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Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, 25 November 2003

I'm a big fan of Ben Stiller, Jeanine Garfuello, and Andy Dick. They had some good skits, but overall I think the show was less than the sum of the parts. This probably lead to its demise. It was also competing with similar shows such as "In Living Color" and "Kids in the Hall".

Like many other skit shows, the skits were either outrageously clever and funny, or horrible. I think Ben Stiller was funny at first being Bruce Springsteen, but this got old.

My favorite skit was The Monkees parody "The Grungies". They did and excellent job with this one. They included every detail, including the opening of the show, when they introduce the characters, and they show the four "grunge" heads at the end of the opening.

The "one" parody of U2 was good too.

It's been about 10 years since there's been any good skit tv. It's time to dump the reality shows and get back into skit comedies.

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Stupid, but Guaranteed to make you laugh, 18 November 2003

"Friends" is like a great aging football dynasty. It had its glory, but now its getting old and predictable. Good Morning Miami is one of the many attempts for NBC to capture the glory of making good sitcoms. The show started out terrible and could have easily been a 3 episode wonder, but NBC came into the huddle and saved the day.

Constance Zimmer is one of the best characters I've seen on sitcoms. Although she's a bit lazy and smart alecky, she can definitely put anybody in his place. She is definitely more complicated and more human than some of these other assisants portrayed on other shows. She's funny, cute, smart, and knows more than you expect. She's the type of women that many men like. I just can't believe she's going with Gavin on the show. I wished that she dated Jake for more than one episode. I think they would have been and interesting couple. Jake really needs a challenge like her.

I like the additon of Tiffany Theissen and Jillian Barberie (she's everywhere like Kelly Ripa). I can almost bet Kelly Ripa will appear on one of the episodes.

This sitcom has alot of potential. As long has NBC pumps good ideas in the show, I think it will be successful.

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A Horrible Horror Movie, 26 July 2003

When this movie came out in 1986, I had no car. A friend told me that it was good, therefore I walked through 2 miles of rain, slush, and sleet, to see this movie. All I saw was garbage. The real horror of this movie is having to see it. So I walked through all that muck just to see a woman's head get shattered by a basketball (thrown by a robotic Kristy Swanson).

This movie needs MST3K!!!

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Great Show for its Time, 24 July 2003

This was the perfect Sunday evening show from 1990-1994. It was nice to end a weekend on a totally hilarious show. Although, this show was based on African American comedy, it really tried hard to appeal to everybody. And people who deserved to be made fun of were made fun of.

Favorite Skits:

Jim Carrey as Captain Hazelwood (Exxon Valdez): Everything that Jim Carrey touched turned into a disaster. The coffee maker spitted out coffee everywhere. His wife packed him a quart of whiskey in his lunch box.

Keenan Ivory Wayans as Richard Pryor: It showed Richard Pryor getting scared by eating a box of cereal late at night. You really have to be familiar with Richard Pryor to get the joke, but I thought it was real funny.

Lassie 1990: Lassie as a pit bull brings in a severed arm and Kelly Coffield and Jim Carrey play naive mother and son. They were so naive it was funny.

Keenan Ivory Wayans as Bill Cosby: Bill Cosby was selling condemns to prevent "stupid" people from producing more "stupid" people. It was a parallel to Bill Cosby's Jello Pudding Pops. The Cosby skit was done very well, with all of Bill Cosby's famous facial expressions.

Homie the Clown: All were good, but I especially like the Christmas one.

The show sputtered towards the end, when some of the main characters left and the jokes got old, but for the first 2 years it was awesome.

Hobgoblins (1988)
So Bad it's Funny, 8 July 2003

This movie was so cheesy, tacky, and horrendous it made a great MST3K episode. Being made in the 80's even added to the laughter. It had every tacky 80's music and fashion theme you can ever imagine. Seeing the girl getting attacked by the stuffed animal posing as a hobgoblin was hilarious. It's like they taped a stuffed bear to a womans head and made her roll around and scream. "Club Scum" was hilarious. Take the worst night club in the 80's and make it even worse, with horrible characters. There was a scene when a car rolled off a hill and MST3K Croww said "this movie is so bad, even the car is trying to get out of it". Did the director intentionally made this film bad? Was it made for a class project? Hobgoblins is "Gremilins" made with a $300 budget.

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One of the Greatest Ideas ever come to TV, 8 July 2003

MSTK 3K was never meant to be a quality show. It's simply a cheesy skit to make fun of really, really bad movies. In a world, where everybody takes things too seriously, this show produces a much needed boost of comedy. Sitcoms tend to become the same, and humor anymore is few and far between. There is just a finite number of plot lines that a sitcom can have. And many sitcoms tend to outlast their usefullness (Friends and Fraiser). However, MST3k, the humor is always refreshing. Joel (or Mike) and the robots never run out of potshots during a movie. So many movies become untentionally funny, because they are so poorly made. The robots are very clever, when they can relate contemporary events with old movies. I'll never forget when Croww T. Robot, said when he saw a wrecked T-bird "Teddy Kennedy are you alright?"

The shorts are very clever too. They make fun of the stupid short films that you had to watch in elementary school. (Posture, grooming, what to do on a date).

The only thing that one must watch out for, is that sometimes people don't get the jokes that the robots are pitching. As long as one is up on current events, he would find this show hilarious.

I remember watching the movie when it came out to theaters in 1996. I have never been in an audience that laughed so much.

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Excellent Formulistic 70's Show, 7 July 2003

This show always made me chuckle. Every show had the same plot. Barnaby runs down the kidnappers with his 3 ton Ford LTD, gets shot at, ducks, and kills the kidnappers with a single shot. Then Barnaby frees the young blonde woman tied up in a barn.

The opening of the show was good too. And the always showed who plays the guest characters. Many 70's shows always had a title to the particular show. (Streets of San Fransico) That's one thing, which is missing about todays shows. Many shows today, don't even a have an opening or a list of credits. One must look up a show in the imdb to see who the actors are. Of course nothing can top the opening of "Hawaii Five-O", that was the best part of that show.

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Neat Concept, 3 July 2003

I thought it was a neat concept to see the struggles of a boy growing up in the 60's and 70's. There's no other show like it. I liked Wayne,he was the perfect mean brother. But then again, I couldn't be afraid of an older brother if he were only 5 foot 3. But then again, Kevin Arnold looked 8 years old, even when he was in high school. I liked the mean Becky Slater played by Winnie Coopers real life sister, Crystal McKellar. Not too many shows have an aggressive 12 year-old who chases guys or just acts plain mean. Winnie Cooper on the other hand, was not as exciting as Becky Slater, though I like the actress Danica McKellar. Danica is good in everything I've seen her in.

The one thing though, that got old, was the constant narration. Kevin Arnold was always thinking out loud. Please Kevin, turn off the loud speaker from your brain.

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They should do one where they go back to 1985., 23 June 2003

It's so hard to believe that the movie is nearly 20 years-old!. The movie was ahead of it's time in 1985, and still good today. I wonder what they thought in 1985 about what 2005 was going to be like.

It's one of those movies that is very funny without offending anyone. It really made fun of the 1950's. The black busboy (future mayor) who wants to be mayor and clean up the town and the crank white boss says "you can start by cleaning the floor". The movie how clean the town was in the 50's and full service gas stations, but yet the attitudes are so ignorant. And the mother falling for her future son is totally hilarious. Just the kind of humor that nobody thought of before.

I really think they should do a movie in 2005, where they go back to 1985 and make fun of the 80's.

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Great Show for all types, 18 January 2003

It's difficult to find great comedy without being to risky for some people. Shows such as Seinfeld, Golden Girls, and Empty Nest can always light a smile on anybody.

I really liked David Leisure's character on this show "Charlie". He would just walk in the neighbors house grab a beer and off he went. He was so stupid and inept, he was funny.

Park Overall and Marsha Warfield added character to the show as well.

It did what TV supposed to do, make you laugh and forget about your problems.

Richard Mulligans passing was a great loss.

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