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A film which contains humour that will never decompose... unlike Bernie!!
22 May 2001
I first saw this film at about 2:00am one morning and knew that I had to have it. Okay, so it's a one joke movie, but hey it is still incredibly funny. It is a film that encapsulates the eighties and the two lead roles are perfect. The actor who played Bernie's corpse deserves an oscar as although he doesn't say a single word it honestly seems he is dead!! Classic moments include Bernie waterskiing and Bernie making love to his girlfriend (he is of course dead in both scenes.) A must for anyone who wants a good laugh.
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If singing furry aliens and hip 80's clothes are your bag, this is the film for you!
25 September 1999
While fingering through the videos for less than £5.00, I found nestled between Dirty Dancing and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, this film. Being a great fan of Jim Carrey, I brought immediately. When I sat down, to watch it, I was surprised. Firstly by its low rating (sexual themes are present) and by the bizarreness of the songs. It has a star cast of Jim Carrey and Jeff Goldblum. Yet, this is not your typical comedy. This is a musical that stretches the bounds of 80's tastelessness. With PVC and over the top fingernails everywhere, it is hard not to laugh. Yet every actor pulls his or hers weight. Jim Carrey is in a lesser role here as a surf dude alien while Jeff Goldblum is the suave and mature alien. All in all it's a good laugh, and not much else !
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The Duck Factory (1984– )
Jim Carrey in a TV series where he plays a straight normal guy. No facial antics!
4 March 1999
Well, I got this on video as a birthday present and was shocked with what I saw. Jim Carrey was playing a normal person and to tell the truth was not as funny as he could have been but hey he was still funny. He'd played this cartoonist fresh in Hollywood. All the actors try their best but to tell the truth the storyline is a bit thin on the ground.
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