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Brilliant drama, 14 May 2003

Putting aside the fact that this film is meant to be a comedy, the whole concept is truly superb. Finally somebody in the film making world had the backbone to make a a joke out of the methods of Catholicism - something not done enough now. The film is hilarious and those who can't laugh at it, obviously just can't get the jokes. Robbie Coltrane did a great job and Alex Rocco gave a fine performance with Herbert Lom wonderful as usual.

It must have caused uproar in the Catholic church but no longer do film makers have to make comedy fiction in order to take a shot at this organisation because the scandals have created enough ideas to make hundereds of original movies (e.g. "A Love Divided", "The Magdalene Sisters". A fine, fine, fine movie but not to please devout Catholics which makes it even more amusing and fantastic.

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The worst of "Dallas", 11 February 2003

Unfortunately this latest and currently last installment in the "Dallas" story brings an uncertain close to a great show. Dallas never got a proper ending and a lot of things were left untold. Worst of all this show offers nothing new to the series which once was so interesting and unique. On top of this it lacks the edge of the original episodes. Theres not much nastiness from JR. Hes more of a soft hearted old man now and thats not what we want. While there is a plus to womens rights which makes the film modern Sue Ellen is not even barked at by JR. Everybody seems to be friends except for a surprise appearance from Ray Krebbs whose feelings towards JR have not changed.

To really set the record clear what makes this really terrible is the lack of cast. Never did "Dallas" have so few stars. Just Ray, JR, Bobby, Carter and Sue Ellen. Wheres the rest of the best? Miss Ellie, Clayton, the kids, Jenna, Afton, Donna and most of all Cliff Barnes. Having no Cliff Barnes in the show is like having no Starsky in "Starsky and Hutch". JR and Cliff were the strength of the show and because hes nowhere to be seen, the film flops and it did exactly that with ratings and critics.

A third reunion movie should certainly be made but with a better writer. It needs to be fast, captivating, daring, wicked and entertaining. We need a surprise. A cliffhanger just like the end of each season. Pamela Barnes should be written back in because she was also an important link between the Barnes and the Ewings. Orignally we were meant to think she died but we actually never saw her die other than stroll off into the sunset.

"Dallas: War Of The Ewings" is strictly for fans only but it only keeps you waiting for some more, something better especially since we never got a definite finish!. With a Dallas remake movie around the corner and no reunion TV movie even rumoured for 2003 (the 25th anniversary of "Dallas") things look grim. Larry Hagman was a brilliant actor and was the only person anyone could see playing JR Ewing. He still entertains here despite his softer side and its nice to see progress in Sue Ellens life as she and Bobby take hold of the reins of Ewing Oil.

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The first of the last batch for Elvis, 4 November 2002

During the making of the 1968 comeback Tv special, Presley was making a lot of changes and so was his manager. Here we get to see a new type of Elvis movie that although suited for kids has more of an adult theme than ever before. With a light hearted sexual theme and some better but fewer songs this Presley picture is better than most from his later career. After this, each of the last four films he ever did had a new slant to them that differed greatly from his early to mid 1960s movies. Nicely made with few little quiet jokes and generally good fun with a cameo from Elvis's father, Vernon. Lively entertainment thats better than Star Wars.

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Great lively entertainment, 29 October 2002

Typical Presley vehicle with an extra drive. The formula for the stereo typical Elvis movie is here but its more fun and exciting than ever. Better looking women and locations and the odd few pleasant songs. This movie shows us the real Las Vegas when Vegas was Vegas and not as commercially driven as it is today. It has a routine story line and is a fine musical and fortunately it is only a little over 80mins. Just plain old fun to keep your spirits high!

Elvis (1968) (TV)
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The greatest performer performs, 24 October 2002

Nobody can doubt that Elvis Presley defined what performing was and here in colour we see the king return to his roots for the very last time in his life after 8 years of Hollywood. Presley lived for another 9 years but when he got into Las Vegas just after this, it was all over. Presley's Vegas period is not to be dismissed in a flash because his cabaret type concerts were so enjoyable. Vegas entertained greatly but here in 1968 immitating his 50's period Elvis contributed to music and society. This show was the main inspiration for MTV Unplugged and it pictures a raw rocking king oozing R&B, gospel and R&R. If anybody sees this and can not be amazed by this man they are missing soemthing. He defined pop culture and music because of his natural ability to get across the meaning and feeling of the songs. (Hardly anyone can do that like him). Here we see Elvis very up to date with the times with almost hard rock, looking and sounding so great. There is an amusing sketch where he jokes about his entire movie career but the scenes where he is sitting with his original band and jamming away can never be beaten. Nobody can come close to Elvis Presley and his 68 comeback special! Its phenomonel!

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Elvis Presley is the best and he proves it here!, 31 December 2000

It was a heart - pounding, pulse racing, mind blowing, fast moving, breathtaking, exhilarating, overwhelming, thrilling and exciting, sensational and tremendous, wonderful and superb show with all the TCB band playing terrific along to the one and only great Elvis Presley. Elvis' 3rd Las Vegas season since he made his live concert comeback in 1969 a year after his TV comeback.

Candid footage of Elvis behind the scenes gets you closer to this really down to earth wonderful human being and this is the real Elvis looking his best. 7 years before he died and extremely thin and fit and powerful. Dominating the film this is a great show for all people and it is certainly something to watch if you want to learn something about The one true King - Elvis Presley.

In all sense of the title!, 13 December 2000

Sylvester Stallone returns to the die hard style action movies with one so full of suspense and tension its a cliffhanger!. Keeping you on the edge of your seat this is a better Stallone film. In his first action film since Rocky V it was great to see the action man doing what he does best instead of comedies that just didnt suit him.

Here he is a down on his luck mountain rescuer who is called in to save victims of a plane crash in the mountains but he only thing is these arent any old plane travellers buy thieves who have tried to steal large cases of cash from a federal plane in the skies. The only thing is that om taking the money from one plane to the next they lost all 3 cases and then caught up in a storm crash and have to find the money as well finding a way off the mountain.

John Lithgow is the main villain and if he doesnt get to play a James Bond bad guy, heres his best chance. Like many action movies the villain is extremely menacing. A style created by James Bond films and their villains. He plays a very interesting character and acts the part well.

This film is better than Stallones other film of the year 'Demolition Man' as the action is so good and so much better. A film that will keep anyone with a fast moving mind or life excited. Fantastic tough guy film and a film which has been considered bad and stupid but which is a tough guy film which counts as brilliant and if this is bad and stupid, I just wonder what the same people think about Star Wars as this is so many times better.

Rocky IV (1985)
The beginning of the same, 7 December 2000

When it came to the 4th Rocky movie, it was obvious it was just another installment with nothing new or different from the previous films. The only thing was the fact Rocky was fighting a foreigner. East v's West. American against Russia. It was like a film about war.

The training scene was the toughest and strongest of all the Rocky films. The music score was brilliant. The photograpy, script and directions were just as good as always but it was just too short. It was a quick film that made a quick buck as it is the most successful of the Rocky films.

It is a gigantic step down from Rocky 3 which was a step up from Rocky 2. It is touching like every Rocky film is and thats what makes the script good. Its emotional. It has that soemthing that gets to your heart. Just beautiful. After the sadness of he death of Mickey in 3, things seem to just get worse here and this was really the beginning of the fall of the life of Rocky while the career stayed on top.

The best fight of the series and surely the toughest for Rocky ever. It is a great film from the best film series of all time. Much better than Star Wars as it has heart.

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Extremely touching emotional drama, 6 December 2000

This film has it all. Its touching, its sentimental, its funny, its emotional in all ways and it has a beautiful girl. In an American private school a group of students learn about letting themselves go but in the style of poetry which their new English teacher convinces them to read to learn about themselves. They become rebelious but not to a large extent due to the bullying by the teachers and parents who are completely conservative and do not want their children to do what they want in life.

So I dont give away a scene towards the end I wont say it but it is extremely touching. For sentimentals or intelectuals. 10 out of 10 and this is what films are all about. Not Star Wars...oh yeh..its better than Star Wars BY FAR.

Eddie is the best, 3 December 2000

Beverly hills cop is one of the funniest and greatest films of the 80s. Eddie plays Axel, a Detroit cop whos friends is murdered by a big crime boss who is also an art dealer on the sides. This art dealer/gangster played by Steven Berkoff lives out in Bervely Hills and with leads he gets Axel goes out pretending to be on holiday to investigate. He gets on the wrong sides of the Beverly Hills police force and is watched and followed as he intimidates and annoys Berkoff.

Axel is a cop who is as cool as they come, anything goes as he jokes his way convincingly into situations. Top comedy and a fantastic film from one of he best comedians and actors of the present. 10 out of 10 and so so so much better than Star Wars.

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