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Not all these titles are rare or exceptional, they just have never been re-released or are currently unavailable (in the US). That being said, there is a certain charm to these forgotten titles and a joy in digging them up!
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The 1990's was a great time for filmmaking, it marked a resurgance of auteur films as countless fresh new filmmakers were making their mark on cinema in a brash, bold way. Here are my top 20 picks in no particular order...

I tried to limit myself to one film per director, so honorable mentions go to Casino, Pulp Fiction, Heat, Natural Born Killers, Schindler's List, Jungle Fever, Magnolia,
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A list of movies filmed on location on the streets of NYC circa 1970 - 1985. It started off as a topic in the recommendations message board and I decided to make a list out of it so others could enjoy this troubled part of NYC's past. The movies range from straight-up classics (The French Connection) to straight-up nonsense (1990 Bronx Warriors), but they all share one unique characteristic: a gritty, grimey atmosphere that can't be reproduced on a Hollywood soundstage. Enjoy.
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I want to share with you my love for Brazilian films, Brazil is a country that for me has one of the best track records for producing quality films (specifically in the past decade). They are at times intense, striking, and above all passionate pieces of cinema. It is a crime that their latest films are not getting the international distribution they deserve.

*I apologize if any crucial films were left out, I either forgot about them or haven't seen them yet.
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The list was compiled based on the strength of the Director's filmography and not on one film alone.
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When making a list about your favorite actresses, it's difficult to seperate beauty from acting ability. I will try my best...
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I based this list on body of work rather than one single performance.
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For a film buff like myself, making any sort of favorites or best movies list can be very difficult. Here it is, what I consider to be the 25 best movies in cinema history...

Some names that need to be mentioned although their films did not make the list: Terence Malick, John Woo, The Coen Bros., Sam Peckinpah, Alfred Hitchcock, Francois Truffaut, David Cronenberg, Ridley Scott, Peter Jackson.