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Unfortunately another great show got canceled, 9 December 2001

Yet again another great show was canceled. Good thing shows like "Law & Order" & "The Practice" are still on the air. "Murder One" was an excellent show with great acting. The twists & turns on the show kept it riveting. I am a bit partial to Dylan Baker who's a very good actor. There won't be another good show like this again. If on the slim chance there is it will get canceled. Good shows always do.

"Friends" (1994)
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I have never gotten this show it's boring....., 9 December 2001

I don't know what it is I just don't find this show funny. It's so annoyingly boring. Funny are shows like: Father Ted, Coupling, Brilliant,The Young Ones, Absolutely Fabulous, Married With Children, The Simpsons, MAD T.V. both versions of Men Behaving Badly(British & American)& Family Guy. Now that's funny,my friends like "Friends", but I just don't get the show. I don't like it,I don't understand what the big fuss is over this show. The one person who is even close to funny on that show is Jennifer Aniston when she was on "The Edge". The sooner this show ends the better, that & "Will & Grace" another boring show!

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Every time I watch this wonderful film I cry without fail....., 30 July 2001

This is one rare films I can watch over & over again & cry every time. It's so intensely touching Tom Hulce gives such a moving performance. His character Nicky is pure, gentle, innocent & Hulce plays it beautifully. It's such a gem of a film & the sad part is when I tell people it's in my top ten. They have never heard of it. It's like everything else though. If it isn't trendy not a lot of people know or even consider watching it. This movie is a tradition for my mom & I whenever we watch it we always have a box of Kleenex near by. Jamie Lee Curtis gives a really good performance as Ray Liotta's girlfriend in the film.

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This was one of the best shows on cable!, 3 June 2001

MST3K was one of the BEST shows on cable on TV for that matter! In my opinion the funniest episodes were "Jackfrost", "Hurculese", "Werewolf", & "Hurculese vs The Moonmen". This show is so greatly missed by me & everyone I know. I will continue to record all the repeats I can find. Thank god "Sex & The City" hasn't been cancelled yet :)

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Well written & kept me laughing!, 6 May 2001

This show is hilarious! I will continue watching & I am even taping it for my friends who come over & have a total laugh fest! This show reflects the current intelligence of the White House thats for sure. I love that line, "One of these days Laura I'm gonna punch you in the face!" I love the episode where Dr. death blows up Pun Kin. It's well written, funny & I will continue to watch. I love South Park & I love this show. You go Trey Parker & Matt Stone!

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This was so disappointing & annoying...., 19 March 2001

Geoffrey Rush is one of my favorites to go from Shine to this was truly a huge step down. Thanks to "Quills" (excellent movie!) he came back again. This movie should have been on MST3k if they were still on. This was boring, predictable & most of all it was just an over all blah. It was a one time movie. If you want to see a good old fashioned ghost story watch "What Lies Beneath" that's a good movie. This was just plain dumb. It reminded me much of the "Scream" junk out there. I still go for more "Hellraiser", "Carrie" I know this isn't horror, but "Alien" still makes me jump. Basically if want to see something good don't see this. Read a good Clive Barker book or something that makes you jump. I only watched it because I thought Geoffery Rush would make it interesting. Not even he could that. It's sad, but even "Event Horizon" was better than this & that's saying something!

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Why on Earth would Malcolm McDowell even have wanted to be in this!, 18 August 2000

This movie was really bad. Don't even compare this to the original "9 1/2 Weeks" wich was a great film. This movie was a joke. Poor, poor, poor Malcolm McDowell to go from "Clockwork Orange" (one of Kubrick's best) to this horrid movie. I know it pays the bills, but seriously this was bad. There was no plot not one that really could be followed. Another poor soul, Paul Mercurio to go from "Strictly Ballroom" to this how low he had to go I feel sorry for him. Basically if you want to watch a good movie that deals with sex watch the original "9 1/2 Weeks". Not this one. The ending was really dumb. I can't suggest this film. I can suggest both "9 1/2 Weeks" or if you want something really interesting watch "Henry & June" GREAT MOVIE!

Mindwalk (1990)
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This blew my mind ......., 29 July 2000

I had first seen the trailer for this movie when watching Kafka & was instantly interested. It was well worth the money I spent! This movie really made me think. Sam Waterston (LAW & ORDER) was excellent in this role. He was just facinating in his diversity of acting. Liv Ulman who I had never seen until this movie kept me listening & John Heard was great too. If you like to think & like to watch just strict drama I recommend watching this movie. You have to be ready to just sit & watch . There is not body count or sex in this film. It's just pure, simple & facinating thinking. Oh yeah & catch Kafka if you can too great movie!

"Passions" (1999)
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This is the main reason why I watch Eastenders!, 12 April 2000

As I was flipping through channels I thought well I might give "Passions" one more try from the last time I had been bored by this show. Well low & behold I was bored once more. The actors are still bad, the story line is still bad & the show is still bad. I'll stick with "Eastenders" on the BBC a bit more realistic & not so damn cheesy by any means!

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I don't even watch other soaps anymore just this one!, 11 April 2000

Once I saw this on BBC America I got hooked. I don't even watch the other soaps anymore. This one is it. It's just really good. The acting is good, the story lines are good & there is one difference between Eastenders & the other soaps I used to watch. On almost every other soap I have watched "Days of our Lives" & "One Life To Live" they all were super rich. At least on this soap people have differences. They aren't all spewing money & that's a bit more realistic. Admittedly almost all soaps have a certain amount of cheese, but at least this one is the best of all of them!

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