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Best Show on TV!!!, 11 April 2007

Friday Night Lights truly is one of the finest shows on TV today. It mixes drama, comedy, and youth with a little football thrown in for good measure.

The writers allow all of the characters to be seen from many different points of view, in many different situations and in the end, you cannot help but care in some way for each and every one of them!! Bravo for NBC for sticking with this little show that could! The ratings have not been stellar but the quality of the show has never been below amazing! Folks, tell your friends, neighbors, relatives - tell everyone that there is still quality shown on TV - that quality is Friday NIGHT LIGHTS!! Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Cant lose!!

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Ultimate Guy Movie, 19 November 2003

This is the ultimate Guy Movie. It has everything needed and it ROCKS!! It comes across as a kind of Pool Hall version of Rounders but better. Many of the negative comments of this movie must be coming from people who do not enjoy playing Pool.

Second String (2002) (TV)
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Made for TV Movie that kept my interest!, 19 December 2002

For a made for TV movie I thought that it was a great popcorn movie - don't expect anything to be very accurate and don't expect any award winners in this bunch but I do recommend this for a TV type version somewhat like "The Replacements". Look for cameos from real NFL players & officials.