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Clerks II (2006)
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Well Done Kevin, 25 July 2006

I don't know what it is......but I just "Get" Kevin Smith movies. They speak to me you know. I remember picking up Clerks in my video store, and if it weren't for the the clerk working there telling me "great flick mate" I probably would never have rented it. Til then I was a real mainstream movie kinda guy.

I watched Clerks and totally loved it.....and since then i've just been handing over money to Mr Kevin Smith.

Clerks II is more than a genius, foul mouthed flick. Its got meaning, it has essence, the other Kevin SMith movies......spoke to me. It made me assess where I am in my life and how my friends are the most important thing in it......oh and that The only "Return" flick, is "Return of the Jedi".

Go see this'll laugh out loud, think some thoughts and just plain have a good time.

Rosario Dawson was fantastic in this......All us hideous chuds should be so lucky.

Keep it up're doing just great.

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The Best Lucas Directed Episode (Possible Spoilers), 18 May 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Up until now it has been easy, and some might say even hip to criticise the Star Wars prequels. Great expectations garner harsh reviews usually, but in the case of Revenge of the Sith, all expectations are well founded.

Lucas has come out and delivered a knock out blow with his final instalment of the galactic saga. From the opening scene we have to strap ourselves for a great ride. Anakin is all grown up and R2-D2 pulls out some tricks and cements his place as the true hero of the series! The story is engrossing, and revelations are realised as the movie takes you through Anakin's descent into the dark side at the hands of the amazingly evil Lord Sideous.

Light Sabre fans will be bouncing up and down with excitement as they watch the elaborate duels transpire on screen, especially when Obi Wan takes on a 4 light Sabre wielding General Grievous (figure that one out) The special effects are amazing, every intracity detail is covered and you can see that this was a labour of love for Lucus who has dedicated almost 30 years of his life to the telling of this story.

Fans of Star Wars definitely won't be disappointed. and all the doubters will be pleasantly surprised with this final chapter. Go see it, go love it and not to sound to much like a geek.......May the force be with you.

If Neo Asks Why, One more God Dam Time!, 5 November 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoiler Alert

I was so excited to watch this movie, I thought the original Matrix, was original and clever, the second was a splendor for the senses taking us to places never seen in cinema, But the 3rd installment was absolute crap!

Firstly if the movie is called The Matrix shouldn't it atleast take place in the dam Matrix? I mean we dont get a sense of the Matrix until the climax when Neo Takes on Agent Smith (Played perfectly yet again by Hugo Weaving) The epic battle between Jesus and Satan.....oh sorry, Neo and Smith ;) was the last redemming facet of the movie that gave us a glimpse of why we loved the Matrix so much, Great fighting, amazing SPFX and Mind blowing score, but we had to wait 2 hours for it to happen!

This is merely a run of the mill sci fi action, not worthy of the Matrix name, very bland, boring and silly, people in the theater were actually laughing when Trinity died, talk about not catching the moment.

Anyway, Joel Silver should stop pulling himself and us by saying this is the future of Movie Making cause if it is, man we're in trouble1 3/10

8 Mile (2002)
The movie's Good, but Eminem is Great!, 16 January 2003

Alot of Rappers want to jump into the movie scene with tragic results namely Master P, Ja Rule and DMX, the exception however is Marshall Mathers III.

Eminem picked the perfect project to showcase his "acting chops" as they say and what a set of chops they are. We'll forget about his "actual" theatrical debut in "The Wash" and focus more on this Curtis Hanson Hip Hop Urban Fable.

Eminem plays Rabbit a white kid from a trailor park who has dreams of getting a rap record deal, he goes through many trials and tribulations in his life and struggles for eveything he has.

All in all Eminem gives an outstanding performance and commands the screen, he has a pressence that just holds and draws in the veiwer.

A very entertaining and engrossing story with a riveting performance, I've heard of Oscar rumours for Eminem but I seriously doubt it though, maybe if the Academy had a catagory for Best New Actor, but since they dont, we may have to see if Em has has what it takes in the future to score one of those elusive statuettes.

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Sappy.......But I Liked It, 18 December 2002

Lets get this out of the way first, Lance Bass CANNOT ACT. That aside, this movie was really frustrating, I just wanted the two to get together already......I loved Emmanuelle Chriqui she is gorgeous and very down to Earth I think shes great and going to be a big star one day.

The other Nsync star Joey was pretty good I thought, much better than Lance, I just wanted to slap him out a few times.

Overall a very sappy movie...........but i fell for it.It had to be Emmanuelle....she was great....absolutely fantastic.

I recommend this movie to all those hopeless romantics out there that are suckers for sappy stuff like this.

Spider-Man (2002)
With great performances comes great movie!, 5 June 2002

Toby Mcguire?.......who would have thought it, who would have thought that this kind of known actor would pull off a picture perfect Spider-Man performance, the comic nature, and dark side all rolled into this great Spidey package.

He was great as was the rest of the cast, Willem Defoe in particular, the obvious choice for the Green Goblin, how ever they should have used make-up on his face instead of a mask, Defoe has great, and unique facial expressions.

Sam Raimi, the meistro of the camera, did a great job in making this live action comic book, staying true to the original comic series, at the same time modernising it to todays audiences, this is how Spider-Man was always meant to be experienced.

The web-slinging action sequences were amazing, incorporating incredabily radical camera manouvers with a fast flowing action feel to it.

As comic adaptations go this is one of the better ones, far out-doing others such as X-men, Blade and Spawn. Batman still though remains as the Top Comic book adaption, Tim Burton's vision of the Dark and Disturbed figure known as Batman was spot on the money.

So if you're one of the few who hasn't seen this movie, get up go to the movies grab some popcorn and a soda and sit back and enjoy this fun thrill ride, this sometimes emotional often times action packed flick will leave you wanting more.

Cya Snoogans.

The Force Is Strong In This Flick, 15 May 2002

Now I'm not going to sit here sprout about the inner workings of this movie or how its far far far more superior to Episode I.

All I shall say is THIS MOVIE ROCKS!!!!

From the opening scene all the way through to one of the greatest battle scenes in film history.

STAR WARS Fans will love it, as will movie fans. Do your shelf a favor and do what ever needs to be done to see this movie now! Call in sick, ditch school, dodge jury duty, postpone the wedding, just get out there and see this movie, you will not be disappointed


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Only True Askew Fans Will Fully Appreciate This Flick, 3 October 2001

This flick is exactly what Kevin Smith promised, a laugh out loud movie with so many Askew in jokes that there were laughs through almost every frame.

This road trip movie was extremely funny with knock out performances By Mewes, Rock, Affleck, Lee, and of course Smith.

Do yourself a favor and go get familiar with all the other Askew flicks so you can enjoy this joke laden movie.

There's also a few takes from the Chasing Dogma book that i was happy to see in live action.

Ive said it b4 and ill keep on saying it. Kevin Smith is one on the most talented Film Makers around, and although this flick wasn't as deep as say, Chasing Amy or Dogma, it did deliver to the fans what KS promised.......a fu*#in funny movie

Great Job guys. I'm sad to see the end of Jay & Silent Bob, but they were great while they were here.

Cant wait for Kevin's next movie Jersey Girl, which I know will also be great.

Snoogans (I know it means "Just Kidding" but i like saying it anyway).

Eddie Murphy Has Done It Again, 25 July 2001

Eddie has done it again, One of the funniest men ever to grace the screen, he has come out and delivered a well received and very entertaining sequel (a rarity).

He could have set out to make just a movie about talking animals but in stead, put out a movie with a meaning and goal, which is both moving and entertaining.

Eddie likes to play alot of characters and try new things, he has succeeded here in making a movie which will appeal to both young and old.

Go see it..........and forget Tomb Raider.....damn that sucked Snoogans

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Crap, 12 July 2001

Crap...............utter crap.



Shots of Angelina flexing every part of her body........Plentiful.

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