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Video Days (1991 Video)
there is a war outside.....
29 November 2003
...of your window. Classic lines by Jason Lee. Our skating buddy that made it to hollywood. This is one of the first skateboard video's that did not have 'only' punk music in it. Jackson 5, dinosaur jr, made it to the soundtrack. I don't have it anymore, classic from the early 90's. I give it a ten, just because it deserves a ten for the sake of skateboarding.
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Moonlight (2002)
Yeehaa, dutch movies are getting better and better.
24 February 2003
The guy at the videostore did not recommend it. A friend of mine did and i am glad i rented it. Afterwards the guy in the videostore confessed that he only saw the first ten minutes. Anyways, good movie, interesting subject. The kids play really good. mysterious surroundings. good camerawork. YEP! well done guys.
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one of the best
26 January 2003
I really love this movie, saw it again last week after 3 years or so. This movie is perfect, great acting, great story, great directing/camera-work/music. It is a gift to show it to someone you love. too bad jaco van dormael did not make more movies after this one. Top 5 work. Really!!

Today, it's 3 years and 3 days later then the comment above. it was never posted because it was not more than 10 lines. Anyway, i saw "le huitieme jour" again yesterday. This is with no doubt in my movie top 3. together with "Cinema Paradiso" which is also a masterpiece. The soundtrack is also really good. I am really curious about "jaco von dormael's" new movie. I hope it will complete my movie top 3. If you see this movie, rent it. Or even better. buy it. Because you will want to see it again.
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Hollow Man (2000)
What's wrong with me?
28 February 2001
Why does everybody hate this movie so much, it is not bad. I thought it was pretty entertaining and good. The special effects are great and the story was not bad at all, for a Hollywood movie. I liked the voyeur scene, something that's pretty common to do when you're invisible. The killing at the end went a little too quick. And getting up after the crowbar......mmmmm i am starting to dought if i still like this film. Yes, i do. Hooray for Verhoeven, not only because of his nationality but for his skills in moviemaking. 8/10
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