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Charming brit-comedy, 23 May 1999

German exchange student (Hardy Kruger) comes to the fictional University College, Cambridge. A collection of stereotypical but enjoyable Varsity capers ensue. Sylvia Syms is positively radiant - the proverbial English Rose. She has a knack for bringing the film to life whenever she appears on screen. The remainder of the players form a very predictable bunch of undergrads in their mid-twenties and profs in ttheir mid-eighties. Lovely views of the City, and one or two well orchestrated set-pieces (the raid on all-female college Girton is notable) make this effortless viewing.

Beautiful, poetic, and ultimately boring, 25 February 1999

More a piece of kinetic art than a work of cinema, Terrence Malick's overlong war epic lacks any coherent narrative structure. With so little for the audience to hold on to, the mind wanders, the attention blurs, and the beautiful imagery and magical cinematography pass in front of our eyes with barely an emotion being raised. A bold statement about the monotony of war, reflected in the monotony of self indulgent cinema.