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a science fiction fairy tale..., 15 July 2001

Everything about it reads like a classic fairy tale... in the best sense. The film is an adventure, with an original, unpredictable plotline... it reads like a classic, timeless tale, with all the visual imagination of worlds. And, like all the best fairy tales, it also has a bit of a parable for today. For its incredible visuals alone, see it on the big screen. This is a Steven Speilberg classic.

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Very good at what it was meant to do..., 18 February 2000

The reason so many people hate this movie is because it's so disturbing. It's very good at being disturbing. Through its good acting, it does a good (sorry for so many creative adjectives) job of showing how stress, panic, fear, and guilt can destroy people's minds. Traumatic events can destroy people's conscience and consciousness. Oh, and Christian Slater at his sneeriest.

Scream 2 (1997)
an almost random mix of genius and inexcusable mediocrity, 30 January 2000

My subject: heading is the best summary I can give of it. Besides that, it was altogether enjoyable, for me certainly more than the first. Unfortunately, understanding the plot + motivations would be nearly impossible without having seen the first. It's probably appropriate to see this movie with a group of people.

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absolutely incredible. . . you will never be the same, 24 December 1999

This film may be even be more moving than The Shawshank Redemption. Just... the depth of human soul shown in here is just unparalleled. During its three hour or so length, you are immersed in it, completely immersed. Go see it, I urge you, and read as little as possible about it beforehand, for that will make its unpredictability all the more effective. I mean it- don't even read the "plot summary"! After seeing this, you will be reaching for something deeper in this world...

so intense, it gave me a headache!, 4 December 1999

This movie - and I know it's a cliche by now - is not to be missed. And for the full effect, it must be seen in a theater- the Danny Elfman music wifting and roaring around you and all. This movie fully accomplished all that the original tale must have intended to do, for, though it is merely and clearly a fantasy tale, it is quite a chilling and thrilling one. The directing and cinematography are excellent, as enticing as a movie can ever be, with some creative, perfect shots to help make this film into art. Chilling and thrilling- yes, indeed, very involving, very gripping is the product of this directing, cinematography, and acting. It may be a bit gory, but for those of you up for a "good, wholesome scare" (this is not a movie for my mom!), Tim Burton has made a fine film. It was so intense, it left me and my friend with a headache! Go, see it.

Stay Tuned (1992)
The funniest montage of spoofs I've ever seen, 13 July 1999

From the first time I saw the preview, I knew I had to see it. And my feeling was right. The plot of this movie is kinda campy: a guy gets sucked into his satellite dish, with his family following him to the (hopeful) rescue, and when he gets to this TV-world, he finds that a certain bad guy doesn't want him to leave. Fine. But the world he gets trapped, a Hell of sorts, in is the funniest, most well-rounded selection of TV spoofs, circa 1992. Wayne's World? "Dwayne's Underworld". "I've fallen and I can't get up"? It's there. That Maxell ad with the guy in the chair who is blown away by the music? It's there. This movie will bring you back to 1992 in a way you wouldn't believe. I love it.

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It's worth seeing for the incredible animation alone., 13 July 1999

I have seen a lot of animated movies, but this movie might have the most amazing animation I've ever seen. Its beauty simply surpasses Disney on all counts. From the water of the Red Sea, which looks so real, you'd want to touch it, to the incredible mastery of Moses' dream sequence composed of Egyptian drawn figures... you'll only know what this movie can show you if you see it.

Additionally, 15 June 1999

In addition to what Chris wrote, I must mention this cartoons' music. It takes a truly original angle for a cartoon- jazz. All of its background music is simple, spirited jazz. It adds an element of interest and lucidity that's particular to this show.