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Happy New Year, 14 October 1999

Falk is fantastic as a charming thief in this Americanized remake of Claude Lelouch's 1973 film "La bonne annee." With the help of partner Durning, both men set out to pull a heist on a Florida jewelery shoppe, but things don't always go as planned. Falk carries the picture with his savvy characterization, aided in many scenes by some masterful make-up, which received an Oscar nomination.

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Susan's Plan, 21 September 1999

Incoherent, unfunny John Landis comedy about a team of buffoons who try to pull off the perfect crime. Story is poorly structured with characters just running all over the place. Biehn is the only performance that raised my eyebrow. A grown man who spends his time playing Nintendo Games! How creative! Look out folks, he may play Lear next!

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Grace Under Fire, 21 September 1999

One of the great mysteries in the history of television: How did this show last? So-called comic Butler broke into prime-time television with yet another sitcom about a brassy, know it all female who tells it like it is. When Butler wasn't drunk or busy on drugs, the show was occasionally humorous. Frankly, the fact that the show lasted as long as it did shows ABC's "eye" for talent.

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Much Ado About Nothing, 15 September 1999

Well acted rendition of the bawdy Shakespeare romance-comedy about lovers being united with stand out performances from Hughes, in an excellent turn as bumbling constable Dogberry and Waterston as an aristocratic Benedick. For fans who want something different than the Branagh version.

Orlando (1992)
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Orlando, 10 September 1999

Stunning picture based on the Virginia Woolf novel about an immortal youth who sees the world from both sexes through the course of four centuries of change. Elegant in all areas especially in the costume design, which is handled by Academy Award winner Sandy Powell (Shakespeare in Love) and decadent design of the whole production. In the title role, Tilda Swinton is strikingly beautiful and brings energy and passion to the character in every scene. Although in a small role, this is Zane's best screen work as Sheimeidine, the "pursuer of liberty." Other stand out performances include Valandrey as a luminous woman whom Orlando adores and Crisp, exceptional early on in the film as Queen Elizabeth I.

"Oz" (1997)
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Oz, 7 September 1999

Fantastic series from "Homicide: Life on the Streets," creator

Tom Fontana and Academy Award winning director Barry Levinson about life in a maximum security prison where there is never a dull moment. Episodes of the show have been directed by some of Hollywood's elite, including Kathy Bates, Steve Buchemi and Chazz Palmintierri. Proof that there is still gritty, real life television on the air.

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Happy Days, 6 September 1999

One of the most popular television series of all time! It had it all; humor, heart and of course, the Fonz, played perfectly during the show's 10 year run by Henry Winkler. The show also featured great writing and directing and was supported by fans all around the world. It's one of those unique television experiences that should be bottled up and stored away for safe keeping, so that new generations of fans can appreciate and enjoy this treat just as we did.

Pure Luck (1991)
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Pure Luck, 5 September 1999

Strained, unfunny comedy that pits the obviously mismatched Short and Glover together for what is supposed to be a comedy but never reaches anything close to a laugh, with the possible exception of a sequence involving Short where he is stung by a bee and then puffs up like the Stay-Puff Marshmellow Man. Glover struggles with comedy, much like the later comedic effort, "Operation Dumbo Drop." The story of the rescue of an heiress is neither well developed nor interesting enough to keep an audience member in their seats.

Clifford (1994)
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Clifford, 5 September 1999

Short's comedic talents go to great waste in this awful comedy about a troublesome boy (Short) who terrorizes the life out of

Charles Grodin, who in the film looks disappointed in the sophomoric, unfunny material. Good thing...he has every right to look nauseated; this is an horrible film.

Hamlet (1996)
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Hamlet, 5 September 1999

Glorious adaptation of the finest play ever written with Branagh taking the helm once again as director and star of this massive four hour epic about lies, deception and treachery in Denmark. Splendid cinematography and a stand out performance by the great Jacobi as Claudius are the most striking elements of the film. But...Branagh's casting of familiar Hollywood faces forces me to coin this film as "The Who's Who of Hollywood Stars Cast in Shakespeare...Who Can't Do Shakespeare!" Obviously, the example that has been most pointed out is Jack Lemmon as Marcellus. First of all, he's not that horrible. Yes, he is not a Shakespearean actor and vocally, he struggled with the content of the text, but the physical presence of the Jack Lemmon that has been in motion pictures for four decades is there and I can see Branagh's reasons for the casting decision. For die hard fans of the play, natrually they hate Lemmon's performance...although he's out of there after the first twenty minutes. My advice, if you dislike it that much...fastforward...but trust me, I've seen worse. (Check out the 1970 film version of "Julius Caesar," with Charlton Heston, who incidentially has a small role as the Player King in Branagh's film.)

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