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It's a Socialist Life, 1 December 2006

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Let me be no doubt a lone negative voice regarding this film, for which the best thing I can say is that it is an excellent piece of propaganda.

The movie appeals to the socialist nature of one's sense of life, and was an anti-capitalist propaganda film on the virtue of altruism. For instance, people who wanted their money at the beginning of the "run" on the savings and loan were negatively painted selfish. Old Man Potter was painted as the evil banker, when in fact a much more interesting and accurate spin would be to look at the lives positively affected because Potter managed his bank so well (he had the liquidity to handle his depositor's claims). Good ol' George, presented as the epitome of the virtuous man, possesses in fact an ethics of self sacrifice. Incompetent Uncle Billy, having "lost" the banks capital in a brown paper bag, is nevertheless sympathetically presented as Potter's victim, when in fact he is merely the price of George's immoral (and anti-capitalist) practice of sacrificial nepotism.

The nonsense goes on and on until towards the end we are struck over the head with what a "lucky man" George Baily is, as he mooches upon his friends and neighbors. The audience, especially women, tear up pondering the alleged "romance" portrayed, all the while the movie advances the philosophical principles of socialism farther than Karl Marx could have ever dreamed. Capra was essentially the Dickens of film.

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A wonderful movie with a distinctive historical twist, 8 July 2004

In short this movie was excellent. Quantitatively, I give it 9/10 (within its genre).

I just loved the "historical" twist and the lack of political correctness usually associated with "chivalrous" epics.

Expect no shining amour, no amazingly clean men and women, no perfect heroes nor perfect villains...... this movie is an attempt to inject some "plausible history" into the legend. They have dirt under their fingernails, unwashed hair, and dirty skin..... just what you would expect to see from people who lived at that time and who traveled the countryside on horse.

The acting was great, photography beautiful, and the plot and storyline entertained, moved, and challenged.

The movie may be offensive to hard-core Roman Catholics, as The Early Roman Church, is not portrayed, in a favorable light. However, it was never petty nor was the depiction that the entire church was corrupt, only its leaders.

In summary, I LOVED this movie. So much so that I will pay to see it again soon, and intent to buy the DVD.

Mark Frost