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Zhang Yimou does it again, 15 January 2004

After his stunning photography work in "Yellow Earth" Zhang Yimou shows he can work in enclosed spaces just as well as open fields. Also, this film shows Zhang Yimou in his first acting role.

This film fits in well with first runs of the 5th generation directors, and is dire need of a good transfer to dvd. In a large part, this film is very much in tune with propaganda films coming out of cCina at the time, but this story of lost love found and sacrifice for the community maps well to international filmgoers.

After "Yellow Earth" capital began to flow at an increased rate into the Chinese film industry, and this piece is one that should not be forgotten. Sandwiched between two great films photographed by Zhang Yimou, "Yellow Earth" and "Red Sorghum", any fan of his work will not be left disappointed.

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left with too many questions, 15 January 2004

watching this film, i was left with too many unanswered questions at the end of it. the first thing i had to say was "...okkkk". in the end i felt a little unsatisfied. the relationship between lanxiu and shidou could have been developed a little more.

maybe i was approaching the film in the wrong manner. coming from the "old well" and "yellow river" perspective, this doesn't seem to hold up as well as some of the other 5th generation director's films.