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Same level as Ace Ventura - 5 year old, 7 July 2000

In my opinion this movie is on the same level as most of Carrey's movies, such as Ace Ventura 1 & 2 and Cable Guy. Not very funny and pretty stupid. This movie isn't in the same league as Something About Mary and Dumb and Dumber, which were actually funny throughout the movie and can be watched over and over again. If it wasn't for Carrey's black "children" in this movie, it would have been a total waste of time to me. There were moments that I laughed, most of them being the scenes with his kids, but overall its a bunch of thrown together crap.

Several times I just said to myself "I can't believe they left that scene in the movie." Most of the audience seemed to agree with me since only 2 people were belly laughing throughout the movie (you know, the kind of people who laugh at anything that's remotely stupid) and the rest were mostly silent except for the rare chuckle.

Thinking about his movies it seems that most of the times I think Carrey was funny is when another character in the movie is reacting to something he did, as opposed to just Carrey running around being a retard.

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Good quality video with the standard Playboy cinematography., 26 February 1999

Good quality video with a 5 minute segment of each playmate. 60 minutes or less is about average length for Playboy videos, which seems too short for 12 playmates, however, what is there is nice. The Kelly Monaco segment is especially good.

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Fairly good, but not much shown on the "featured" playmates., 26 February 1999

I liked this video, but I only gave it a 6 because I mainly bought it to see the playmates on the back of the case (the "featured" playmates), and some of the playmates weren't even shown. The others had small scenes.

Great video if you're a Karen McDougal or Nikki Schieler fan., 26 February 1999

This is the video to get if you like Karen McDougal. There are quite a few nice scenes of her, a couple more "revealing" than a lot of the Playboy videos, where she's in a bathtub. I was surprised there was no footage of her becoming Playmate of the Year or accepting her prizes or anything. The second part of the video is a few segments on playmate Nikki Schieler, who I don't find especially attractive.