered with colorful, "Indian" tapestries. The members of the cult are arranged in pairs, seated on pillows, all over the floor. It's sort of unclear, but it seems that this is one of the places where sex slaves are collected. Then suddenly, Emanuelle is off to Rome where she uncovers another sex slave operation, then Hong Kong, the Middle East, and finally New York. There are really five mini-plots associated with each of these places. It's almost episodic. In comparison with "Black Emanuelle", the movie seems less focused on the characters and more interested in illustrating the plot. It can be less engaging because of this. Still, it's probably one of the better in the series (much better than "Black E, White E/aka Emanuelle in Egypt") and full of cheap, exploitive thrills!

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a poor production, 13 April 1999

Ajita Wilson stars as a newspaper reporter in search of information about an exclusive sex cult. A death and physical abuse have been associated with it, and she wants the story. In the meantime, she visits with a religious/healing guru to deal with her bouts of nymphomania. These occur whenever she hears certain music. While the plot/story may sound intriguing, it's actually a poor production. The acting and dialogue in this feature are far inferior to the "Black Emanuelle" series. The sex scenes are badly photographed. Mainly, it's just a jumble of indistinguishable limbs in extreme close-up (like legs and arms) and totally unsexy. Claudine's nymphomania song (repeated every time she has an attack) also starts grate on the senses. Finally, Ajita herself is not my idea of a sex goddess.

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Tales of sex in Africa, 12 April 1999

"The Black Decameron" contains a series of 5 fables on the subject of sex/love. They are all set in Africa, in authentic-looking "tribal" settings. The first fable involves an African Queen who is looking for a king. She puts a few of them through various tests, like battling wild lions, and they all fail, until the last one. In another story, "Cure of a crazy woman", two men try to "cure" a nympho woman who wears bizarre tribal make-up on her face. In the last fable "Simoa's endless search" a young man who is inexperienced with women, dresses in women's clothing in order to meet a woman's five daughters. He eventually becomes a traveling male prostitute. There is abundant nudity in this film, but a lot of it isn't erotic. The fable narratives can be slow moving, unsexy, and almost moralistic at times. But, there are a few bizarro, humorous scenes that save it from being uninteresting and predictable. Overall, this isn't your standard Western softcore movie. It probably has more in common with "The Gods must be Crazy" than the travelogue-type "Black Emanuelle" series.

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Not very, 10 April 1999

There are eight episodes in this sex comedy. The episodes are so short that they lack development, meaning, progression and are pretty boring. Although this is a "sex" comedy, and the subject is sex, the movie is practically PG-13. The subjects of the episodes are pretty repellent, with titles like "Sex in Shantytown". The actor Giancarlo Giannini plays each of the lead roles in the episodes, and his performances are really the only reason to watch this film.

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bad acting, bad lines, depressing, 10 April 1999

In this movie Inga is living in a boarding house with prostitutes also living there. She's almost forced to become one to pay her rent. The acting is particularly bad in this movie, as Marie Liljedahl is usually expressionless. The brief sex scenes are very unnatural, jilted and unpassionate. The whole movie is depressing and seedy. What it lacks the most is comedy. It seems as if the director, Joe Sarno, wanted to recreate (however shallowly) the somber mood of Scandinavian films. This has to be the worst softcore sex movie I have seen.

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the 70s look, 5 April 1999

"The Initiation of Sarah" was made about a decade ahead of "Heathers" and it basically follows the same ideas. Morgan Fairchild is perfect as a vicious blonde barbie-like sorority sister. Just like "Heather #1". Then there's the other Morgan in this production, Morgan Brittany, who plays Sarah's brunette sister. They both have this perfect 70s look, like Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), Farrah Fawcett, Cheryl Ladd, Jaclyn Smith. Fairchild is very convincing as a popular b**** and she has a whole horde of other barbie friends to back her up. I wish the film spent more time, and gore, in getting back at them. The horror element could have been expanded at this time. Of course, it was a made-for-TV movie.

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