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Into the Recesses of Our Cave, 19 August 2017

As Windom plies his trade, the boys are on their way to a cave. This after that tall, striking lady who spoke with Catherine tried to kill Harry with a piano wire. There is love in the air as both Cooper and Cole are in their element at the Diner. All the principles are in danger as Windom takes a deck of playing cards and puts the faces of these people on the face cards. It is obvious that he wants total control over these people. Audrey is falling in love and we get an interesting scene with her father. Anyway, the conclusion is striking again as we find there is someone in the caves.

Debut of the Pine Weasel, 19 August 2017

Things move along at a rapid pace. Windom's efforts to win a chess match continue. The problem for Cooper is that the Sheriff has dropped into an alcoholic pit over the death of Josie. Meanwhile Ben Horne tries to destroy Catherine's plans by introducing the Pine Weasel, an endangered species. He knows how authorities will stop excavation to prevent the destruction of an endangered species. There is also something going on as a tall beautiful woman confronts Catherine. She is really mysterious and dangerous. We are also seeing facts in evidence but disbelieved made whole by the appearance of the log lady who was apparently abducted by aliens when she was a child. This matches up with Garland. Both of them have a set of triangular marks on their bodies.

It's Surreal Treat!, 19 August 2017

As we trod toward the conclusion of this second season, we have several issues to deal with. Catherine is at her worst as she pushes Josie toward her destruction. Josie has to deal with the horrors of being surrounded on all sides by danger she can only abide. Big Ed is approached by cheerleader in her head Nadine to break up with him. Wyndom Earle continues his efforts to avenge himself on Cooper, at least to get him to play that dangerous game. He is making arrows with the help of the seemingly catatonic Leo. The sheriff is in love and it is not going to happen. Audrey continues her entrepreneurship. Ben Horne has a whole new idea to exact revenge. But when we get to the conclusion as Bob appears one more time and the midget dances on the bed, we are left with that crazy, ambiguous hole that we can't fill with sanity. What a great series as image after image is handed us.

Coop Under Assault/Lee Wins the Civil War, 18 August 2017

There are four plot lines at work here. First of all, Ben Horne thinks he is Robert E. Lee, and is in full battle mode, waiting for Grant to surrender. For some reason, his daughter, brother, Bobby, and the psychologist guy are playing along, trying to get him back to reality. Second, Windom Earle has Leo in a shack in the woods and is brainwashing him, in a sort of Bride of Frankenstein mode. Third, James has been framed by the beautiful but dangerous woman he tried to help and with whom he fell in love. However, things take a turn. And finally, Josie realizes that her dominator, whom she thought was dead, has come back to enslave her again. Katherine is also involved and Josie may have to make a move at some point and get herself out of that subservient position. If she's afraid for her life, she may have nothing to lose. She should enlist Harry now that she knows a little of the score.

Leo, Meet Wyndom, 16 August 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Several issues. First and foremost is the return of the brain dead (we thought) Leo. He surprises Shelley and tries to kill her with an axe. We are also introduced to Windom who is out of prison and not the trail of Cooper. Garland comes into the station and spills his guts (but has no strong memories he can bank on). The boys suspect little Nicky of killing his parents, but facts refuting that are produced. However, there are some questions that need answering. There is also a return from the dead (at least it appears that way). This is a fascinating episode because it makes Cooper all the more interesting.

The Last Renault, 16 August 2017

Garland comes back from his ordeal with the aliens (I guess). He intimates that things are not good. Eventually, he is interrogated by the Twin Peaks police, and, unfortunately, taken away by the Feds before he can tell his story. Evidence points to where the last of the Renaults is doing his drug deals and the gang which ends up in a hostage situation. Big Ed has a fling with his true love which leads to hilarious consequences. This is a fun episode with a parade of quirkiness. It serves the series well, but what is going on with Garland? Also, Ben is going nutty with a miniature Civil War battlefield of the Battle of Gettysburg where the South is going to win. He has a surprise visitor toward the end of the episode. And then something else startling.

Onward and Upward, 16 August 2017

Some pretty interesting stuff. We start out with Bobby getting a new job, doing dirty work for Benjamin Home. Cooper is working to clear his name as he is suspected of peddling cocaine. James is totally taken with the beautiful woman who is having him repair her Jaguar. Andy and his adversary begin to fight over custody of the little boy and it appears each is getting more than they bargained for. Bobby comes up with incriminating evidence, but Audrey is watching him and pulls a coup involving Cooper. At the end there is an appearance from someone we have been wondering about. There is even more, but this episode is mostly exposition.

Too Much Plot?, 16 August 2017

I enjoy Kevin Bacon who has taken to playing law enforcement officers with dark beginnings. He is relatively unresponsive to inquiries. He goes rogue. He has paid a price for his successes: a bad heart and a broken soul. In this one, a psychotic college professor (I wish life had been so exciting when I taught college English) is submerged in Edgar Allen Poe. He is serial killer, attacking women. He is horrible in his methodology and starts off the first episode by killing three guards and escaping. He has is sights set on Bacon, who sent him up the river. He has become the head of a cult, so his tentacles reach beyond his location. I will watch another one of these, but I don't know if I want to see young women slaughtered week after week. A couple of interesting plot elements are the total incompetence of the police and the complexity of his far reaching control. Still, it is quite good so far and pretty engaging.

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Into the Woods, 14 August 2017

Gordon has become my favorite character. Obviously, David Lynch is enjoying himself. We are used to his loudness (because he is practically deaf and thinks no one else can hear), but it is exaggerated by a phone call where the police have to hold the phone away from their ears. There are some incredibly violent scenes, but the most dramatic set of events involves the men of the sheriff's department following instructions and going into the woods to find the vortex. It culminates with the discovery of an Asian woman who has no eyes and is nude. While they wander around, Andy disappears. He is brought into a room and meets the "Fireman." It appears to be the giant from the original series. Or someone like him. Andy is given some kind of lamp and sees events that are startling. He returns and says the woman they found must be put in a jail cell for her own protection. We then have an insane few moments in the jail. The scene in the bar where Laura's mother is just trying to have a drink is incredibly frightening. Quite the family! We also have a detailed story where the young British cop tells of his own abduction, his meeting with the Fireman, and a glove that gives him incredible hand strength. He was also told to go to Twin Peaks in Washington. We get no information on Dougie or the bad Dale Cooper. Laura Dern's character has some recollection which disturbs her and seems to give Gordon a clue. It's a great episode, full of tantalizing humor and incredible suspense.

So Many Tiresome Characters, 13 August 2017

I always have trouble with this religious mumbo-jumbo. A group of people, killed by a German bomber, find themselves on board an ocean liner, seemingly alive. Two of them did not meet that fate but rather killed themselves. Of course, they are all white and don't know they are dead. They are bitter, mean spirited people. But the young pianist and his wife know the score. They weren't with the others when the ax fell. They are insufferable as are most of the others. There is a ridiculous, stereotypical priest who wants this pack of bandits, to pass time by playing games and other assorted activities. Eventually, Sydney Greenstreet shows up as "the Examiner." He decides who gets to go to heaven and the other place. There is much negotiating. Ultimately, old Sydney rejects his company orders and makes special cases. The whole thing is preachy and the dialogue stilted. I always like John Garfield, but even his antics got to me. The ending cheats us all.

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