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Lie with Me is HOT, 21 February 2005

I saw Lie with Me at another recent screening and I loved it. As a 30 something woman I felt that this movie really spoke to me. I got from it all the things I loved about Lost in Translation and the Sunset/Sunrise movies with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. Visually I think it is stunning, and the sex is really hot, but never gratuitous or porn-like. The supporting characters are strong as well and nicely developed in very economical scenes. The film never drags and there is not a single wasted frame. Eric Balfour smolders and I totally bought Lauren Lee Smith's journey of self-discovery. I highly recommend this film – Hope it gets released soon!

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Don't Miss It!, 14 June 2001

This is a clever, thrilling, beautifully written, well crafted movie. It is at once bitingly funny and absolutely terrifying. It is a rare treat to see strong women in a horror film. The lead actresses are perfect as sisters Ginger and Brigitte and Mimi Rogers as their Mom is hilarious. Do yourself a favour and see this film.

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I was disappointed, 18 April 2001

Without giving anything away, I have to say that I found this movie very disappointing. The foreshadowing was so obvious, that it actually ruined the ending for me. With such a strong cast I really expected more. I never felt invited into the picture to share the feelings and emotions of the characters at all. Too bad too because I was so looking forward to finally seeing it.