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The Matrix (1999)
Very campy
17 June 2000
The Matrix would have been a decent film had it not been for the recurring, overdone messiah theme. To me, it lost all believability when Neo comes back to life after being kissed. An otherwise very original storyline was ruined by a predictable ending and a theme that's been done ad nauseum. I think I'll pass on part 2 and 3.
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M*A*S*H: Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen (1983)
Season 11, Episode 16
Very tough to say goodbye.
15 June 2000
When M*A*S*H ended in 1983, the cutline in the tv guide read, "130 million Americans laughed and cried as the 4077th went home." I finally saw the final episode about a year ago; laughing and crying is exactly what I did. It's ironic--in many ways, M*A*S*H was a parody of the Army in the Korean War. Its characters, though, were totally thorough and convincing. This, without a doubt, is the very best series finale of all time. Seinfeld doesn't even light a candle to this one.
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Contains my all-time favorite movie line
24 May 2000
I loved this film. It was very well done and a great way to end arguably the greatest movie trilogy of all time (with a respectful nod to Star Wars). This movie contains a line that has become my favorite in cinema history. When Doc is in the bar, depressed over being dumped by Miss Clara, sitting with a bottle of whiskey in front of him and holding a shot of whiskey, he spills the beans on the future. This violates all his beliefs about not messing with the space/time continuum. One of the men at the bar notices that Doc has been talking abstractly about the future for hours, discussing inventions that nobody understands. "How many has he had?" the man asks. And then the line that--in my opinion--is a priceless classic: "NONE! That's his first one and he hasn't touched it yet! He just likes to sit there and hold it!"
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RocketMan (1997)
Very funny
17 February 2000
This movie was very funny. A lot of the humor was very spontaneous and original. I love how he gets everyone to sing "He's got the whole world in his hands" and how he passes the time in the isolation chamber by conducting his own puppet show. Leonard Maltin definitely missed the boat by giving this film a bomb rating; considering that he called this film and Judd Nelson's "From the Hip" a bomb while giving two stars to "Senior Trip", Maltin has given me sufficient reason to take his reviews with a grain of salt.
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17 February 2000
This movie had as much suspense as an old rerun that you've already seen dozens of times. I actually found myself cheering for the aliens, who magically get defeated despite possessing technology thousands of years ahead of our own. This would be comparable to a gang of vikings attacking a company of marines, who are armed with machine guns, rocket launchers and claymore mines, and somehow managing to win. This movie was sappy at best and stupid at worst. If you want a special effects-clad film with a lot of suspense, watch Deep Impact instead.
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2010 (1984)
Well-intentioned but poorly done
18 January 2000
First of all, the actor playing the Russian agent at the beginning of the film didn't even attempt to sound Russian. Bozhe moj!!! Second of all, the movie deviates from the book at the worst possible moments. In the book, a Chinese spacecraft tries to beat Leonov to Discovery, only to meet its untimely demise on Europa. This is KEY to the book, yet it is completely left out of the movie. The book mentions almost nothing of the Cold War, and yet the movie seemed to dwell on it.

Also, there's a climactic part in the book where Dave Bowman actually ventures INSIDE Jupiter. This too is left out of the film. There are many other discrepancies that I don't have the energy to indulge into (like Lithgow's character being afraid of heights--how the heck did he become an astronaut??). There's an old cliche--the book is better than the movie. With 2010, that is absolutely true. I'd give the movie * and a half. This for deviating from the book at so many unnecessary moments.
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The Babe (1992)
The truth hurts
1 October 1999
I must respectfully take exception with the individual who insisted that the Babe was not an around the clock carouser and womanizer. Reading Ruth's biography strongly suggests otherwise. As for the movie, I had to gag when Babe Ruth shows up to the ballpark dead drunk and hits a home run. The Babe was good, but not THAT good (unless, of course, the outfielder has sympathy and lets Ruth have an inside-the-park home run). The movie was accurate for the most part, although it annoyed me how it seemed to justify and excuse all of Ruth's selfish, self-indulgent ways.
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1 October 1999
Films like this make me realize why I seldom watch foreign films. To me, this is typical of Europe: sex sells. As for this film, I found it neither amusing nor appropriate. It did, however, have nice acting and cinematography. Those two attributes are the only things that salvage any respectability to this film.
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National Lampoon's Senior Trip IS worse!!!
30 September 1999
National Lampoon's Senior Trip was so stupid that it made me want to sterilize my television and declare my home a non-National Lampoon sanctuary. At least Plan 9 was so stupid that it was funny. I couldn't help but laugh at the corny dialogue, the cheesy special effects, and the director's wife's chiropractor pulling his cape up to his eyes to hide the fact that he was NOT Bela Lugosi. Granted, Plan 9 is nothing short of a BOMB rating. But it's one of the best of the bombs, and it'll make you laugh if you have an open mind.
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Senior Trip (1995)
I came, I saw, I groaned.
8 September 1999
Although most film critics consider "Plan 9 From Outer Space" the worst film ever made, I submit that "National Lampoon's Senior Trip" was much worse. Without question, it was THE worst film I've ever seen. It condones and makes a joke out of drug use, and the heroes of the movie are stoned-out students who have complete contempt for authority or students who are interested in academics. Sorry, but I find nothing funny about a film that relies on juvenile gutter humor and stereotypical clueless authority figures to sell tickets. It was so horrible that I didn't even see the ending. I didn't have to: based on the comments I've read, my predictions were right on target. In fact, if predicting endings of pathetic films like this was as easy as predicting the course of the stock market, I could bankrupt Bill Gates. My rating for "National Lampoon's Senior Trip": BOMB!
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The Carol Burnett Show (1967–1978)
The BEST comedy series of all time!
28 August 1999
Half of the fun of watching Carol Burnett and Friends was watching the actors and actresses try to maintain straight faces during their skits, even when on the inside they were dying to burst out laughing. What made this series funny is that the actors and actresses ad-libbed most of their lines. This way, even the other actors didn't know what would be said next. I've seen many episodes of this show and each one of them keeps me laughing. This is comedy at it highest, at a time when humor was based on slapstick humor and the totally unexpected instead of sexual one-liners. If you ever get a chance to see this show, watch it. You won't be disappointed--especially if you're fortunate to see the episode where Lyle Waggoner is a prisoner of war in WWII interrogated by German officers Harvey Korman and Tim Conway.
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Adam Sandler's best movie
23 May 1999
A very heartwarming, touching movie. Sandler's character is a man who wants to fall in love and get married instead of the Hollywood norm of getting sex and moving on to the next girl. Although crude in parts, Sandler is very hilarious and does a good job with the movie and the 80s jokes (such as when Julia's mother talks about couples who'll stay together and cites Donald and Ivana Trump). The other characters are believable, the soundtrack is great, and, well, I got to grew up in the Eighties so this film brought back pleasant memories. Without question, this is Adam Sandler's best film yet.
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I don't care what you did last summer!
23 May 1999
This film is awful because it falls into the trap that so many horror slasher films have fallen into. Except for the main one, the characters generally aren't likeable, there is absolutely nothing suspenseful in this movie, and worst of all, the ending gives away the fact that the producers couldn't leave bad enough alone by indicating that there would be a sequel.
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Frightmare (1983)
Scarier than I Know What You Did Last Summer
23 May 1999
Frightmare obviously will never win an academy award, but it is something that most low-cost horror movies aren't--scary. The star, an aging horror film actor, gets posthumous revenge on those who decide to kidnap his corpse. The sequences of their murders are suspenseful and chilling as they get picked off one by one. The easiest death is by gas chamber and the worst is by live cremation. For those who like mindless entertainment, tey may not like this movie. But for those who like movies about retribution getting served for a bunch of grave robbers, this would be up their alley. Though not the best horror film ever made, but it certainly isn't the worst either. It's worth the 99 cent rental fee.
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Free Ride (1986)
This movie STINKS
27 April 1999
I've seen B-rated horror movies that are bad, but none approach the stupidity of this movie. Without question, this has to be the worst movie I've ever seen. Read the dictionary instead of watching this movie.
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Primal Fear (1996)
Intriguing movie with a shocking ending
30 March 1999
Every once in a while Hollywood produces a movie with an enticing plot and an ending that makes you glad you are merely a spectator. This is such a movie. The story line excellently plays up to the climax, which is so shocking that it is chilling.
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The Curse (1987)
Saying this movie stinks is like saying Robert DeNiro is Italian
30 March 1999
To say that The Curse stinks is like saying Robert DeNiro is Italian. I found the way this movie stereotypes Christians offensive. For Claude Aikens to have been in this movie means that he probably needed money to pay his bills. Save your money and time and start a belly button lint collection instead.
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One of the all-time great court room dramas
16 March 1999
I must take exception with those who thought the plot was corny. I found it extremely suspenseful. Such a story could really happen, which makes the movie that much easier to relate to. Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Kevin Bacon, Jack Nicholson, and the late J.T. Walsh gave commendable performances (especially Jack Nicholson when he's being interrogated on the stand). If you like court room dramas that pertain to the military, A Few Good Men won't disappoint you.
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