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Some people don't like this film? That makes me very angry..., 28 July 1999

...and when Dr. Evil gets angry, Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset. Especially after seeing the slightly inferior (but still VERY funny) sequel I can really appreciate the original humor of the first Austin Powers which gets even better on repeated viewings. This may very well Mike Myers best movie to date. Recommended especially to fans of the James Bond franchise but also to everyone else (just in case anybody out there hasn't seen it yet).

I know this isn't a talkback forum, but there's one thing I'd like to say to "KittyKat-8" about the inflationary use of the word "disgusting" : even if you prefer watching Disney movies (as your comment history suggests) you should reserve terms like that for films that really deserve it like Pink Flamingos, Cannibal Holocaust or Sleepless in Seattle.

Remember, when Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset PEOPLE DIE!!!

Entrapment (1999)
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Funny and ENTERTAINING, 1 June 1999

I have to admit I am a little surprised about how negative most of the reviews in this section are. I walked out of this movie thinking this is is one that, while it's not brilliant, virtually everybody will enjoy. I share the criticism that the plot gets really ludicrous at times, but - in a movie like this does one really care? I know I didn't. What the film relies on is the chemistry between its actors. And because there is A LOT of chemistry the film ultimately works. I enjoyed every second of it. 8 out of 10

Armageddon (1998)
so much fun, it's freaky!!!, 24 April 1999

I keep shaking my head while going over the comments on this movie. What is wrong with you people. WHAT WERE YOU EXPECTING?? This is the definite blockbuster. Yes it's a total no-brainer, but so what? It's supposed to be. The director is not trying to do anything more than entertain and he does that in spades. Armageddon has lots of cool lines, lots of action and even a story that works. There's also lots of great special effects, production design and music. Also, Bay has a great sense of pacing and rhythm and is well aware of the movie's inherent cheesiness at all times. Comparing Armageddon to Godzilla, one of most awful pieces of crap ever made, is simply obscene. For what it's trying to be - pure entertainment - this is one of the best ever.

Vampires (1998)
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finally another great Carpenter flick, 8 April 1999

Ok, Escape from L.A. was really not as bad as everyone said. But this is the first truly GREAT movie that Carpenter has made in a LONG time. James Woods' acting is exactly right for the part, he keeps a straight face throughout the film. Actually everything about the movie is just the way it should be: the cast, the cinematography, the dialogue (Woods has some REALLY cool lines!!) and the music (normally not the type you'd have in a vampire flick but here it's perfect). It's pretty creepy while being surprisingly non-Gothic. If you go for that type of movie at all this is sure to become a favorite. Missing it will not be excused!!

Der Clown (1996) (TV)
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incredible fun!!!!, 30 March 1999

Max Zander, a very secret agent an even more secret international intelligence agency is transferred to the city of Dusseldorf (a first rate setting for an action flick) to investigate the evil Russian Mafia. We meet an old friend of Max who turns out to be a movie buff(he even knows a cutting edge insider film called "Pulp Fiction"). In a stroke of mercy he is removed from the film in a cool looking explosion. From then on Max becomes a merciless avenger(with a cheesy plastic mask) who fights the Russians on his own in his spare time. Well - what chances does the Mafia stand against one man? None, of course, if it's the Clown they're up against.

The stunt work and pyrotechnics are amazing, too. Parachute jumps, a truck being blown up with a bazooka(from within!!), motorcycle stunts - it's all there.

Image Van Damme in Death Wish directed by a pyromaniac with a 2-page script. Subtract plot, dialogue, continuity and timing and you're not even close. More fun than "Killer Tomatoes"!!