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Timeline (2003)
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...Surprisingly, pretty good., 19 October 2005

Having read and enjoyed Michael Crichton's Timeline, you may be surprised that I actually quite liked the film. Admittedly, if you were going into it expecting the subtle nuances of the 14th century world, you were going to be pretty quickly disappointed. Subtle nuances don't sell action flicks, unfortunately. (But then, if you were going into a Michael Crichton scifi-book-to-film translation expecting accuracy to the book, you obviously never saw "The Lost World", which in terms of book-to-film accuracy makes this look like "The Lord of the Rings" by comparison. In fact, given how the Jurassic Park series fared, I was pleasantly surprised that material from the early chapters (before we meet our main characters) was even included at all.) Taken for what it is - a popcorn film - it's a pretty good one. Some of the acting could use a little work, and the explosions were stretching credibility (yes, Mr. Donner, you directed Lethal Weapon, there's no need to rub our faces in it) but pretty generally I found this movie inoffensive enough.

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It's OK., 20 September 2003

I refuse to believe this is the worst sketch show on Australian TV - for starters, there's the truly appalling Comedy Inc.

This is a fair show, a bit hit and miss but there's some good stuff in there. Australian Fast Bowler is fantastic. (I believe whoever wrote that other comment is missing the point - what the parody is in this case is of sports hero worship, not individual fast bowlers. And superheroes are called generic things like "Superman" and "Batman" hence "Australian Fast Bowler".) Tripod are better singers than they are actors, but they're always funny.

Good but not great., 24 May 2003

Overall I found "Whale Rider" to be a good movie, uplifting in that every character - eventually - got what was coming to them. That said, I found the movie to be fairly slow in places and heavy on the symbolism: whales are not the most expressive of creatures so I found it hard to determine exactly what I was being expected to conclude at points. A nice try from our cousins across the Tasman, but not an essential watch. 7/10.

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Just plain great., 15 May 2003

We have here, a bitter war of words between people who like this show and peolpe who like the other one, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

I have to place myself in this camp. SatAM Sonic is brilliant. Great plots, a working set of characters with fantstic depth (a remarkable effort, given most of them have no SEGA backstory), and pitched at the right level. Not patronising. At just the right distance from the games.

I am told I should "lighten up" about the other show - it is suggested that one is more appropriate for children.

My little brother was under 10 when both these shows came on. We were taping both. Within _one month_, he was fast-forwarding through the "dumb ones" in order to get to SatAM.

But look out for "Sonic X" coming later this year.

I rest my case.

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Wow. Interesting., 21 November 2001

"The Man Who Sued God" - well, right from the start, it's an attention-grabbing name.

The story of retired lawyer Steve Myers (Billy Connolly), whose boat is struck by lightning and, well, he wouldn't beat the insurance companies, so theres gotta be _someone_ to sue, is... interesting to say the least. Connolly and Judy Davis are great, Billy in particular being roaringly funny at some points. Although for all its funniness the film raises some interesting questions as well, like: can the churches sue insurance companies for "breach of copyright" on the phrase "Acts of God"?

A great film.

That good old R & B lunacy., 19 October 2001

So why are ther so many negative reviews of this movie? It wasn't bad. No one was looking for an Oscar-quality movie, just like the TV show wasn't about to win any awards either. R & B was silliness. That's what it was. And that's what this is.

Contrary to what some people wrote, I felt a lot like I was watching R & B, the TV show. Any time the characters conversed with the narrator, any time Bullwinkle was dumb, any time they poked fun at themselves (Narrator: RBTV renamed itself from Really Bad Television to Rocky & Bullwinkle Television.

Bullwinkle: What's the difference?), I thought, "Yup, that's R&B alright. It was silly. To the point of films being green-lighted by a big green lighthouse on a film set. The whole "kid" thing with Karen Sympathy was a bit dull, as was her sub-plot once the characters split up.

But most of R & B's scenes are funny enough. The casting is great too (except I would've put DeVito as Boris myself)

But Whoopi Goldberg as "Judge Cameo", and the scene where Robert DeNiro as Fearless Leader parodies his own "Are you talking to me?" monologue... brilliant.

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Probably the most hideous television show ever created., 21 June 2001

No. I'm sorry... but no. This show is pathetic. The "humour" usually consists of over-used sight gags and dumb slapstick. The character development, on a scale of one to ten, is about negative five. Tails, a charcter with so much potential from the games, has the personality of cardboard and a voice actor to match. (Seriously, his every second line is "Ah! Help me, Sonic!"). Robotnik has all of a sudden gone from being an evil genius to being a complete buffoon. The new characters created for the show are tedious and stupid, often stereotypical (ie Prof. Kaninestein). All in all, a show for those with age and/or IQ in single figures. I will never in my life figure out why Sega agreed to put their flagship character to this sad attempt at a television show. Find the Sonic Anime. Find SatAM. Even find Sonic Underground, which isn't the best example of animation in the world either. But it's better than this. Getting root canal without anaesthetic is better than this.

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I'll be watching., 8 July 2000

Well. We've only got two episodes of this show down here in Oz so far. I've watched both.

It's a funny show. Whatever people say, it IS "the next Simpsons"... it's damned funny! The only difference in style I cn pick is that it's more surreal... talking dog, evil genius toddler, &c. This is a good thing. Enough shows in the world are constricted by "making sense", and it's good to see a show that isn't that way inclined. It's a bit like the "Dilbert" TV cartoon in that respect, e.g. weird things happening suddenly.

So, in summary, Simpsons + Dilbert, with a touch of "Married With Children". (That is, the a** jokes.) But the parodies it does are dead-on (I cracked up at William Shatner)

Watch it. I am.

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One of our country's greatest films., 8 July 2000

Adapted from Kit Denton's book "The Breaker", which in turn was based on a true story, this is a wonderful film highlighting the injustices of war. While there are some minor inaccuracies, on the whole it's a stunning experience. The creators of both book and film did their homework before creating as well: The final poem voiced-over by Edward Woodward during the firing squad preparations was actually written by the real Harry Morant, and the real Morant's last words were actually "Shoot straight you bastards, don't make a mess of it!" The highlight of the film though, must be Major Thomas' final summation, which apparently got a standing ovation at Cannes.

A Disney sequel as good as the first... My God!, 5 December 1999

Yes, you heard right. After the disappointments of the two Aladdin sequels and the Lion King sequel, Disney have teamed again with Pixar to create a Toy Story sequel... unlike the Aladdin and Lion King sequels, this sequel is good! In fact, it rocks! A good storyline teams up with various cameos from previous Pixar features (including the original Toy Story - e.g the way Buzz gazes up at the new utility-belted Buzz is reminiscent of the way Woody first saw Buzz in the original movie), and even a couple of ripoffs of other movies (Jurassic Park, Star Wars, et al). Great movie!

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