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It really does rock!, 19 April 1999

This performance is one of the greatest ballets I've ever seen. The charisma and stamina of the dancers performing some of the best choreography today makes the show beautiful. It is an upbeat dance fest, completely reversing the stereotype of how a ballet is supposed to be. One of the greatest things, though, is that it interprets the movie life of Elvis Presley through dance. Being a dancer, I think that Blue Suede Shoes will go down in history along with Swan Lake, Coppelia, and Sleeping Beauty.

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Not one of the best made movies, but it gives a lot of laughs while showing the perfect college fantasy--college being one big party!, 16 March 1999

I thought this movie was great! As a college student it's nice to see someone's fantasy of what college should be like--a trip to the beach with nothing on your mind but having a good time. Tim Robbins is hysterical in his role, as is the rest of the cast--why don't we hear of it more?