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waste of time, 5 May 2003

I can't believe I actually sat down to watch this movie. I feel so vulnerable. I mean Sandra Bullock is just a washed out actress. She started out high with movies like Speed and While You Were Sleeping. She then drifted into such horrible movies like Practical Magic, Forces of nature, Two if By Sea and no Two Weeks Notice. I have now learned my lesson. They are all the same. Some stupid love story where she acts like an idiot and gets the guy in the end.

What a waste of talent. She needs to broaden her horizons and go back to her Miss Congeniality self.

Completely Hyped, 29 March 2003

Well, What can I say about Sweet Home Alabama? Cute, yes. Sweet, yes. Boring, yes. This was really slow moving! I don't know why there was so much hype over this movie. It wasn't teen/family friendly as it had been advertised as. A victim of big stars, thin plot. I'd reccomend this if you have a few hours to kill

Swept Away (2002)
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Horrible!, 29 March 2003

Poor, Poor Guy Ritchie. You start with Snatch and end up with this???

Madonna, Will you ever learn to read the scripts before hand? The only Madonna film I can recall enjoying (besides her non acting but singing talents in Evita) is when she played a supporting role in A Leauge Of Their Own. You play basically the same rich bitch in every movie and lets face it, YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO ACT! There are no real words to describe this film. The main male character's accent was so hard to understand I had to put on the subtitles.

Let's not forget that being stuck on a beach has been done before (Blue Lagoon, Cast Away) and these directors didn't stick in a pointless music video of the main star to kill time!

8 Mile (2002)
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A Two Hour Music Video, 29 March 2003

I guess this film is for die hard Eminem fans only. I mean, I had to sit through two hours of rap! I don't know why this movie was critically acclaimed. It is purely a popularity contest of the biggest rapper of today and the target audience. What really bothers me about this movie is how screwed up Lilly should be/will become and no one cares. I mean the kid watched her mother, brother and her mother's boyfriend get beaten up. Not to mention the drugs and language that is around this kid! Where is social services when you need them? Not as great as described! A big letdown in fact!

A great ending to the series! GO NO FURTHER!, 26 February 2003

In the Halloween series, parts 1, 2 and 7 should have been the only ones made. This due to many reasons (including terrible plot holes) but mostly because of our hero Laurie Strode/Kerri Tate. This movie was so special that it captures much from the original. See this one and go no further!

Great sequel! An Under rated Classic!, 26 February 2003

In very few cases can a sequel hold the same magic as the first one. In Back to the Future part 2, the film makers are able to not only introduce new and exciting adventures for these characters that have grown dear to our hearts but also, review events of the first film and do an amazing job.

I loved this movie just as much as the original and highly recommend it for the entire family.

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Great romantic comedy, the best I've seen in a while!, 19 February 2003

There are no words to describe this movie. I found it hillarious and heartwarming. The two principle actors were great as their roles as Ben and Andie. Kate Hudson was great at driving Ben nuts. I laughed for days.

I loved the soundtrack too. It had classics and modern day classics.

I feel this movie will go down as a classic with such films as Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing.

Much Gorier..., 19 February 2003

Although I enjoyed this movie, I must say the first one is much better. It did what few movies do which is concentrate on scares instead of gore, blood and guts. Although the acting was good in this movie, I still have to ask why do they always make sequels to horror films? I can only think of one that doesn't have a sequel and that is The Shining. I reccomend this movie if you have time to kill.

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Absolutely Amazing, 19 February 2003

I can't believe I waited this long to watch the trilogy. I'm so glad I did. This movie amazes me and makes me laugh every single time. This is truly a classic. Michael J. Fox was riding high at this point in his life with the popularity of "Family Ties", this film at #1 on the box office and his "Teen Wolf" at #2. The acting was great, the music and score were awesome. This is a great film that deserves recognition as one of the greatest.

Stolen Miracle (2001) (TV)
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Good retelling of a true story, 8 January 2002

About two years ago I remember seeing a special on stolen/missing people in Canada. Some had conclusions to their stories, others did not. I remember seeing a segment about a woman posing as a nurse in a small town Ontario hospital and walking out with a baby girl. This 1993 Christmas time abduction was the inspiration for CTV's wonderfully done tv movie "Stolen Miracle"

Although there were a few changes adjusted, I still find this story amazing. Sgt Jane Mckinnley was brilliant. Margerat (Mary, the kidnapper) had almost all the angles covered and Jane was smart enough to break through them. Although some characters I could have done without. Jane's son Brandon was a whiney little brat and her boss Dugan was not much better. I felt the plot centered mostly around Jane and her family's problems and not the Lewis' struggle with their premature birth, kidnapping of their son and trying to keep their five year old happy.

All in all, a heartwarming movie that will make you angry and make you cry. But one last thing...What happened to the kidnapper Mary?

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