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I love this movie!, 13 March 1999

YOU can criticise this movie in every department - if you compare it to films like Superman and Batman. But if you look at it as a movie of its time - the late 70's - and just let it wash over you, it's great stuff.

The fight scenes are funky rather than violent, the stunts are still impressive even today - man, is that guy really being pulled up a skyscraper by a rope? - and the whole thing is just so entertaining, if not thrilling. The bad guys are lousy, and the whole thing didn't cost much, but just seeing Spidey running around makes you smile.

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A spectacular movie, 15 March 1999

SUPERMAN II is one of the most exiting movies of all time. The original, as good as it was, didn't exactly heap on the thrills. This sequel makes up for it - and then some. It gets down to business immediately, with supervillains coming to Earth, and builds to unbearably tense climax in Metropolis. Some of the scenes are absolute classics; the three villains descending silently through space towards Earth is chillingly ominous; the bad guys storming the White House and confrounting the President himself; the brilliant double-bluff ending which will have you pleading, "Oh No!!" and then cheering "Oh Yes!!"; the bit when it looks like it's all over, and then newspapers in the street get blown about, the farmiliar theme strikes up and we know who's back; and the best scene of all with a beaten up Clark watching the President on TV. Incredible stuff. Forget the million bullets+ finale of Face/Off, the climactic confrontation in the night time streets of Metropolis is surely the most spectacular showdown in film history, with Superman and the bad guys in a incredible battle of the titans. The action is truly astonishing - they punch each other through ENTIRE skyscrapers, and throw BUSES at each other! Almost everything in their way gets demolished - cars fly through the air and smash into each other, people get blown down the street, it's an amazing, almost orgasmically destructive scene. This film is far better than any of the other films in the series, and easily better than the legion of multi-million dollar blockbusters laden with CGI and non-existent characters. The only thing wrong with it is the poor version of the incredible theme tune, and the Clark and Lois bits are a dull. Apart from that, an absolute classic, and so damn exciting.

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Flawed but entertaining, 26 April 1999

Giant trees, huge dark forests, coyotes appearing from nowhere, evil's certainly full of scary things, but the movie isn't really that scary. This is because Jenny Seagrove's character is far too humansied at the start for us to fear her as a monster. She is actually put in jeapordy, and she runs away from a group of rapists, which makes it seem as if she isn't very powerful. Then when she wants to she turns into a monster and flies after her victims. She should be fearsome and nasty straight away, and the audience should not be able to associate with her.

It is pretty scary at the end - especially when coyotes start appearing from nowhere to attack people, and when Seagrove flies after the hero, that really is frightening. And the look on her face after she's been hit by the truck.......that's REALLY frightening. The cast is pretty good, and the effects, save for the tree, are good. The tree should have been terrifying, but it isn't very well designed.

Still, this is an above average horror tale, with some very supernatural goings-on. And there is no explanation for the monster's existence, which adds to the scariness. Good stuff.

4 out of 4 people found the following review useful: a way...., 11 October 1999

While not as good as Spider-Man Strikes Back (1978), this is amusing stuff, with some extremely cool fight scenes and painful sound effects. Nicolas Hammond finally gets a decent(ish) haircut, and he goes to Japan to battle a couple of low-rent kung fu types. the theme tune is great, and Spidey himself is ridiculously funky. Go on, watch it - you know you want to!

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Review of Superman II, 13 March 1999

SUPERMAN showed us the Man of Steel's amazing powers; now audiences wanted to see someone who could challenge him physically. Superman II delivers, but not just one superpowered bad guy, not two, but three. Add to that an escaped Lex Luthor, and the potential enslavement of the planet by the the three Kryptonian criminals from the beginning of the original, and it's DEFINITELY a job for Superman...unfortunately, he's sacrificed his powers to live with Lois Lane.

So goes the storyline of this superbly exciting sequel to the 1978 blockbuster, providing all the tension and drama that movie, for all its spectacle, lacked.

There's some classic scenes here. The short sequence with the three sinister supervillains silently flying through space towards Earth is incredibly ominous. The scene of a beaten up and powerless Clark Kent watching the President scream for Superman's help when he doesn't even exist anymore is incredibly dramatic and powerful....the ending scene with the double bluff finale is superb - overall, a fantastic movie, and the best Superhero movie ever.

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Excellent comicbook adaption, 30 July 2000

The original Hulk movie brings the gamma-ridden powerhouse from the pages of Marvel Comics to the screen with -gasp! - intelligence. Rather than focussing on the epic action and destruction of the comicbook, which it hasn't the budget for anyway, the movie concentrates on creating believable characters and as realistic a plot as possible. It suceeds admirably, thanks to a superb central performance from Bill Bixby and some assured direction from Kenneth Johnson. And no comic fan can argue that Lou Ferrigno isn't the Incredible Hulk. He bursts from the four-color pages with absolute fury and destroys whatever he comes across.

The cast all perform well, with none of the over-the-top clowning you get in so many comicbook adaptions. It's got some great 70's locations and a wonderful theme tune as well. Of the six Hulk movies around, this remains the best, and with another intelligent superhero flick, X-Men (2000) demolishing the box-office, hopefully people will take a look at the last good Marvel film. Yeah, Blade was a Marvel character but Blade, in reality, is complete and utter shash.

Kickboxer (1989)
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One the the greatest films ever made, 11 October 1999

Kickboxer is a hauntingly beautiful portrayal of brotherly love, expressed through the ballet of kicking people as hard as you can. Watch as Jean Claude Van-Damme's brother is ruthlessly and evily almost kicked to death, and how JC himself heroically almost kicks the culprit to death. Van Damme deserved an Oscar for the way he portrayed his grief and anger through one blank facial expression. People say Hollywood treats it's audience like idiots, but they delivered a wonderful film here for people who want to see other people being KICKED REALLY, REALLY HARD.

Cat People (1942)
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Not scary in itself - but very scary if you use your imagination, 14 May 1999

This is the sort of movie that would never get made today - it creates fear through subtle suggestion and a well-placed shadow or an eerie piece of music, and as such you really need to use your imagination to be scared by this. If you do, you're in for a treat. Most of today's audiences are used to horror movies they can watch with out thinking, with the heroes attempting to avoid being butchered alive by a maniac, and so unfortunately may not even sense what is going on here. Such a shame.

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Not just a movie - an astonishing expierience, 26 March 1999

The only movie that can compare to the tension and suspense of this movie, I think, is Jaws. The same elecrifying thrill and fear you feel every time the shark approaches is mirrored by a terrifying monster in this film, one that also eats people - Dr Hannibal Lector. The popularity of this film was such that I knew the plot when I was ten in 1991, although I only saw it about a month ago. I will usually never watch films that are disgusting, and I didn't really want to watch this. But rather than being a disgusting horror, it turned out to be a psychological thriller of the highest order. The movie is amazing. It presents a gritty, realistic world like that of a documentary, with no typical Hollywood cliches whatsoever. That way we don't know what to expect. The actors are actors first and stars second, and the two central performances are simply superb. Hopkins is so effective in his role, you could easily believe Hannibal Lector really exists. In fact he is so good, he won the Best Actor Oscar for a supporting role.

Even better is Jodie Foster, who has surely proven herself now to be one of the best actresses ever. The most convincing performance I have ever seen. Director Demme skillfully uses angles to make her look small and isolated in a world of danger and fear. Better than Psycho. Better than Jaws. Undoubtedly one of the best films of all time.

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TV movie quality comicbook adaption, 30 July 2000

When even Sylvester Stallone says one of his movies sucks, how can anyone else defend it? Judge Dredd is one of the least original movies ever. It's virtually impossible to see anything in this movie you haven't seen somewhere else. Dredd, obviously, is from the infinetly superior 2000AD comic. The visuals are the typical futuristic metropolis seen in everything since ‘Blade Runner'. The plot is simply a cross between ‘Demolition Man' and ‘RoboCop'. The performanes are pure cardboard. The sad case of a unique British comic turned into a typical Hollywood action movie, avoid it at all costs. Dredd-ful.

Sly Stallone IS a boring, monotous actor, so playing a boring, monotonous character could be seen as good casting. But it's not going to be fun to watch.

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