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The best Werewolf movie ever, 12 April 1999

The werewolves in The Howling are not like those in other werewolf films. Instead of being like giant real wolves, they are like the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood and the one in The Three Little Pigs. And who wasn't scared of them as a kid? Basically this is a great film, a monster movie with genuinely scary monsters, and a fairy tale atmosphere (people being chased through the woods by wolves). Very unique in a genre full of repitition. It's obviously not as good as The Silence Of The Lambs, but it's certainly up there with horror classics like Jaws, Scream and Predator.

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Complete and utter garbage, 11 April 1999

Without a doubt one of the most disappointing movies I have ever seen. It starts off promisingly, but nothing happens. There are no actual werewolves in it - the hero turns into a wolfman, and the bad guy a purple thing. And they have a lame fight. This is a disgrace to one of the great horror movies the original The Howling. Garbage. Only two people get attacked by a werewolf.

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Not just a movie - an astonishing expierience, 26 March 1999

The only movie that can compare to the tension and suspense of this movie, I think, is Jaws. The same elecrifying thrill and fear you feel every time the shark approaches is mirrored by a terrifying monster in this film, one that also eats people - Dr Hannibal Lector. The popularity of this film was such that I knew the plot when I was ten in 1991, although I only saw it about a month ago. I will usually never watch films that are disgusting, and I didn't really want to watch this. But rather than being a disgusting horror, it turned out to be a psychological thriller of the highest order. The movie is amazing. It presents a gritty, realistic world like that of a documentary, with no typical Hollywood cliches whatsoever. That way we don't know what to expect. The actors are actors first and stars second, and the two central performances are simply superb. Hopkins is so effective in his role, you could easily believe Hannibal Lector really exists. In fact he is so good, he won the Best Actor Oscar for a supporting role.

Even better is Jodie Foster, who has surely proven herself now to be one of the best actresses ever. The most convincing performance I have ever seen. Director Demme skillfully uses angles to make her look small and isolated in a world of danger and fear. Better than Psycho. Better than Jaws. Undoubtedly one of the best films of all time.

The Birds (1963)
Not quite a masterpiece..., 23 March 1999

The Birds isn't a great film at all - the idea is great, and so is the script, but the direction is sssslllloooowwww, and the first hour or so is tedious. The scenes with the bird attacks are very good, and the ominous precence of the birds sitting on the school climbing frame is unforgettable. But the characters are dull, and the film doesn't get exciting at all. The problem is, today's audiences are brought up on films that eschew subtle suspense for sudden shocks and gore, and can't even feel the uncomfortable atmosphere of this film and, believe it or not, Psycho as well. Which is an awful shame.But I love films that feel they don't have to explain themselves - who says films should make complete sense? It is an art form, after all - and this gives no reason whatsoever for the events taking place, leaving the audience to guess what is going on....the awesome and chilling idea behind this movie is more effective than the actual film itself, though, so I'm going to remake this film sometime.

Predator 2 (1990)
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No Way NEAR As Good As The Original, 15 March 1999

ALIEN was followed up by the even better Aliens. Predator, even better than them both, was followed up by this, the worst of the lot. Let's hope Predator: The Hunt is better. Predator 2 is merely your average eighties rogue cop movie with all the boring ingredients (the "I'll do things MY way" cop in the lead, the no-nonsense female who makes fools out of the men who try to chat her up, bloody shoot outs, drugs, harrassed and packed police station).. it's so damn boring and predictable. But the stuff with the Predator in is so superior it could be from another film. Tense, exiting, scary....the alien creature is just as intriguing and terrifying as before. The climactic battle between it and Danny Glover is great. However, ALL the characters are annoying and 2D, and the train attack scene is not half as exiting as it should have been. It's a boring, average cop movie spliced with bits of a great alien-on-the-loose movie that should have been so much better.

Jaws (1975)
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One Of The Best Movies Of All Time, 15 March 1999

THE best movies are more than just a film - they are an experience. Just like watching Silence Of The Lambs, you are right there with Clarice Starling as she hunts the killer around his house, and in The Truman Show you are in there with Truman wondering what's going on and looking for a way out. In Jaws, this is achieved better than any other film. You really ARE on that boat with Quint, Brody and Hooper as the shark menaces them. Don't get me wrong, the rest of the film is superb, but it's the legendary boat sequences at the end of the movie that makes this head and shoulders above every other horror film (even Psycho and Silence of The Lambs). The shear thrill and fear you feel every time the shark comes near the boat is incredible, and when it throws itself on board and tips the entire ship up, with Brody and Quint metres away from that huge mouth full of razor sharp teeth...well, it makes you hang onto your chair with both hands. The unbearably tense climax's incredible. Spielberg puts you inside the movie, and it's awesome. Odd to think the novel (which is superb, but not as thrilling) ends with the shark just dying inches away from the helpless Brody. ] The true mark of this movie is the impact it has had - all around the World, people still look at the ocean and keep a weary eye out for black, dorsal fins cutting through the water....

The Film Is Garbage, Carrey Is Hilarious, 15 March 1999

WHO really cares what the plot, setting and other characters are like in this movie? They're boring if you're really interested, but the only reason this movie was made was for audiences to see Jim Carrey's insane character again. And he is absolutely hilarious. The stand out scene has him driving through the African jungles singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to his furious companion and intentionally hurling the jeep into the air before crashing into the spot he wants...."LLLLLLLLLlike-a-glove!!!" Then he goes into the party in the country house, and messes about endlessly, and it's obvious Carrey was in a really silly mood for most of this. Okay, the movie is absolute garbage. But Jim Carrey is absolutely hilarious, and this confirms him as the Funniest Person Of All Time. Surely worth watching for that.

Jaws 3-D (1983)
Jaws 3D was great....but as Jaws 3 it ain't...., 15 March 1999

JUST like the Batman movies, I love the Jaws movies simply because they are Jaws movies, no matter how bad they are. The original is a masterpiece, the fourth is very underrated if not a classic by any means, the second is very enjoyable if you only watch the bits set at sea or on the beach, but this one is by far the worst. I can't believe any movie with that music and a shark could not be scary in the least. The Jaws great white is the most terrifying monster in cinema history - even worse tahn the xenomoprhs from the Aliens films and The Predator from Predator (1987) - but it just doesn't scare here. But since this was made for 3D cinemas, the normal TV and video version can't really be criticised. It's like recording a video game and then showing it in the cinema - it's in the wrong place where it was never intended to be. Therefore, Jaws 3 doesn't work. But you can't blame the makers. Jaws 3D worked in the cinema, and that's what they made it for. If you're a Jaws fan like me, you'll have to get it. At least you can imagine how good it was in the 3D cinemas. And the awesome video cover art is the best of all the Jaws films.

GoldenEye (1995)
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After A Six Year Wait, What A Disappointment...., 15 March 1999

THE big problem with GoldenEye is that it doesn't look very nice. The entire movie is full of nasty looking people, horrible sets and the locations (Cuba aside) are places you'd never, ever want to go. A staple of the Bond series is glamorous locations, so why here do we get dingy prison cells, arctic wastelands, even more dingy weapon facilities, a freight train, endless military buildings - it's horrible. The film is so grainy and dull and so depressing - the music is awful. When it is supposed to make the action seem exciting, the music makes it seem like the brilliantly staged stunts and chases don't matter, that there's no point in being alive - who the heck decided to put that music in? The stunts are typically superb, and the action scenes are well staged and shot - pity the music, which is far too loud anyway, completely ruins them. You can't enjoy the thrills and spills when the score is trying desperately to depress you. Also, Bond shouldn't use a machine gun. I know modern action anti-heroes do, but Bond isn't a modern hero, he has class and style and standards. Can you imagine Connery or Moore with a machine gun? No, far too clumsy and thuggish. Brosnan is a great Bond. True, he's not much like the character in the novels, but why should he be? This is a film, not a book, and so has to be changed accordingly to work in a completely different medium. Dalton tried to play the character in the novels, and look what happened to him.

Overall, this has potential from the director of the brilliant Zorro movie, but it's just so appallingly horrible to look at and depressing to listen to. That the cast, characters and action is/are very good makes little difference in the end. A missed opportunity, sure, but it meant Tomorrow Never Dies could be made - a far superior film in every way.

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One Of The Best Of The Bonds...., 15 March 1999

LICENCE to Kill is a great movie., with some great action scenes, good acting all round and an intriguing central character played excellently by Dalton. Unfortunately, the public do not really care for this interpretation of the famous character after so long with Roger Moore's more easily likeable character. A shame, because this is one of the best Bond films - pacy, exciting, with a tense atmosphere unusual for a film of this series - and a stunning oil-tanker chase at the climax. Undoubtedly the most impressive action sequence in any Bond movie. Overall, if you just accept this for what it is rather than wishing it was in the Moore or Connery style, you won't be disappointed.

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