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Good premise, bad luck of draw, 3 March 1999

"Don't you know how he got his name 'Lightning...One day we were drunk. It was raining. He went to the roof and started swinging on the antenna. I told him to get down. Ligtning struck him and he fell down. I went to see if he was alright. Do you know what he said?...'Lightnin' What you don't believe me? Well it makes a good story anyway." "Then its decided." -LIGHTNING FORCE- Basic dialog from lines at end of pilot. Premise: A military strike leader is captured. Forced to read a false statement, he refuses and is executed. His former team go after the man responsible for his death. The show revolves around a world-wide team of anti-terrorists. "Lightning Force was on sydicated channels. My home station of WDCA-20 (Wash DC) showed it before Superboy: the Series.

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Danza flops another :(, 3 March 1999

I like Tony Danza's shows, as I do Scott Bayo, after all I'm a product of the eighties. The show was slow to start off with, but gained momentum toward the end. Hopefully it will be able to show up in reruns on a Police TV Show Cable Station.