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a scene-for-scene rehash of Batman Forever, 9 November 1999

Since the first three Bat-movies were so creative and entertaining, law of film averages would suggest part 4 would suffer a definite drop in quality. Ther first 3 are all completely different to each other. Batman & Robin is quite literally a scene-for-scene rehash of Batman Forever (watch it it if you don't believe me)but with all the characters except Robin being as silly as possible. And the fight scenes are absolutely appalling. Still, atleast we do have three incredible Batflicks to enjoy until Batman 5.

Se7en (1995)
Second only to The Silence of the Lambs, 9 November 1999

Se7en is easily one of the best psychological thrillers ever made. The only probelm being, like in David Fincher's Alien 3, that there isn't enough excitement for a thriller. The climax is excellent though - I won't spoil it for you, but when Sommersset says over his walkie-talkie: "Doe has the upperhand", it kicks off one of the most original and brave finales to any film for a long, long time. As to the issue of which is better, this or The Silence of the Lambs, I can only point to the fact that Lambs isn't the sort of film the Oscar board likes at all, and it was still awarded the five main Oscars. Se7en wasn't.

And please, if you are going to comment on Se7en yourself, DON'T GIVE AWAY WHO THE KILLER IS! Don't spoil it for those who haven't seen it.

Kickboxer (1989)
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One the the greatest films ever made, 11 October 1999

Kickboxer is a hauntingly beautiful portrayal of brotherly love, expressed through the ballet of kicking people as hard as you can. Watch as Jean Claude Van-Damme's brother is ruthlessly and evily almost kicked to death, and how JC himself heroically almost kicks the culprit to death. Van Damme deserved an Oscar for the way he portrayed his grief and anger through one blank facial expression. People say Hollywood treats it's audience like idiots, but they delivered a wonderful film here for people who want to see other people being KICKED REALLY, REALLY HARD.

4 out of 4 people found the following review useful: a way...., 11 October 1999

While not as good as Spider-Man Strikes Back (1978), this is amusing stuff, with some extremely cool fight scenes and painful sound effects. Nicolas Hammond finally gets a decent(ish) haircut, and he goes to Japan to battle a couple of low-rent kung fu types. the theme tune is great, and Spidey himself is ridiculously funky. Go on, watch it - you know you want to!

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Watching this movie should be made illegal..., 28 June 1999

I simply cannot believe how completely and utterly awful this film is. It really, really is terrible. It's the worst film ever made (although Jean-Claude Van Damme has made a lot of films that come close). It's obvious what happened - a cash-in on the official Connery series was to be made, and the producers knew they couldn't match the real films, so they made it a surreal farce with as many past-it guest stars as possible. But who ever directed it has obviously never seen a Bond movie, because this is nothing like it whatsoever. Truly, unremmittingly dire, appaling, ridiculously awful, 100% lame, an utter turkey, lousyness in spades...

Entertaining, if nothing else..., 24 June 1999

If you listened to this with your eyes closed you'd think,'Why is Bruce Willis talking in a woman's voice?'', before realising it's not Die Hard 4, but The Long Kiss Goodnight. Yes, it's yet another 'action' film that is actually a load of people being shot by the so-called 'heroes'. But what makes this notable is that it's Geena Davis here slaughtering the bad guys and muttering tough quips, like the oh-so-feminist 'suck my d**k!'. when the bad guys are after her.

Directior Renny Harlin, and presumably Davis herself think women can only appear tough if they are mean, swear constantly and try and be men. But was Ripley from Aliens like that? No sir. Although other reviews here say there is a lot of action, there really isn't until the end - this is an action thriller rather that just an action movie. The stuff at the climax - fist fights, helicopters, mine shafts, loads of baddies and the biggest explosion you've ever seen (really) are worth hangin' around for. Oh, and Samuel L. Jackson is hilarious.

Dr. No (1962)
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'First the worst...', 24 June 1999

Well, Dr. No is the worst Bond film. Just 'cos it was the original, doesn't mean it is the best. That's just what stupid purists may say. However, without it we wouldn't have classics like Goldfinger, Tommorrow Never Dies and The Spy Who Loved Me, so show a bit of gratitude you young punks.

Not an action movie but a slick, tense thriller, 24 June 1999

Although Harrison Ford gets chased, punched and shot at in nearly every movie he's in, it's odd here because you're so used to him turning round and decking all the bad guys, and he doesn't here. Instead, he gets mixed up in a large bunch of political intrigue, involving terrorists, a last-gasp helicopter escape and of course loads of's an acceptable thriller, but with an immature 'even the President is corrupt' theme, and Ford is even more straight faced than ever.

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James Bond 007, OHMSS and OAP, 24 June 1999

People criticise this movie more than every other Bond (except Licence To Kill), but it's great. An old man who can barely stand up romancing a girl 1/8th of his age and decking all the machine gun totting bad guys is the charm of the movie. Mayday is rubbish, and Bond only sleeps with her to be PC, but it's good stuff. Purists who take the series too seriously won't like it, but they can stick to watching You Only Live Twice over and over and over again. Oh, and the Golden Gate bridge climax is great.

The Client (1994)
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Well, I didn't fall asleep...., 24 June 1999

Like all Schumacher movies, this is seriously flawed. It's quite interesting, and the acting is universally good, but it's a strictly by-the-numbers legal thriller with the twist that the innocent on the run, as in all Grisham films, is a kid (very well played though). Tommy Lee Jones has a large cameo rather than a leading role, playing his Fugitive role of a US Marshal who laughs at just about everything. If it's on TV you might want to watch it, but don't rent it. The Pelican Brief is much better.

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